Weigh in day….

Well you would think I am acting like a kid on the first day of school…LOL  I was awake at 4a…laid there waiting for the clock to tick by…didn’t want rush…LOL  so at 5a up took the dog out and did my thing, plugged in the coffee…tippy toed around, didn’t want hubby up disturbing the peaceful vibe…LOL  so back in to the scale…deep breath, actually said out..it is what it is…LOL   I have lost 3#’s.. last Thursday I weighed in at 270…and today I am 267….can’t think of how much bigger that number would of been, but no regrets…just do better in the future…so in all I am elated…whooo hoooo….on my way…I will do it, I will reach my next goal…it will not beat me!!!!   I can really get on a roll…I am sure I channel Helen Reddy sometimes…LOL….I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar….I won’t Eat Late Anymore…LA la LA la La…….I know I can be a jackass sometimes…LOL Anyway back to being serious….YAHOOOOOO   I am so happy that I didn’t gain any weight….I just need to tweek my eating habit, not my arse…LOL  I am on a roll I am so happy!!!!   Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words….

Well exercise was a bust at the pool today…we are having strong winds…hummm desert wind, dust…seems to be a repeat every other week here….anyway can’t see the mountains again so just getting my exercise in the house…

So Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone…I spent the day cooking….I happen to drive by my favorite vegie stand and Mr. Gonzales is back, a week late, but he’s here…he gave me a great deal on vine ripened tomatoes so I made tomato sauce….to day along with stuffed bell peppers…yum…


Stuffed with black beans, bell peppers, onion, garlic, lots of Italian Seasoning and fresh oregano….baked at 375′ for 45 minutes.. and the last 10 minutes I added the cotija cheese and parmesan…140 calories per bell pepper….and they were good!!  Add a salad

13177346_10206153650180265_4969085443048461948_n and we had our Cinco De Mayo lunch….it was yummy…finished the day off at 1600 calories….blaming the wonderful watermelon we picked up….juicy and sweet…

The wind is bringing in cold air and the bones and joints are making sure I am aware…LOL  but alls good…we might even get a little rain tomorrow…that would be a very nice change…2 days ago we hit 101’…we re having fun learning a complete new way of living….it is 180′ from what we were doing in California…

Until tomorrow…….


Wecome to November

I woke to rain hitting the deck….I rolled over and went back to sleep to the wonderful sound…..been cloudy and wet most of the day…

12196010_10204974344058349_8574317639551430789_nIf you look close you can see the rainbow….

Finally feels like fall, my cactus aren’t happy but I am….LOL

So day 3 of my personal challenge – working out everyday for a week…yesterday I went swimming and did my 20 minutes and took a nice long hot tub for my achy nees and shoulder….right back at it  this morning….I will not go over my 1000 cal quota today and trying keep my carbs under 100….and upping my protein…so I feel ready to get through the holidays….and I am focused and back on track…it has taken me forever to loose this last 15#’s to reach my next goal…. so I am going to nail this before the New Year and maybe more…fingers crossed…

1energy-health-clubs-cotati-ca  Upped the weights and did a strong workout….had a good sweat going when I was done….I skipped the pool today as it was kids day….I can do without the noise they make….so 4 more days to go…..not a problem….not weighing until Saturday this week….not even thinking about it….just getting on with the path to weight loss…..

Had a wonderful Halloween at my daughters, we had everything pumpkin, so I enjoyed it all….the men didn’t care to much for it, but oh well..it was about Halloween after all….

Arthritis is not happy with the cloudy, cold weather….my shoulder ached most of the night….I am really tired of taking advil and naproxen… we will be heading for the desert in about 2 weeks….can’t wait….however it was 82′ here yesterday….but wouldn’t believe that by looking outside today…maybe some cream on my shoulder before bed….my hands ache today…not whining but just stating a fact….

Until tomorrow…..

Tuesday…..back at it….

Been a good day…I was up early and ready to head to the gym…then my sweetheart wanted to go grocery shopping so quick change back into civilian clothes, lol and off we went….well we got side tracked for several hours at car dealerships…..on our way home from our weekend we stopped at Camping World and fell in love with a travel trailer, and they would give us a great trade in on our RV so off we went head in the clouds, dreaming about all the extra room, and a big double bed and all the luxury of 19′ of home…we have a 19′ RV but we have a motor and cab that take up a lot of the 19′, so we live in a very small RV, but we are not limited to where we can go…..but in a travel trailer we would be limited and would need something to pull it with, so brings us back to this morning…we went to 3 car dealerships, Kia, Nissan, and Ford….all of which, no matter how we added it up would cost us at least 25 grand to walk away from any of the deals…so we passed and are going to be happy with what we have….

so after we got home it was so easy to just get comfortable and forget about the gym, but….out I went…got 30 minutes in on the machines…and then the pool…30 minutes of jogging and another 15 of aerobics…I have to be honest it was a struggle….but I gave it all I could…so I feel better that I went…and will be at it tomorrow….

Food has been good….trying to eat more protein…..I am a little over 1200 calories but feeling good……

Weather is cool, cloudy and damp….my hands and knees are screaming for sun…

IMG_20151018_114557I was stopped by this sign at a school….

11150821_832509750203392_3990628536338804030_n Off Facebook….I enjoyed them

Until tomorrow…..

Whooo Hooooo….

12088187_10204871465926460_3092266210957086872_n First the sunset last night was breathtaking….

Well good news I am down 6#’s since last Friday….whipppeeeee……its working!!!!  I thought this would be a could time to list some facts on here….I weighed in on March 24th this year and I was a staggering 326 pounds…the highest I have ever been….It took me about a week to come to grips with how obese I was and start counting calories, so on April 2nd I started recording and counting all my calories on my new path to weight loss…with a family members help and encouragement I started to attend Overeaters Anonymous, I had been on every diet that ever was to no avail, with this I might be able to get to the root of my reason for eating, I went to meetings and worked the program and its books and steps….I must say it helped me overcome some deep personal issues I had been harboring that I was eating to get help alleviate…so I thanked them for the help and walked away…I continued my new journey..slow and steady…Since then I have lost 61 pounds!!!   whoo hooo   I set goals at the beginning and the first was getting under 300 pounds, check, check done that – next goal was getting to 250 pounds, check-check did that on vacation, next goal is 250 pounds, only 15 away…..then 199, first time I will have been under 200 pounds since 28 years ago…then time to re-evaluate and set new goals…I am starting to really see a change on my body, my arms, legs, face, hips are actually melting away….gone to never return…I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself…my energy level is through the roof, my husband told me yesterday I was scaring him with all the energy I had…LOL  love it…I told him wait till I drop another 50….my clothes are getting really baggy, and not just my personals…LOL  I ordered a couple items in my old size and they are to big…time to get the old sewing machine out…I wanted to share my journey with everyone and share my excitement of a big 61# loss this morning when I got on the scale…..I believe watching my carbs and all that stuff for the last 3 days have really helped…I do notice I am eating differently…choosing my foods differently, not that there a better choice, just less carb laden foods that’s all…my next big health goal is to kick my A1c numbers back down the ladder….

I also need to say thank you to the WordPress community…what a great place to have landed….my wonderful daughter suggested that I try blogging so I did and was quit happy that I had a great place to journal my days and thoughts, then she said you know you can tag, so she taught me how to tag and the rest is history…I have met so many wonderful people that have inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me….

imagesPJ3KSK3ZThank you, Gracias, Danke, Ta, Merci, Grazie,

Ok-so on with today….as you can see its been a great day…It started early as the sun came up going to the gym…did a 40 minute work out on the machines, continuing with the increased weight, less reps and more sets…its working…I had a great sweat on when I was done…and that included 100 abd crunches….then on to water aerobics, it is getting easier..I noticed that today…did a full hour of aerobics and then jogged for another 10 minutes and swam a few laps…onto the hot tub and wet sauna to sweat it off…LOL  so exercise done…and I felt energized for the day…

My food was good….I was 1035 cal….and my carbs were 102, her suggestion was 90 to 160 carbs, but I would really like to get them down to about 50…its really hard since I don’t eat a lot of meat, I can go weeks with out meat…it seems like all the protein foods are high in carbs….so more research is needed, I am looking into a protein tablet so I don’t have to worry about getting all my protein from foods and keeping the carbs down….I have the upmost respect for anyone who has to do this daily….count, count, count….I did add fenugreek capsule to my daily vitamin regime, it is suppose to help keep blood sugars low…and she approved…Yay….

Arthritis is arthritis…..still here and will always be….hoh hum…no need to whine and cry about it…at least not today I am on too much of a high…LOL

I did go to an acupuncturist, my son and his wife have a wonderful gentleman they go to, and wanted me to go as he does help people with active wet macular, but there was nothing he could do to help me at this time, he made several good suggestions and e-mailed me a web site, so that was positive.  He can help my husband with his aliments so that’s a good thing.

so until tomorrow….

Weigh in Day….

1 images   images1images5images2

I weighed in today…finally the scale moved in the downward direction…I have lost 2#’s….yay…so doing something right….that was a long stretch…losing on vacation, in fact hitting one of my goals…then gaining, then loosing the weight a second time….then just keeping it at zero- gain or loss and now finally…I have lost another two that wasn’t part of that craziness….so I am down 52#’s and looking forward to a positive week ahead….

untitledWas at the gym this morning at 9a for the water aerobic class, the teacher is a firecracker…no stopping and full bore with a few slow moments to catch your breath….I swam before and after so it was 90 minutes in the pool and let me tell you I was wrinkled like a prune…LOL  then a hot steam and I was done…felt good…I am learning to give myself the permission to take my time, enjoy the moment and let it be okay that its all about me!!  Strange feeling, as its always been about others, the kids, jobs, spouses, the housework, food shopping, paying the bills, it was never about me before, even after my kids were out on their own, there was always a list of priorities before me…so this is kind-a nice…I have the best husband in the world who supports me 100% no matter…life’s good!!!

Went out for lunch, my son called and wanted to meet up…that was nice…I was able to look the nutritional/calories  before we met so that went well…It makes it easier if you can get a handle on the menus before you actually get to the restaurant.  However, when its my husband and just me, I take my time and google the info sitting at the table if I need to….it has saved me from some bad food decisions. So I am at 1046cal, so I am sitting pretty….

Been getting up at 7a and enjoying the morning and getting to the gym early….so that’s new and actually fun, getting a good protein breakfast in before I go….I have finally completely stopped dwelling on the “why didn’t I do this years ago” saga that played over and over in my mind, so that is nice to have come to grips with….it is what it is…and right now its all good…..

Until tomorrow….

I can’t stop!!!!!

Now that the scale has new batteries, I have jumped up the last 2 mornings and got on the scale..yesterday brought me back to my first goal…my 50# weight loss is back in the record books…YAY and this morning I lost another pound…down 51#’s…I came home and got it together, between exercise, strenuous yard work, and staying under my 1000 calorie quota….I was able to get the extra pounds off and am back on to dropping new weight….

I cannot believe my energy level…my office got a well needing mucking out…I am setting up my sewing area up stairs in the corner by a window…it gets hot up there in the summer, so looks like I will be do most of my projects in the cooler months…the dog also got shaved today…she is a long haired border collie and I love her long curly hair, but its 97′ out today and she has been miserable the last few days, so now she looks like a sheered sheep…LOL  and is a happy dog again…I also vacuumed the entire house and did a little extra cleaning in the kitchen…coffee pot got a good vinegar bath and the stove got a once over…my husband walked up to me a little while ago and stood there staring at me…welcome back is all he could say…he loves the new energy levels, its how I used to be when I met him….he has been one of my best supporters…

ATT_1441671784865_IMG_20150907_132419092Chika my 12yr old Border Collie, she hates her picture taken…

Been another great day….calories are under 1000 and I have had a great work out…my gym opens tomorrow morning. I will be a mermaid in the pool at 6am….can’t wait…

My arthritis is under control, how can it not be in this heat….we are having cool nights and that makes for a nice sleep…

So getting back to the scale…I will not get back on until Friday if not Saturday…I am just so happy I am back to loosing new pounds….so happy….guess I am glad my husband went out and got the new batteries after all…

so until tomorrow…..