Have to share my good luck with you all…I am so excited…Whoooo Hooooo I won the iherb.com give away over at vegan needs at:


If you have never visited her blog, you should, she is a vegan, and tries all sorts vegan products both to consume or use….I call her my own personal guinea human…LOL  she has give-a-ways a couple times a year…I wasn’t so lucky earlier this year, but this time I was one of two that won a $50 gift certificate to iherb.com; it was like an early birthday present…  Good Luck has struck for the New Year….YAY!!!  I am a happy girl for sure….I never win anything….Thank you veganneeds……

Its been a wonderful day, my daughter took her mini cooper to the dealer for its annual check up…so we were spend the morning together shopping and lunch…..we drove away in a brand new 2016 loner car….lots of fun…LOL  we did lunch and shared several dishes…some healthy, some yummy and not so healthy…, and no dessert….came home and finished loading the RV….seems its ready to head south…all it needs is the rest of my clothes and my bedding…and of course my dog and her bed…LOL  my poor husband can’t find anything, I didn’t realize I packed his combs in the bathroom…LOL well I laugh, but really he wasn’t laughing…so I have to go buy him a comb….the kitchen is packed, we only have the bare necessities left…well the ones I think we need…poor husband…my mantra is next month it will all be over dear….so far so good….LOL  .so I am taking deep breaths waiting for Friday to get here…I am not a very patient person….LOL

Enjoy the rest of 2015…..breathing in…..breathing out….kat


In Southern Cal…..

12219605_10205025470336474_6082814453421214906_n Heading out across the Golden Gate

12219515_10205025474296573_6782798048318758474_n  12246711_10205025472456527_6399471617994355440_n

San Luis Reservoir very low, above picture used to be full of water…..below – this used to be agricultural land, it looks like the beach….its dry – dry – dry!!


11218945_10205028962623779_138294815267345186_ndriving over the Grapevine on I-5 headed south above LA

12219410_10205028966023864_7946340357085931627_n12250092_10205028964623829_1555004021516869033_nthis is Indio Calif.   we are staying right under these beauties….12219483_10205028971223994_2455930950712938840_nits 85′ out, I need to wait to hit the pool until the sun starts to go down…LOL  I don’t want to get sunburned…..enjoying ourselves so far…warm, sunny and all’s well in RV land….

Arthritis is very happy to be away from the cold dampness of up north..knee is doing great, really glad I skipped the gym on Thursday….My computer is running very slow…..its taken me over an hour just to get this far…..so

I am going to load my 3 quote challenge all at once, thank you Cameron from http://worldsbiggestfridgemagnet.com/   if you haven’t visited his blog site, please do, Cameron has a great story to tell…..I suggest you go check him out…..******* 🙂

So all quotes in one day….I am calling the ole traveling on the road for this one, as I know I won’t be near internet for at least 3 days after today….

2 3images untitled

My heart is with all those in France………………….nothing but sadness…..kat

Thank You…..

imagesWCCRCCRU Great big Thank You to you all for your support and caring….it really does make a difference…..

The bakeries were calling my name all over town today !!!  All I could do is laugh and say no way !!!  I had to be out and about for part of the day and it was very much apparent my subconscious hadn’t forgot all my old haunts…I have to say it was never even a worry though…so happy to be back in the grove…my calorie count is under 1000 and my food was all natural and extremely healthy….yay….no stress today…just getting it together for our little road trip….I am not sure if It was something I did or the sugar I ate yesterday but my knee had been screaming all day, even on medication and cream…so no pool or gym to day….I am going to try in the morning…it will depend on how loud my knee is screaming…

So all’s good and back on track here at my house….

Until tomorrow…..

Long Weekend Away….

Well the weekend is so close we can almost see it….we are leaving in the morning for the American River to enjoy a long weekend with our niece….be nice to get away….So the rig is packed and full of gas  and ready to pull out as soon as the garbage truck goes….gotta love a man who’s worried about who’s gonna put away the garbage can !!  LOL

Not a lot to report on Wednesday, same old, same old..good day, calories at 1016, was at the gym for 2 hours…upped up sets on some of the machines to target areas…and also increasing the weight…so making it make a difference…or maybe I am just getting stronger….anyway its all good, and the pool was 30 minutes of a full out jog and 15 minutes of aerobics…I might try the night water aerobics tonight…a couple of the members told me its a no nonsense class…so that’s in the evening plans….get a work out in first since I will miss my Friday workout, so all in all a good day for my health journey…

Working on my bedroom, getting it ready for a new bed…in the meantime I got all my “to small” clothes down that I have been hanging onto…I am glad to say that over half have made there way back into my closet…there is only one box left that they were to snug to wear at this time…something to look forward to….so today will be hanging clothes up…LOL I need to reorganize my closet in the worst way….

Well I started this early this morning and it is now almost 11p so I better finish it and get some sleep…went to the gym this afternoon, since I was not going to get my Friday work out in tomorrow…I was thinking I wasn’t feeling my work outs…well let me tell you I understand why I need to wait a day in between….my arms and legs were not happy that they were back at it…so I only did 15 minutes  on the machines and a full hour in the pool…I have upped my jogging to 45 minutes and 15 minutes of aerobics so I did get a good work out in…high on the calories today…I made apple turnovers and ate 1/2 of them…4 of the 8….at least they were homemade with puff pastry and I controlled the sugar…so it was mostly apples and cinnamon and a teaspoon of brown sugar…so I am at 1800 calories…and tomorrow is weigh in day…but what the hell obviously the turnovers won!!!

so until tomorrow or Monday….LOL  Enjoy the weekend….I know I will!!!

Sunday….night before the journey….

Well the RV is loaded, full of gas, just need to put the final bits and pieces in and were off…

Another good day…under my 1000 cal 980 calories….so all good on the food side…made it to they gym….I forgot it was kids day at the pool, I counted 19 kids and parents in the pool…I took a deep breath and in I went….got my 20 minutes of walking in even though I had to duck away from little legs kicking and cannon balls from the sides…I wasn’t able to get much actual swimming in…but did some leg exercise and stayed for 45 minutes…really loud happy kids…LOL  it was fun to watch them power trip each other…I do have to say the parents need to be a little more vigil..oh well I will go really early on Sundays to miss the crowd….

I went to lunch with my friends mom today….why is it that everyone tries to push food on you….you say no thank you, but they keep insisting…I finally had to remind her that I was not going to give in, no matter how much she kept asking, thanked her very much for the offer, of her extra bread, mind you…we were having soup…I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but…she is like this all the time…not just here, since I have been on my journey, I have been in more places where people are trying to shove food down my throat….someone even said I should just give in because they weren’t gong to stop until I accepted more than water….I left….I didn’t care how upset they got…was I push over before, did I just eat what was offered before to keep the peace…it certainly has opened my eyes…I get a dumb founded look from waitress when I ask for a to-go container before my meal arrives…LOl   and I always ask if they can 1/2 the orders, leave off the rice….I guess I need a  better line than no thank you, or I am not hungry right now, no thank you, so kind of you to offer, but no thank you….Ahhhh makes me want to pull my hair out….well that was my rant for the day…at least I am sticking to my guns and not giving in, no matter how much they push….

so until tomorrow from somewhere down the road…and oh, I did find a spot for the scale…..,


A good day….we have the RV half packed, the flowers has been soaked, the clothes are all packed, just a few more things on my list and we will be ready to head out Monday morning…can’t wait…my cousin is watching the house and will water if needed….looks like the weather is going to stay cool here…at least for the next 10 days…I have our route mapped out and alternates just incase…trying to stay off all interstates this trip….we like the nice slow go of the back roads…I told my husband we are going to slow down and not be in a hurry…all the bases at home are covered so to speak, so no hurry to get anywhere or to get home…LOL  I have even found a place for the scale so I can weigh in….yay

Another wonderful afternoon in the pool….I actually walked for a full 20 minutes today..my arthritis has not showed any stress from the water exercises I have been doing…I don’t know why I waited so long to join a gym with a pool…I love the water and it seems to be loving me…steam rooms, saunas, and the Jacuzzi….its all good….I was going to go to the aerobic water class this morning..but I over slept…I must of needed sleep worse, or so me shutting off my alarm thought…LOL anyway when I get back I will try one out and see if I like it…

Another good food day…I am under 1000 calories, 920cal, and stopped eating at 5p…my husband has decided he needs to shed a few pounds so that will make cooking easier in the RV…

Other than that its all good at my house….when we travel we don’t always have Wi-Fi connections for our laptops, I will try to keep up on my posting on my phone, but I am not promising anything…LOL

Soooo until tomorrow….


Well our last week out camping, in an RV I must add…no tent, no campfire for me…to old and stiff to do that…LOL  we are at our favorite place, The Royale Gorge, on the Salmon River in Idaho..its not the most beautiful place, but we really like the owners, they are always so accommodating, I know your thinking duh!! that’s their job, but no, they are really nice people on top of everything else….we have been to many places where the owners were anything but nice…and generally we drive away from them…depending how tired we are….but to sit along the river and close your eyes and listen to the river and day dream about what ever pops into it is, oh… I don’t know, simply wonderful.

.no cell service here and they just recently put in wi-fi so we can communicate via email…

I have been doing good on my journey through dieting…counting all my calories, watching what I put in my mouth.. being in a small RV is challenging at best but trying to cook up a hearty breakfast can be impossible, so I have been buying breakfast sandwiches that I can microwave in the morning, easy, but I have been unsatisfied with them, egg whites, vegetarian, little cheese…pretty boring really….low in calories, but boring and unsatisfying….so I thought I would up my breakfast calorie count and get a different product…only for the RV trip of course, I love my cheese omelet in the morning at home…so I bought Egg-o brand breakfast sandwich, egg, turkey bacon, and little cheese….up the point value by 40cal, but I was hopping it would satisfy my need for something yummier…..for lack of better word….well they are awful, I really should of thrown them away, but being frugal I ate them, I swear they were dipped in syrup….they have set off the sugar cravings in my body and I am know fighting that….I ate the last one this morning…hating myself for it, but I did…and now I am craving carbs of any kind….so I think I will go cut an apple and see if that will satisfy my inner animal….I have come to the understanding that I will not be able to ingest sugars, I use sugar in the raw for my coffee fix in the morning and then don’t touch it for the rest of the day and don’t eat any processed food at home……well I am going to have to think of a way to deal with breakfast in the RV….probably just have to buck up and turn on the dam stove….LOL

until we get home….

We’re off…

Heading out to a new adventure….excited to go check out the Feather River area…wished our RV did everything in the video…LOL…all packed with good food, no junk food to snack on, so it should be easy….taking a good book and some needle work I am working on to keep idle hands busy….been a difficult day as I went to see an arthritis Dr. and didn’t especially like to hear what they had to say, it had to do with a joint replacement, but will work on a plan to better my joint without surgery…weight loss being # 1…and add some joint lubricating medication…glucosamine…some natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric, cinnamon and be extremely careful of the way I walk and go up and down stairs….I am not going to win any marathon awards in the future…just really need to keep dropping the weight and keep positive…so until I am able to get internet connections…not sure what the camping situations will be until we get there….

keep smiling so they will all wonder whats up….