I’m Back….

Good Day everyone…..woke up feeling like my old self…yay…Antibiotics are magical…..thanks for all the well wishes….I hate feeling like crap!!!

Not only did I wake up without a headache, I woke up wondering WTF I was doing to myself….carbs, sweets, late night eating…Really ?  Really?    Is all I can say…so I am back at it….cut my calories back to 1000 a day for awhile….I was just out of control before and I am going back to what I know works….I know how much food I can consume on that many calories….lots if you eat healthy, nutritional food….I feel good, my head is clear….not quite up to exercising or going to the pool, however I did go out over the last week and check out 2 more gyms…one called Snap Fitness (1 mile from my house & $30 a month) and Planet Fitness, (8 miles from home and $10 a month) and then, there is the big blue exercise ball sitting in my bedroom holding extra clothes, and my weights….hummm   I am going to make up a routine for myself including some of the knee lifts I used to do, I was doing 100 of them daily and also sit ups in bed every night…also 100 of them….I will add those back in to my daily life…and figure out a simple but effect routine with the ball and weights, 20 to 30 minutes 4-6 days a week….I don’t need a gym to succeed in my weight loss…I have all the tools I need right here at home…I am going to give myself a few more days before I start exercising, as I am still recovering from being sick… but will get back on the healthy eating routine that I was in before starting today…I am not beating myself up for gaining back 10#’s, but I have done a couple swift kicks in the arse….well deserved for sure….but just chalking it up to what it was…I fell off the wagon so to say…but once again back on it…I did weigh in today, 270!!!  My body feels it…my hip pain that left along time ago is back…my body is swollen, joints ache….I am sure that is from the carbs/yeast foods that I was eating, telling myself its okay…..I need to first apologize to my body for letting it down, and promise myself to take better care of me!!!  and then last, try to learn from my mistake…..I am pretty hard headed…get that from my parents, one Irish, the other English/German….hummm yep I am really stubborn….LOL   I am also journaling not only on Fat Secret APP on my phone…and in a notebook….I will do this at least for a month or more until it comes naturally again…I am being totally accountable to myself for every morsel that enters my mouth….

I realize the day is not over, but I have all my food prepared for the day so I can say positively I am at 993 calories today….have drank 5 bottles of water, cut my coffee intake back to 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup of iced coffee in the afternoon…we have changed to caffeine free coffee for my husband….he has essential tremors and with all the inhalers he uses for his COPD his tremors are getting worse…deleting caffeine from our diet can only help, and in more ways than one…

I know I can hear a couple of you saying, you have to eat more than 1000 calories, however, I had an omelet with 1/2 once cheese and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese for breakfast, protein and calcium…..lunch is a carrot, tomato, onion,  zucchini soup with spicy chicken …it is almost 3 cups more than I want…dinner is 2 cups mixed salad greens with cucumber and tomato with fresh lemon….I will have an orange later, and have had a watermelon (2c) smoothie made with its own juice after breakfast..all adding up to 993….and a belly full of healthy food!!!!   feels good!!!

Found this on Facebook and thought it fit the bill!!!!!


Until tomorrow…

Whooo Hooo

Weigh in day…down #2….so I feel I am on the right track…I didn’t make it back to the pool today…been a bust day around the house…but I am soooo happy about my weight loss…feels good to see the scale finally move in the correct direction…makes me even more determined than ever…

Weather is back to desert heat – 93′ today and will be higher tomorrow….arthritis is better…as soon as the wind stops so do some of the aches…will be back in the pool tomorrow I can assure you that!!!

We spent better than half the day hanging shades in the house…something we needed to do for some time…LOL  first it was hang the holders for the shades, measure then go and have them all cut to fit the windows…LOL   nothing is ever an easy fix at this place…now I feel like I am in a cave again…LOL  but no one can see in so YAY to that…

Life is good….I feel wonderful and am looking forward to the week…may you all have a wonderful week as well….

I would love it if you all would go check out my friend –  Jonathan’s blog..    https://allabouthealthychoices.wordpress.com/                                                                                                                                   this is from his blog –  “The purpose of this blog is to expose readers to information that can help transform each of us to a new height of better understanding and self awareness.  In doing so, it will empower the reader to take back control of his or her own life and recognize what it requires to truly experience GOOD HEALTH and TRUE HAPPINESS.”   Please take a moment and go over and check him out….his advice and articles have helped many, and he is the best cheerleader, for no better words to have on your team to encourage you on!!!  Thank you Jonathan for all you do for us….

Until tomorrow….kat

What time is it really???? I am lost…..

Okay am I going crazy or what….first I can’t figure out what day I am living in and now I can’t figure out what the real time is….aghhhhhhh

I set my alarm on my cell last night for 7:45a, I needed to be at the gym at 9a so wanted to have enough time to have breakfast and all the other morning BS that comes with it…my alarm went off….I couldn’t believe how dark it was out….checking the window, my mind said wow, must really be cloudy out, its so dark…so I literally dragged it out of my nice warm bed…did the bathroom gig, brushed my teeth, hair, ect….threw on my gym clothes….did my morning chores, I made the bed and opened the shades, hummm the sun was just coming up…my mind still wondering why??  I go get my coffee, I have about 30 minutes, of course in my mind, before I had to leave for the gym….husband up watching the morning news…so nothing wrong there…then I open my computer and glance down at the time..7:15am ???  I look at my cell 8:15a…I am starting to feel a little crazy coming on…I check both the settings, they are correct…I recheck the alarm I set, it was correct…I look to my husband for answers, he’s sound asleep by know…the grandfathers clock is to far away in the darkness of the room to really see clearly is it 7:15 or 8:15a  so I finally get up and start checking all the clocks in the house…they are all saying its 7:15..is it daylight savings time and no one mentioned it on the news, radio, papers….so how on earth did my cell phones time get changed…hummmm  no answer to that, as you actually have to go into it at 3 different windows just to get into the time, then 2 more times to adjust the times, so very unlikely it was an accident, like butt dialing*****scratching head???!!!??….not sure how that happened, but I have now adjusted my time and have an entire hour more before I have to leave…why and how do these things keep happening to me….????  makes me understand why I was dressing in the dark and why I was still so sleepy…If my son was still young it would of been one of his pranks…but for the life of me I have no idea how that happened….so I see I can add what time is it, to the what day is it game my life has become….can’t wait to see what goes next in my little mind…LOL

Good Day…will be under 1000 calories today again…yay…feeling on track and extremely focused…made it to the gym by 8:45am after my morning time issue you would think I would of been there really early…LOL   and had my last session with my trainer…she was very informative and a very good teacher, I feel like I have a better idea for the machines in the gym and with lots of help from Paul @  https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ , I feel I can go in and get a really good work out all on my own…YAY….then I went on to the pool and got in on the last 30 minutes of the pool aerobics….good class, I walked my 20 minutes after that and did another 10 minutes of pool exercises…then into the hot tub….I love the heat on my joints and use the jets on my knee and shoulder…and I also sit in the sauna for 5 minutes or a little longer…so that was a good morning….really becoming a gym person…LOL who would of thunk it!!!

Off to the city with my daughter for a fun night, and I get to visit with her all the way there and back…that’s golden in my book….

so until tomorrow….

WHoooo HOooooo

Well I have good news to report….at least its good for me…LOL

First..not the good news but it is coming…..Our dog Chika has been fighting a gastric issue for the last 4 days and since the weekend was coming up and none of my home remedies were working we took her to the local vet clinic, (they are wonderful here) anyway after taking care of her ( probiotics and a bland dog food diet) she had no temp, was not dehydrated and looked good, yay……I asked if I could weigh myself on the dog scale, I have no shame, LOL  the receptionist said of course we all do it, but beware, none of us like what It says…LOL  okay, but your not me on a mission is all I thought…..since I forgot my scale at home, (consciously or sub-consciously, I haven’t decided yet) I needed to know where I was at…its been 2 weeks since I last weighed…my husband was so embarrassed, I didn’t care…LOL deep breath on the scale I went…the first time I did it I forgot to take off my shoes, so I got off quickly without looking and off came anything loose hanging on me, shoes, sweater….my husband stood there hanging his head not believing what I was doing…LOL  well after I got off, did my calculations, it turns out I have dropped another 8 pounds….making that a total of 50# big ones….If I told anyone earlier 49#’s I went back to check my math and I was off  by 1#….and I am claiming it now!!!!!!  I sigh a big relief as my exercise has been poor, however my eating has been very good….so after I told my husband I was down another 8#’s he wasn’t so embarrassed for me….the girls in the office said the scale never says that for them…LOL   I told them they just need to make it happen it will….

So on vacation, I have lost 8#’s – hit one of my first goals, loosing 50 #’s and life is getting better….my arthritic knee is not as painful…hummmm could it be the weight loss ???  LOL  and I am starting to be able to not only feel the difference but see it more….I can actually trim my toenails without moving my boobs around and grunting and groaning….bending over is easy, twisting is easy….using the little bathroom in the RV is sooo much easier, having to move the seat up a notch at the steering wheel, being able to take the steering wheel down a notch closer to my lap….stepping up into the RV without the extra load of 50#’s and the little extra step is easier, I have been walking about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile a day, no problem….there is only one downside I have noticed….the more weight I loose the more I look like my sister we lost in 2006….its kinda hard to look in a mirror these days, I have been seeing her look back at me…..in case you couldn’t tell we looked a like, she was the oldest sister, my other one is where we are headed, she doesn’t look like us at all…..and I am the youngest….hopefully I will be able to use the word smallest and mean it all sense of the word…sorry sis, but I am going to get smaller than you….LOL  challenge is on!!!  So if that is the only downfall….yay..I just say hello to Margie when I look in the mirror and then try to see me…..it will get easier…

Eating is going very easily for me, I actually brought my omelet pan and bought some eggbeaters and it is working out great….(I don’t eat chicken eggs, embryos, no thanks.) so that is one good thing I have done for myself…I don’t know why I thought it would be so difficult, oh wait I know….I was making it difficult…LOL  so dong well in that front….I don’t have any cravings anymore….I have been using popcorn as my snack food….I love popcorn so that works well…I miss my popsicles but boo-hoo for me…its not forever just a couple more weeks…

I am getting excited to go home and get back to the gym…start a routine there and see how that affects my weight loss…thinking it can only help.

I would like to just say how wonderful it is to have met up with so many wonderful WP bloggers…..I enjoy reading all your blogs and really appreciate you input…

So  until tomorrow……

Were enjoying life….I am really enjoying life now…

Until tomorrow….

Hope I did all this correctly…..thank you…


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