What time is it really???? I am lost…..

Okay am I going crazy or what….first I can’t figure out what day I am living in and now I can’t figure out what the real time is….aghhhhhhh

I set my alarm on my cell last night for 7:45a, I needed to be at the gym at 9a so wanted to have enough time to have breakfast and all the other morning BS that comes with it…my alarm went off….I couldn’t believe how dark it was out….checking the window, my mind said wow, must really be cloudy out, its so dark…so I literally dragged it out of my nice warm bed…did the bathroom gig, brushed my teeth, hair, ect….threw on my gym clothes….did my morning chores, I made the bed and opened the shades, hummm the sun was just coming up…my mind still wondering why??  I go get my coffee, I have about 30 minutes, of course in my mind, before I had to leave for the gym….husband up watching the morning news…so nothing wrong there…then I open my computer and glance down at the time..7:15am ???  I look at my cell 8:15a…I am starting to feel a little crazy coming on…I check both the settings, they are correct…I recheck the alarm I set, it was correct…I look to my husband for answers, he’s sound asleep by know…the grandfathers clock is to far away in the darkness of the room to really see clearly is it 7:15 or 8:15a  so I finally get up and start checking all the clocks in the house…they are all saying its 7:15..is it daylight savings time and no one mentioned it on the news, radio, papers….so how on earth did my cell phones time get changed…hummmm  no answer to that, as you actually have to go into it at 3 different windows just to get into the time, then 2 more times to adjust the times, so very unlikely it was an accident, like butt dialing*****scratching head???!!!??….not sure how that happened, but I have now adjusted my time and have an entire hour more before I have to leave…why and how do these things keep happening to me….????  makes me understand why I was dressing in the dark and why I was still so sleepy…If my son was still young it would of been one of his pranks…but for the life of me I have no idea how that happened….so I see I can add what time is it, to the what day is it game my life has become….can’t wait to see what goes next in my little mind…LOL

Good Day…will be under 1000 calories today again…yay…feeling on track and extremely focused…made it to the gym by 8:45am after my morning time issue you would think I would of been there really early…LOL   and had my last session with my trainer…she was very informative and a very good teacher, I feel like I have a better idea for the machines in the gym and with lots of help from Paul @  https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ , I feel I can go in and get a really good work out all on my own…YAY….then I went on to the pool and got in on the last 30 minutes of the pool aerobics….good class, I walked my 20 minutes after that and did another 10 minutes of pool exercises…then into the hot tub….I love the heat on my joints and use the jets on my knee and shoulder…and I also sit in the sauna for 5 minutes or a little longer…so that was a good morning….really becoming a gym person…LOL who would of thunk it!!!

Off to the city with my daughter for a fun night, and I get to visit with her all the way there and back…that’s golden in my book….

so until tomorrow….

Ahhhhhhhh Its all good….anyway today it is…..

Well thanks to sonofabeach96   https://sonofabeach96.wordpress.com/ and his wonderful blog about music and many other wonderful things…He has made me start to think about my youth, Jr High, High School years right onto my early 20’s….the song above is one of my favorites and I was able to actually meet Norman and get to watch him perform this song on a Petaluma stage back in the early 70’s and I was lucky enough to be back stage…he was of course soooo cute!!!!  I was swooning…LOL  he was my kind of man…  He actually lives in our county and was in a bad auto accident in April 2015 and was in critical condition at the local hospital…I just searched everywhere and can not find any current updates on him…I hope he is well…

It was a good Monday…the fear over going to hear gloom and doom from the eye specialist today was for nothing…I didn’t get a clean bill of eye health, but over all doing fantastic….I do have early macular degeneration, its heredity but in the very early stages, no treatment at this time,  he gave me lots of tips and suggestions to help slow down the growth and with some luck in the next decade they should be coming out with a new method of treatment that does not use needles in the eye…YAY….so continue on he says and see me in 2-3 years….YAY again….so all that frigin stress eating was for nothing…my wonderful son is hooking me up with a acupuncturist who treats for macular, he will be calling me so we can have a conversation about it….excited about hearing a holistic approach to this particular diagnosis….I will keep you up dated on this topic…

Back at it today…my calorie quota is at 874 calories…feeling good about where I am in my head….almost feeling silly about the anxiety attack last night….my next thought went to what about the popsicles in the fridge….they never crossed my mind at all last night…I am going to put a sticky on the fridge door that says eat popsicles…can’t hurt…I actually fasted this morning…I did have my coffee, and thought it would be good to let digestive tract have a rest….my stomach was growling by the time I got home (3 hours later)  so I had a wonderful high protein lunch…I am thinking that I need to leave the yeast products alone for awhile…LOL and definitely no more ice cream….why set myself for failure….so way better today…thanks everyone for all your kind words of support…

Off to the gym in the morning….I will start in the pool, and also get in an hour of pool aerobics and then meet with my trainer at 11a….I am actually excited to get back at it…I am enjoying the results of the exercise and feeling so much better and so much less pain in the knee….yay….

Well my arthritis and my dogs arthritis is acting up, with the cold, damp, foggy mornings my ole bones are screaming at me…but after moving around and running my hands under the hot water…it gets better….

so until tomorrow….

Big loss Thursday….

Call me crazy…just found out that I didn’t hit publish last night on my long post I wrote so when it was sitting on here when I hit new post I sent it out anyway…LOL  all that hard work…dam it I want credit for it.!!!!

So been a busy morning….I was up and was at the lab at 7:25a to get my blood work done…I like to get in and out and not sit in the waiting room with real sick people…LOL   then off to the gym for my 9a session…my trainer was standing there and offered to do our session early so by 8:15a I was getting my sweat on…LOL finished that and was in the pool before the 9a water aerobics class and got an hour of that in and then did my jog in place in the pool for twenty minutes…wow that was a lot for me, the one who hates exercise…really enjoyed the morning;  felt I accomplished something for me…..

Got home and took the night dressing off the dogs leg and she had a bunch of staples that had ripped apart, not from her chewing or anything, but just walking in and out of the house to go outside to do her business, and where its located on her leg is where it takes the full brunt of her weight when she walks… so off to the vet we went…he cleaned it up, took out the staples and smothered it antibiotic ointment, wrapped it up and put her on oral antibiotics and we go back on Saturday…looks like it might be a long haul….its like having a sick child..hoh hummmm

Well onto the good news….since we were at the vets and I was sitting right in front of the scale:  we were the only ones in the waiting room as we are always early for our appointments and everyone was out for lunch….should I, why not…off came my shoes, and anything else that might weigh me down….my husband shaking his head…I stepped on the scales….yipppeee I lost 5 pounds since last Friday, bring my weight loss to 58#’s (big sigh)…I have only 18 more pounds to go to my next goal I set for myself…some thing is working…amazing how exercising, eating right and a positive attitude can make the weight melt off….yay….

While I was in the pool today, we were all lined up at the edge doing our cool down exercises, one of the women mentioned I was using the most resistant water buoys that were there and she thought I should take it easy, why am I working so hard??  This is why I don’t talk to people in the gym..it took all I had to be nice, but I was so I told her that if I was going to show up to exercise why not make it worth my while…I didn’t feel I was pushing myself and believe me I don’t take any chances in regards to hurting myself….she just said wellllllll all drawn out,  you should go slower.  The instructor had been standing above us, not really involved in the conversation, however she bent down and told me congratulations, you get it!!! Made me feel good….I am not at the gym to make BFF’s or take unasked for advice….hum…..makes me think she might not be working as hard as she should be….anyway I left there feeling fantastic..

imagesVW1SM9B9Got my new swim suit in the mail today….crazy!! Did I say swim suit….LOL  I told my husband I waited to by one until I was sure I was really going to stick with it.  I am tired of wearing a pair of shorts that hang down and make me feel very subconscious of myself and my tank top is more like a wet t-shirt contest look…aghhhh just what I don’t want….lol  and then not to speak of the air bubbles that arise from my shorts and top in the water…LOl  anyway I don’t think I have bought a swim suit since grade school…its always been cut offs and tank tops and in some instances skinny dipping….LOL  not enough private swim holes around here for that…LOL  (it really doesn’t look like that – LOL)

Ending my day with an intake of 723 calories…. and I am full…been eating a lot of squash…..I like to cut them and dry fry them with a little pam spray, and lots of spices….and an eggbeaters omelet…I add lots of jalepenos and onions to my food,  and always use homemade salsa that a friend of mine makes…I have been buying salsa from her for over 10 years….its yummy on everything, so needless to say I must be doing something  correct in my eating….yeah!!

Arthritis flaring its ugly head in my shoulders, I am thinking I may need to back off a couple of the machines that use my shoulders or back off on the weight level…plus it was 93′ here today…I though that it was cooling off..but doesn’t look like it….so  some times even thought the heat is nice…it plays hell with some of the joints…..oh well it won’t stop me!!!!

so until tomorrow….

Wednesday…for no better title…just found this…Aghhhhh

Been a great day…stayed home all day, didn’t go near the car..LOL  seems like Mon and Tuesday was spent away from the house….and I am a homebody…I love being home doing this and that…playing in the garden…I have several projects going on so working on them….even got a song or two out on the piano….

Been a great day in the kitchen….I have come in at 848 calories…stopped eating at 5:30p, no hunger pangs…still using popsicles in the evening to curb the late nigh eating urges…so really happy about that….amazing how much you can eat when its fresh vegies…LOL

My arthritis is doing good…I had to pass on a couple machines at the gym as they were to much for my shoulder joints and its a no brainer about machines that would hurt my knee…amazing to see how weak and painful some of my joints are…I have really noticed my hand strength is so bad…I used to be the one who could open all the jars…difficult to even open water bottles…really pisses me off…aging is no fun and its really hard to do gracefully….at least with the weight I have lost my knee is feeling the difference…it isn’t swelling as much and the morning ache is better…YAY…I just went and bought a new pair of Birkenstocks and the lady couldn’t believe how swollen my left foot was, I told her its on my arthritic knee side so my entire leg is affected…Birks has a new heel in there shoes, its like memory foam so it feels like your walking on sponge (kind of)….very nice…the prices are just as high if not higher…but can’t beat my grey/blue Arizona’s….

Dog is doing great….were moving to my room for the remaining of the ordeal…I am not sleeping well on the mattress in the living room and my health is just as important as hers!!!

Off to the gym in the morning…..and then the pool…I have the trainer at 9a….and have signed up for 2 more sessions next week then will beg off till after the New Year and then I will re-evaluate where I am at and really it will depend on how I am doing….I feel I am getting a lot of knowledge and she is answering all my questions, and last session she was very thoughtful about my arthritis…we passed on a couple machines she thought I might want to try….but no thank you…no trying something I know will hurt….so excited about going to the gym….and getting into the pool….been awhile since I made it to the pool…been dealing with life…booooo!!!!

So until tomorrow……

Monday, Monday

First I must add to yesterdays post…after I finished my post, I had a sandwich and ended up adding 500 calories to my daily intake….taking me to 1649…I thought I was starving, I have a feeling, (my excuse for doing it) was the Benadryl I took for my allergies….anyway…own it and that’s that…

been a great day today….had a yummy lunch at MY noodles, MY is for (Martin Yan) good food…service was okay, lots of seafood dishes, no thank you, but they did have a good chicken curry and the chicken was large pieces of breast….and the food was fresh…shared the rice with my husbands dish, we will go back for dinner as we couldn’t order some of the dim sum items I wanted because they are only served at dinner…I had a nice dinner at home and ended my day at 863 calories and no starving munchies tonight…no allergy pills….

Kokopelli%20Rain%20Dance%20by%20Carla%20Mora THANKS to anyone who did a little rain dance, we have had a wet drizzling day and are expecting more through Wednesday…..YAY

Arthritis and joints have been telling me the weather is cool and damp….LOL

Very excited about tomorrow…11a I meet my trainer…can’t wait to get started….I will let you all know tomorrow how that goes…

so until tomorrow…

Back to the Gym…

My gym reopened this morning…and I was there…it was great to get back at it.. I also started the ball rolling to hire a trainer to help me set up a routine I can come in and do without thinking to much…just focus on the movements and get through it so I can get back in the pool…LOL   I need help figuring out which machines are best for my joints…I don’t need to injure myself with lack of knowledge….so I am excited about that…

It is hot here in California…normal, school starts and the heat wave hits us…so eating is difficult during the day…we have been doing a lot of nice cold watermelon…I was hungry after 6p…it was more like I didn’t eat a lot during the day, so I popped some popcorn and had a big bowl …I am over my calorie quota, actually at the top of the numbers….its going to be as hot tomorrow if not hotter (102′)…we did triple digits today and tomorrow…and late in the evening…so it doesn’t help the eating much…we are heading for the coast, taking the RV and staying out there until late, maybe sunset if I can talk him into it…its only going to be 83″ there so lunch, naps, and a good book are in order, maybe a dice game…

The weather is arthritis oriented…my joints are doing well, my knee still gives me a little pain, but not really anything like it could…my hands are better, still can’t open a bottle or do anything that I need strength for….that’s a life change…no amount of warm weather will help that…

Well I am sitting here waiting to watch the first night of the Late Show…all I can do is yawn….So I better finish this a its starting in a couple minutes….

so until tomorrow…