Look out — Here We Come……

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We’re packed and ready to go….we are heading to Hwy #101 South….first stop is Yuma to see my brother and get rid of a couple bags and a huge picture frame…LOL  birthday presents and stuff I am handing off….then it will depend on the weather where we will head from there, we will end out trip back in Yuma for Thanksgiving….I am so ready to be on a road trip….the dog won’t let us out of her sight…she will not be left behind…she loves to travel as much as we do…

I am not ignoring anyone, but unless we have Wi-Fi I won’t be able to get on here, my phone is just a cheap Motorola, and it takes forever to get on the WP site…

I have had a good day….my knee is about 50% better…so that’s a good thing…I skipped the gym again, no way am I going to irritate it more before we start out on a road trip….foods been just okay..I need to get my self back on a low calorie quota again…did okay yesterday…I am over 1500 today….so looking forward to being on the road and getting into routine, I seem to be floundering here….getting back on the wagon is harder than I would like…not sure why but foundering is the only thought that comes to my mind..I am thinking the pastry….sugar….yeast….it is like my heroine….I know its my trigger so I just need to buckle down and fight through it….I am guessing the urges, desires and wants are always gonna be there when it comes to my trigger foods….dam those pastries…..dam my weakness….oh hum….big sigh….

so until I can find Wi-Fi…..kat


images   I love the month of October….., Everything pumpkin, the leaves changing color, the air starts to turn cool…there’s to much I like to write it all down……oh yes did I mention witches & black cats….

Well Tuesday…I was going to get up early and have all my exercise over early….well that went out the window with no sleep last night…I was up, oh I don’t know, maybe 5 times…couldn’t get my mind to shut off… my MD wrote me an email and told me my lab values looked good but she was classifying me pre-diabetic… I in the normal, just near the high end…not all the way but near…I have lost over 55 #’s been eating a complete healthy diet, exercising…so WTF!!!  I thought and thought about what I had been eating… I have been eating a slice of cheese daily with my eggbeater omelet…so that must be it….I have otherwise cleansed myself of all processed  foods…I have introduced Zero vitamin water into my life…it has 5 carbs, and 0 on all the rest…and I can drink up to 4 a day….hummmm could that be the culprit…so I have decided to start tracking my carbs, proteins, sugars and fats….I am determined to get my #’s back down to where they were a year ago…so I am pretty sure that’s what kept me up all night….starting in the morning I will be writing it all down in a journal, my app on my phone doesn’t list the carbs per entry, but it keeps an on going count of carbs, pro, and fats….and until I get a littel more educated in regards to carbs per food so I can make better choices….

I did make it to the gym for a 1.5 hr work out…before I even left for the gym, I did some shopping, more dirt… then I got home and did some  yard work and got a good sweat on and my heart rate up for about 30 minutes…then off to the gym….30 minutes on the machines and I worked up another good sweat and elevated heart rate…I am trying to push myself by upping the weights and lower the reps but doing more sets…its working…I included 100 crunches on the abd machine..then on to the pool…I upped my 20 minute jog to 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes of swimming the pool and doing some more water aerobics….I am loving the exercise…especially the pool…strange to think and even more strange to say it out loud…LOL.

I am sitting here yawning so it looks like I am going to get some sleep…Yay…

I am at 1056 calories but real high carb intake according to my app…so I am going to bed to review my app for the last couple months…

until tomorrow….

Lifes Better…..

Feeling sooo much better today…my red, inflamed face has finally calmed down…the urges went away right away…mind over urge….plus all the water I have been drinking to wash the sugar out of my system has helped…live and learn, rather eat and learn…I did feel like a nice red plump tomato….LOL


Under my 1000 calorie quota today….eating well, I am hooked on the peaches this year…seems that watermelon and peaches have had a good summer, I had a wonderful diced cucumber and peach salad with thick yummy reduced balsamic vinegar for dinner….I never think about pictures until I have consumed it…LOL  I have also added fresh garlic to most of my meals, not that salad, but my breakfast was laced with it…I must say I forgot how bad garlic breath is…so I pulled out my breath mints and am keeping them close…I am trying to keep the inflammation at bay in my body, so just using everything I can that is natural…I am tired of my ears ringing when I take anti-inflammatory drugs….had a wonderful French onion soup for lunch…It hit the spot, warm and gooey with cheese, and savory onions in a good broth….also very filling…

My exercises are going fine…I need to add some arm and back exercises to my regime…I can’t say I like it, but I am getting it done….that’s the main thing…

Getting excited about our next road trip…just a few days until departure….

So until tomorrow….

Family & Friends

As I have  reached a half year of blogging, I must say what an experience it has been….completely eye opening….I am not a big social media fan, I do have a Facebook page and find its a good way to stay in touch with my family, and friends, a good way to  enjoy watching the little ones of the family grow up in far away states…not a bad site to be on, but it has its downfalls….

Back to the blog…

.I have found that there is a wonderful community of people from all over the globe that has come together to encourage, tell there stories and share there lives with everyone who’s interested to listen….its a place to be accountable to ones self and in front of others, not being judged…no matter what is going on in your life…no matter if your fighting a demon, a disease, or on here to creative and share love, joy and beauty….there is something for everyone…I appreciate all of you that has taken the time to read what I am about and encourage my journey…I know that I enjoy reading all of your posts and following you on your journey….

Today again, another good day, oh hum….I did get my exercise in, and am at my 1200 cal limit….feeling positive and no cravings….I must say I did buy a candy bar today…after touching at least 6 bars and checking the calories the one I picked was 190 calories, I fondled it all through the store, my mouth was salivating at the thought of the chocolate melting on my tongue….I got to the register, still fondling the bar…I laid it down, paid for it….watched the bagger put it in my bag so I know which bag its in…..now I am starting to sweat, the anticipation…..I get to the car, low and behold someone has parked so close to my car  there is no way I can get in, I can’t open the drivers door more than about 5 inches….even the skinniest gal would of had trouble, plus who want to scratch up there car..my safe haven not so safe, I contemplate getting into the back seat to wait and its a safe secure place to eat my candy!!!  No I will wait I say…..so as I stand there waiting for the jerk to come out of the store, I can’t take it anymore…..I go rifling through my bags…where’s my precious…LOL  by this time I am feeling like a dope addict…so I pull out the shiny package, open it, smell it, break off a small amount, lay it lovingly on my tongue, ahhhh at last…I close my mouth…..I gag…its horrible, I spit it out….doesn’t even taste like heaven I thought I was missing…..all I tasted was lard, fat, sugar….it was an eye opening moment….I am no longer addicted to sugar…..YAY…I think I am over it…what a wonderful feeling of freedom…being a food addict, that’s a big one in my book….so I threw it away, never looked back  and the lady came of the store and got in her old Honda and drove away and so did I…felt great….

soooooo until tomorrow…


Well our last week out camping, in an RV I must add…no tent, no campfire for me…to old and stiff to do that…LOL  we are at our favorite place, The Royale Gorge, on the Salmon River in Idaho..its not the most beautiful place, but we really like the owners, they are always so accommodating, I know your thinking duh!! that’s their job, but no, they are really nice people on top of everything else….we have been to many places where the owners were anything but nice…and generally we drive away from them…depending how tired we are….but to sit along the river and close your eyes and listen to the river and day dream about what ever pops into it is, oh… I don’t know, simply wonderful.

.no cell service here and they just recently put in wi-fi so we can communicate via email…

I have been doing good on my journey through dieting…counting all my calories, watching what I put in my mouth.. being in a small RV is challenging at best but trying to cook up a hearty breakfast can be impossible, so I have been buying breakfast sandwiches that I can microwave in the morning, easy, but I have been unsatisfied with them, egg whites, vegetarian, little cheese…pretty boring really….low in calories, but boring and unsatisfying….so I thought I would up my breakfast calorie count and get a different product…only for the RV trip of course, I love my cheese omelet in the morning at home…so I bought Egg-o brand breakfast sandwich, egg, turkey bacon, and little cheese….up the point value by 40cal, but I was hopping it would satisfy my need for something yummier…..for lack of better word….well they are awful, I really should of thrown them away, but being frugal I ate them, I swear they were dipped in syrup….they have set off the sugar cravings in my body and I am know fighting that….I ate the last one this morning…hating myself for it, but I did…and now I am craving carbs of any kind….so I think I will go cut an apple and see if that will satisfy my inner animal….I have come to the understanding that I will not be able to ingest sugars, I use sugar in the raw for my coffee fix in the morning and then don’t touch it for the rest of the day and don’t eat any processed food at home……well I am going to have to think of a way to deal with breakfast in the RV….probably just have to buck up and turn on the dam stove….LOL

until we get home….

The Day After….

Well, yesterday was my anniversary and we had a lovely day….had lunch at a restaurant we haven’t been to in over 2 years, so that was nice…did a lot of reflecting on the years we have been together….its been 7 years since we met and married for 6 years..its been a fun ride…I married a retired, widowed man with no baggage, well I take that back, he had a little sheltie, extremely spoiled sheltie….but we worked out the kinks and he learned to resect me and take his place in the pack behind his master’s, he wasn’t a very happy, little boy as I showed up with a female border collie…his nose was out of joint for several weeks…LOL  but all in all the last seven years have been extremely rewarding.  I married a man older than myself, from Germany, who means what he says, and stubborn beyond belief…but he is the ying to my yang and I couldn’t be happier…I have been able to retire early and we have been traveling for the last three years off and on…what can I say, I feel loved and a little spoiled….

So the day after, even though I counted every morsel, I was over my calorie quota, way over…so I have been spending all day fighting the urge to stuff myself…it is so crazy how easy it is to fall back into the old way of eating…being a food a-holic I really have to watch my P’s and Q’s…..taking a day off, even if I counted all my calories and watched what I ate has made the day after miserable for me…I have been drinking water and Zero -vitamin water, I have had no carbs and only eaten veg, proteins, and fruit..I am so glad the day is almost over and I have made it through under quota and was able to stave off the urges….My husband suggested I stay in my quota zone yesterday, but it being a special day, I thought it would  be okay to splurge a little…but in the end, sugar is sugar is doesn’t change for a special day and your body doesn’t give you any breaks either!!  so all in all back on track, feeling empowered by resisting the wild animal inside me fight for more…always more….

until tomorrow….