Its Monday…and all is way better in my life…my headache is gone, my tummy said, feed me, and all is better….I have kept my calories under 1000 these last couple days, and I am actually full and happy….only eating extremely healthy food, good stash tea, and lots of water…I feel better mentally and am so over sabotaging myself…..I can only move forward and get back on the ole proverbial wagon, so to say…I will not shoot myself in the foot again…I never say never, but will try to keep my six-shooter in the holster….I really don’t own a gun, so no worries…LOL   I did get on the scale on Sunday and I am pretty sure that I lost all that I consumed on Saturday….whooo hoooo for a quick start to weight lost…but I don’t recommend it at all!!!  The scale never went up or down…yahoooooo –  just hovered right there where it was….so that was nice….so feeling like I can do it again…

Got up this morning (5a) and was able to catch a few beautiful crescent moon beams and watch the sun rise….my little cheap Samsung phone refused to capture the beauty of the moon…so I will share the sunrise…


Then by noon, the wind picked up and we had a good ole dust storm, not real bad, but we could not see the mountains…been a long time since we have had a dust storm….


My good friend Rowena over at,  Beyond the Flow….nominated me for a 3 day Quote Challenge….Thank you Rowena, and as everyone knows, I never nominate anyone, but all…its fun and interesting to see what we all come up with…I am unable to get the link to add so you can just click on it and go directly to her blog…thanks to WP, please copy and paste here address below and go over and say hello and giver her blog a lookie looo, shes pretty special!!!  My Ausie friend from down under….

So onto the fun…as you all know I can’t just add one quote….it would be to hard to choose….you can never go bad with Popeye. Mary Poppins and Einstein…..


Not sure who wrote this one…but its the best!!!quote-919

Until tomorrow……

Well just came in from watching a great thunder and lightening storm from the deck….I love storms….hardly any rain,  just enough to make the ground wet….but different weather than sun….whoooo hoooo okay I have an update…its been slamming rain for about an hour now and no sign of it stopping….very exciting for us….lovin it…

Well my workout yesterday body has reminded me of how hard I pushed it…I went back to the way I worked out in Calif. start out light, move the weights up each set, ending pushing myself…LOL  I only did 12 reps per set, but I know that will increase…so I am feeling very confident about reaching my next goal….its all about discipline and  tenacity….so off to the gym in the morning &if my sinus are up to it off to the pool in the afternoon… I need to remember to keep my head above the water…water out of my ear canals….I hit 1800 calories again today….very satisfied, good healthy food….

Arthritis is acting up…weather change always gives me the heads up that its in control of my pain no matter what I take for it..!!

Just want to remind every one that the 21st is Full MOON night…LOL you all know what that means…..however when your out dancing in the moon light please think good thoughts for our Terry  (  lets help him and Gary sell that house so they can get on the road!!!  Can’t hurt….give a twirl…..only takes a minute…..

Until tomorrow……


Not a lot difference in yesterday and today in my life…

I did go to the gym and worked out and did my pool gig….felt good and I got lucky and hit the pool with hardly anyone there…yay so much more peaceful when everyone isn’t yaking and reverberating off the I sound like a old bitch or what !!!!..I did try the zumba class….hahahahaha that’s what my body said after only 5 minutes….It would of been better if I could of found a corner to get into the groove at my own pace…but the room was packed and more and more people kept coming and I was obviously having difficulty getting into the step grove (my first time and all)…up and back and side to side….a couple ladies around me were sighing heavily when I missed the going up part as they were stuck behind me…LOL  so I slid out the door and my body immediately said it was about time!!!!  lol  not quite at the zumba level yet….maybe at home with a video first….my had a good work out and actually upped the weights a little on the machines….no pain in my shoulder or arm so that was good…..however today my shoulder and arm are aching…I think its from the weather however….cold and damp out, were waiting for showers this afternoon…nothing Tylenol and arthritic cream can’t help….no gym today…kids day…at the pool plus my shoulder/arm is killing me….

So home today trying to keep warm….thinking about what I could bake (heat up the house idea)  without carbs involved….a big hunk of meat I suppose….agghhhhh I made turkey meatloaf yesterday….I guess I could bake my Libeling some baked potatoes for lunch..

Not much else happening in my life….a little of this and a lot of that…getting piles together for the trip and tying up loose ends…..

My calories intake yesterday was 1036….and my carb was 33 grams….yay   I woke up this morning to my tummy growling…that felt excellent….getting back to where I like….so I will go rummage through the freezer to see what I can come up with to bake….Happy Sunday to you all…..kat


Day six….found me in the pool at 8:30a….I jogged for 40 minutes and spent 10 minutes doing water aerobics in the middle of the 40 minutes…then I got out and was enjoying the hot tub and a woman asked me what I was doing in the pool…we talked and she advised me that 22 trips counting each way is a 1/4 mile in the pool…so I decided I needed to know how long it would take me to do a 1/4 mile in the pool…well 16 minutes of walking, back floating and jogging back and forth…she got back in the pool and showed me some more core exercises while back floating….so nice of her to share her knowledge…..I have seen her in the water aerobics with her 84 year old mom….so by the end of the morning I had been in the pool for about 1 1/2 hours…I resembled a prune for sure…but had a great work out….YAY   so day 6 in the bag….

Been a great food day….I am at 1059 calories so I am staying  within my range….

My arthritis in my shoulder has finally let up..and my knees swelling has gone down….I will try the machines tomorrow but will start at a light weight…and go slow….then hit the pool…

Getting ready for out next journey…starting a pile to put in the rig….I am getting excited to be out on the road again…getting the yard put up for the winter….still in the high 30’s at night…Brrrrr……at least we have sun during the day….that’s something…

So until tomorrow…..



Just because the moon & I have this thing going on…LOL

Kick back day….dog to the vet, she’s done there…Yay…stopped at my favorite vegie stand on the way home, its been in business since the late 1800’s…they always have the best tomatoes and vegies…. came home bbq’d a chicken and fresh vegies….so lunch was yummy…

Letting my muscles catch up with the last few days…at least they don’t hurt like the did…back at it tomorrow, will be at the gym early for a work out and then into the pool for an hour of water aerobics….if I get there early enough I can water jog before the water aerobics….and on my home stop off and get some more dirt to re-pot some cactus before winter and deal a few other spots that need a little love…so the gym and yard work lined up for tomorrow…at least lunch is made….

I will finish the day off with under 1000 calories today…only trying to consume healthy calories…I want to get more weight off…I am wondering if I am going to need to cut my calories back more…??  we will see after I weigh in this week…I now that we reach plateaus and need to do something to shake it up, just not sure what…but no sense crossing that bridge until I weigh in this week…

Seems like a boring post…..but that is what today is all about….Dishes done, kitchen cleaned….time to put my feet back up…

so until tomorrow……


Sunday – A Good Day

Good Day here at my house….up and at the gym by 10:30a, had a really good work out…worked hard for over 30 minutes – .got in 100 crunches at 3 different weights…felt good, I tried a bike but my knee was uncooperative…however I tried an elliptical and it worked okay….I of course am so out of shape I wasn’t able to stay on long, but it gave me a good sweat and heart rate ramp….so begins my stamina build for the elliptical…I will talk with my trainer on Tuesday on the correct way to approach this, unless any of you have some ideas…I would be grateful for them…then I went and picked up my 12 year old niece, we stopped for lunch and then headed back to the pool….it is family day and all family members can come for free…so we went and swam for over an hour…I got my 20 minute jog in and a bunch of other exercises all the while I watched my dolphin like niece swim laps around me…lol so great exercise day….yay….and by the way the swim suit is wonderful…it works and feels great…

I am at 1225 calories for the day…so doing well…I have introduced a potatoes back into my diet, I peel it and microwave it and then have it with my omelet only 1/2 cup but I am interested in seeing what it does to the scale…I alternate it with a slice of bread/toasted dry with my breakfast….so we will see what it does….they are both foods I have been avoiding for the last few month and I miss them…I love breakfast and feel like something is missing….oh well-we will see….count the calories but its the starch and yeast that affects me…

I hope all of you are able to see the beautiful lunar eclipse….I keep jumping up and going to watch its progress…I am a lunar baby and have a special bond with the orb….I may even have to break into a dance later, and of course clothes are optional at all my lunar dances…LOL


So as my weight comes off, so does layers of fat…I have started to notice I have someone else’s arms… my wrist, fingers and upper arms do not belong to the old Kathy…I notice when I am in bed my hip bones are more prominent…crazy…it feels like I am touching the body of an old friend…that’s doesn’t sound right, but I am sure you understand…the last time I started to loose weight when my body started to show signs, it gave me anxiety…so then I would eat….but this time I am excited. I am ready to be who I once was, never young again, and I will never have a firm body again, but I will be down in a decent clothes size, to go in a store and by a large or lets hope a medium top, I am so tired of having to by plus sizes…..anyway I can’t wait…

I have also noticed the terrible pain in my knee is almost gone….of course its not winter so I can’t say its gone for good, but it is really nice not have a dull ache constantly in my knee…I am still very careful about where I walk and how I move but the pain involved is a lot less…my hands continue to grow bumps on my knuckles, afraid there isn’t much I can do about that….so I continue my herbs and spices..just trying to stay ahead of the aging process….lol.

So until tomorrow

Big loss Thursday….

Call me crazy…just found out that I didn’t hit publish last night on my long post I wrote so when it was sitting on here when I hit new post I sent it out anyway…LOL  all that hard work…dam it I want credit for it.!!!!

So been a busy morning….I was up and was at the lab at 7:25a to get my blood work done…I like to get in and out and not sit in the waiting room with real sick people…LOL   then off to the gym for my 9a session…my trainer was standing there and offered to do our session early so by 8:15a I was getting my sweat on…LOL finished that and was in the pool before the 9a water aerobics class and got an hour of that in and then did my jog in place in the pool for twenty minutes…wow that was a lot for me, the one who hates exercise…really enjoyed the morning;  felt I accomplished something for me…..

Got home and took the night dressing off the dogs leg and she had a bunch of staples that had ripped apart, not from her chewing or anything, but just walking in and out of the house to go outside to do her business, and where its located on her leg is where it takes the full brunt of her weight when she walks… so off to the vet we went…he cleaned it up, took out the staples and smothered it antibiotic ointment, wrapped it up and put her on oral antibiotics and we go back on Saturday…looks like it might be a long haul….its like having a sick child..hoh hummmm

Well onto the good news….since we were at the vets and I was sitting right in front of the scale:  we were the only ones in the waiting room as we are always early for our appointments and everyone was out for lunch….should I, why not…off came my shoes, and anything else that might weigh me down….my husband shaking his head…I stepped on the scales….yipppeee I lost 5 pounds since last Friday, bring my weight loss to 58#’s (big sigh)…I have only 18 more pounds to go to my next goal I set for myself…some thing is working…amazing how exercising, eating right and a positive attitude can make the weight melt off….yay….

While I was in the pool today, we were all lined up at the edge doing our cool down exercises, one of the women mentioned I was using the most resistant water buoys that were there and she thought I should take it easy, why am I working so hard??  This is why I don’t talk to people in the took all I had to be nice, but I was so I told her that if I was going to show up to exercise why not make it worth my while…I didn’t feel I was pushing myself and believe me I don’t take any chances in regards to hurting myself….she just said wellllllll all drawn out,  you should go slower.  The instructor had been standing above us, not really involved in the conversation, however she bent down and told me congratulations, you get it!!! Made me feel good….I am not at the gym to make BFF’s or take unasked for advice….hum…..makes me think she might not be working as hard as she should be….anyway I left there feeling fantastic..

imagesVW1SM9B9Got my new swim suit in the mail today….crazy!! Did I say swim suit….LOL  I told my husband I waited to by one until I was sure I was really going to stick with it.  I am tired of wearing a pair of shorts that hang down and make me feel very subconscious of myself and my tank top is more like a wet t-shirt contest look…aghhhh just what I don’t want….lol  and then not to speak of the air bubbles that arise from my shorts and top in the water…LOl  anyway I don’t think I have bought a swim suit since grade school…its always been cut offs and tank tops and in some instances skinny dipping….LOL  not enough private swim holes around here for that…LOL  (it really doesn’t look like that – LOL)

Ending my day with an intake of 723 calories…. and I am full…been eating a lot of squash…..I like to cut them and dry fry them with a little pam spray, and lots of spices….and an eggbeaters omelet…I add lots of jalepenos and onions to my food,  and always use homemade salsa that a friend of mine makes…I have been buying salsa from her for over 10 years….its yummy on everything, so needless to say I must be doing something  correct in my eating….yeah!!

Arthritis flaring its ugly head in my shoulders, I am thinking I may need to back off a couple of the machines that use my shoulders or back off on the weight level…plus it was 93′ here today…I though that it was cooling off..but doesn’t look like it….so  some times even thought the heat is nice…it plays hell with some of the joints…..oh well it won’t stop me!!!!

so until tomorrow….

True Gym Day…..

Woke up ready to hit the gym.(strange feeling for me)…had a protein rich breakfast, vitamin water and out the door I went…worked with the trainer for 30 minutes, she introduced 4 new machines and she didn’t talk as much, as I stayed really focused on my sets, breath in, breath out…hard to talk when your doing your breathing…LOL  we started 10 minutes early so I was able to hit the last 40 minutes of water aerobics…this was the best water class I have ever been to…she never stopped moving for the 40 minutes I was there…it was intense and I loved it….then I did my 20 minutes of jogging in the pool, which the instructor agreed, it would be a close equivalent to walking a 20 minute mile, obviously a different impact on your body but same basics…then I did swim the pool length X4 and took a hot tub dip and off I went…..over 2 hours spent at the gym….crazy….never have I done that before…well I have but just bobbing around in a pool…no real exercise…LOL  going back in the morning for the water class…bag ready to go….

Then my husband and I spent 3 hours in Calistoga at a Red Cross volunteer training session…over 30 people showed up to get a quick training course to help out for the Valley Fire…..trying to give back to the community….

My calorie count is 1141…so under 1200ca…I am happy with that…last meal was at 5pm…..

so until tomorrow….

Sore Muscles……

I woke up with some sore muscles….yay…I am happy to feel my first work out…not so sore I can’t move, but sore enough to know that I gave them a good work out…and I go back tomorrow morning….so I am excited that my first session left me wanting more…I forgot my swim clothes yesterday but tomorrow after my session  I will do a few laps, ( I say that like I really swim laps…LOL) but will give it my best try…and then the hot tub for sure…

Its raining so I have my pajamas on and even lit a fire…LOL  I told my husband it feels like winter out….but suppose to be back up to 90 by the weekend…crazy weather…no wonder our sinuses are going crazy…but the rain is helping the fire I hope, it grew by 20 thousand acres over night…they have been showing acres of trees that are dead from the bark beetles, so the fire has plenty of dead wood to keep it going…

Doing well in the calorie corner…no eating after 6p, unless its popsicles…finally found some more lite lemonade…can’t believe how hard it is to find…LOL

arthritis is not happy, the weather being cold and wet makes for sore joints…the hot tub really helps my joints I haven’t had to use cream in a while…so that’s a good thing….been taking Tylenol for my sinus headache so that is a plus for my joints…

So until tomorrow….

Sunday….night before the journey….

Well the RV is loaded, full of gas, just need to put the final bits and pieces in and were off…

Another good day…under my 1000 cal 980 calories….so all good on the food side…made it to they gym….I forgot it was kids day at the pool, I counted 19 kids and parents in the pool…I took a deep breath and in I went….got my 20 minutes of walking in even though I had to duck away from little legs kicking and cannon balls from the sides…I wasn’t able to get much actual swimming in…but did some leg exercise and stayed for 45 minutes…really loud happy kids…LOL  it was fun to watch them power trip each other…I do have to say the parents need to be a little more vigil..oh well I will go really early on Sundays to miss the crowd….

I went to lunch with my friends mom today….why is it that everyone tries to push food on you….you say no thank you, but they keep insisting…I finally had to remind her that I was not going to give in, no matter how much she kept asking, thanked her very much for the offer, of her extra bread, mind you…we were having soup…I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but…she is like this all the time…not just here, since I have been on my journey, I have been in more places where people are trying to shove food down my throat….someone even said I should just give in because they weren’t gong to stop until I accepted more than water….I left….I didn’t care how upset they got…was I push over before, did I just eat what was offered before to keep the peace…it certainly has opened my eyes…I get a dumb founded look from waitress when I ask for a to-go container before my meal arrives…LOl   and I always ask if they can 1/2 the orders, leave off the rice….I guess I need a  better line than no thank you, or I am not hungry right now, no thank you, so kind of you to offer, but no thank you….Ahhhh makes me want to pull my hair out….well that was my rant for the day…at least I am sticking to my guns and not giving in, no matter how much they push….

so until tomorrow from somewhere down the road…and oh, I did find a spot for the scale…..,