Look out — Here We Come……

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We’re packed and ready to go….we are heading to Hwy #101 South….first stop is Yuma to see my brother and get rid of a couple bags and a huge picture frame…LOL  birthday presents and stuff I am handing off….then it will depend on the weather where we will head from there, we will end out trip back in Yuma for Thanksgiving….I am so ready to be on a road trip….the dog won’t let us out of her sight…she will not be left behind…she loves to travel as much as we do…

I am not ignoring anyone, but unless we have Wi-Fi I won’t be able to get on here, my phone is just a cheap Motorola, and it takes forever to get on the WP site…

I have had a good day….my knee is about 50% better…so that’s a good thing…I skipped the gym again, no way am I going to irritate it more before we start out on a road trip….foods been just okay..I need to get my self back on a low calorie quota again…did okay yesterday…I am over 1500 today….so looking forward to being on the road and getting into routine, I seem to be floundering here….getting back on the wagon is harder than I would like…not sure why but foundering is the only thought that comes to my mind..I am thinking the pastry….sugar….yeast….it is like my heroine….I know its my trigger so I just need to buckle down and fight through it….I am guessing the urges, desires and wants are always gonna be there when it comes to my trigger foods….dam those pastries…..dam my weakness….oh hum….big sigh….

so until I can find Wi-Fi…..kat

Down by One

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Well I jumped out of bed and ran to the scale at 5:30a…..no weight loss…what..??  I went back to bed shaking my head wondering what was up with that…oh hum….drifted off to sleep until 8a…so I was up changing sheets and dealing with life and I walked by the scale scowling at it, I heard it say go head try it again….so I kicked off my slippers, took off my robe, made sure my phone was off my body….surprised I didn’t strip…LOL  I stepped on the teaser and low and behold I was down 1#…..so I finished my bed making with a lighter step and stopped and told the scale I was sorry for the name calling earlier…LOL  So the weight loss is at 64#’s…..I am not sure why it has slowed down, well lets be honest I did take over a week off and then just really got back at it…and I am so happy with the results I have so far, I fit in booths, I am back into clothes that have been in boxes at the top of my closet for years…I have great stamina and strength once again…and just the over all feeling of health I have is so wonderful…..I am thinking I need to refine my eating once again….get away from the higher carbs foods and fruit  and get back to more protein based food.  I just made myself a ground turkey-kale meat loaf and stuffed some bell peppers with zucchini and mushrooms….layered with parmesan cheese…in a marina sauce….so that will be my meals this next week…then off in the RV…..So overall I am very happy and grateful for how far I have come…I don’t want anyone to think I am not grateful for where I am at, I am by leaps and bounds thankful…So I will weight next Friday before we leave and then not until we get back…I will continue to stay under 1500 calories and exercise on the road, I am taking my hand weights and have a routine worked out…not to do it is the next step…LoL…my next goal is 250# and I am only 12# away…I am hoping to be close when I get back….there I said it out loud, so now I will have to really work on it…LOL

Food is okay today….we went to a Chinese restaurant and I had my old stand-by chicken curry…yum…..with fried rice and I splurged on steamed pork bun…..they make the best one in the county…but there is my problem…to many carbs…..hummm  I can see my problem…


My arthritis is better…I really think the pool and the hot tub are healing….my shoulder is not 100% pain free but it is better…..achiness is way better…..

On to the weekend…..enjoy everyone….kat


Been a long day….I think I am finally shaking my bug….no fever all day…yay…and the urge for comfort food is subsiding…I hate not feeling well..

I got my new bed…took a nice long nap in it today…so comfy….looking forward to a good night sleep tonight…. my calories are  at 1600 today……on the high side again, I have been mostly sleeping, but when I am up all I want is to snuggle in my robe and eat comfort foods….I am hoping I jump out of bed in the morning and feel like heading to the gym….

My arthritis is doing okay…I have been taking advil or Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours for the past couple days so it is keeping all the arthritic pains at bay….

Nothing else to day…heading to bed…hopefully I will have a good gym report tomorrow and get my calories back down to where I like them…

Until tomorrow

Happy Fourth of July

Can’t beat Johnny Cash and his Rugged Old Flag song for the Fourth of July weekend…

ENJOY THE WEEKEND EVERYONE….Safe and Sane should be on all our minds…its dry out there….

Doing well today after a slow morning…getting a lot done, cleaning house, repotting plants, restocking the cupboards from the pantry…Enjoying the nice cool day we are having…yesterday I woke up feeling ready to go, awake and alert, happy and humming songs….last night I had a cheese sandwich at 9p, (still in my calorie range)….however when I woke up this morning, I had a carb hangover, I could barely get it out of bed at 9a, I need to go back to no eating after 6p, it seems to work for me… after a shower, coffee and vitamins I finally got the pep back in my step…got a lot of work done today I was putting off…

Good calorie intake so far….going back to 4 hours in-between eating again…otherwise its to easy to just keep eating, I am allowing myself to have iced coffees, vitamin waters, water and I made lite minute maid popsicles so I can have as many of those as I want…they are only 5 calories, and its a great substitute if I feel the need to eat….the rebel in me has been fighting with me all week about how I shouldn’t deprive myself of anything!! no matter!!   So between fighting the cravings and urges I mentally feel like a rag at the end of the day sometimes…I am not a weak person mentally,  but when it comes to food, my addiction takes over and I crumble easy….staying on top of it all; part of the process of getting on to a healthy journey….but why does it have to be so frigin hard!?!!  Why isn’t it as easy to loose weight as gain?….the pendulum does not swing fairly…just sayin…

so until tomorrow….

The Day After….

Well, yesterday was my anniversary and we had a lovely day….had lunch at a restaurant we haven’t been to in over 2 years, so that was nice…did a lot of reflecting on the years we have been together….its been 7 years since we met and married for 6 years..its been a fun ride…I married a retired, widowed man with no baggage, well I take that back, he had a little sheltie, extremely spoiled sheltie….but we worked out the kinks and he learned to resect me and take his place in the pack behind his master’s, he wasn’t a very happy, little boy as I showed up with a female border collie…his nose was out of joint for several weeks…LOL  but all in all the last seven years have been extremely rewarding.  I married a man older than myself, from Germany, who means what he says, and stubborn beyond belief…but he is the ying to my yang and I couldn’t be happier…I have been able to retire early and we have been traveling for the last three years off and on…what can I say, I feel loved and a little spoiled….

So the day after, even though I counted every morsel, I was over my calorie quota, way over…so I have been spending all day fighting the urge to stuff myself…it is so crazy how easy it is to fall back into the old way of eating…being a food a-holic I really have to watch my P’s and Q’s…..taking a day off, even if I counted all my calories and watched what I ate has made the day after miserable for me…I have been drinking water and Zero -vitamin water, I have had no carbs and only eaten veg, proteins, and fruit..I am so glad the day is almost over and I have made it through under quota and was able to stave off the urges….My husband suggested I stay in my quota zone yesterday, but it being a special day, I thought it would  be okay to splurge a little…but in the end, sugar is sugar is doesn’t change for a special day and your body doesn’t give you any breaks either!!  so all in all back on track, feeling empowered by resisting the wild animal inside me fight for more…always more….

until tomorrow….