We are home…

Oh my, you never know how bad you really need to get away until you go….It was so much fun, not only seeing my son, but just getting away…..I gave up on the ole calorie counting while I was away…but kept mindful about eating…and got plenty of exercise….some walking, swimming, and soaking in the hot springs…did a lot of reading…played some games….and had dinner every night with my son and his friend…I sure miss my kids…but the time we shared was so full of love just being together, we didn’t have time to fight and quarrel…LOL   I went down to there camp and enjoyed the hot springs with them…and sat around the fire eating dark chocolate and drinking sips of southern comfort….all in all a really great time…Our Campsite…we were the only ones there…whooo hoooo

gila campsiteThe cliffs all around us….

cliffis in gila

The Gila National Forest from the top of the road into the Cliff Dwellers Monument

Gila mountians

The huge rock where the cliff dwellers made there home on the back side of the rock…stands about 7000′ at the top…

gilaa cliff dewllwes

The weather varied, this was a really big thunder storm, started a few fires on the mountains but the hail and rain put them out…my phone camera didn’t catch the ominous looking cloud it really was….


The Gila River and one of the hot spring soakers…

gila spagila river

One the way through Arizona East of Phoenix….Lake Mohawk

lake mohawkred rocksSaguaros on top of a huge pile of red rocks, the road below was a really bad dirt road we ended up on after Lake Mohawk, we are up on top looking down to where we were headed….went on forever..at least it felt like it…the one below is at the end of the road…it had pavement the last 1/4 mile..LOL  the Beaver Tale cactus growing out of the side of the rocks….big road







bever tail

saguraThis huge mama was in our campsite on the way home…we stopped in Benson Arizona, the weather was windy and wet, rally hard to drive in, so we stopped and enjoyed the evening…I swam and used the hot tub got a good workout in…

Well glad to be home…I forgot how bad my arthritic body could hurt,  as soon as we were in cooler, damp climate….boom it all came back…LOL…not complaining but was just amazed at how much better I am in Yuma…however its been raining off and on here….not a lot, but its definitely cooler than when we left….

Back at it in the morning….kat

Home Sweet Home…

Well feels good to be home on my computer instead of trying to type on my phone…LOL  We saw a lot of beautiful territory in North East Californian,  beautiful Mt. Lassen and its lakes on topMt. Lassen road to peak andOne of the lakes on the mountain

Lake Almanor, below…then on to Lake Pyramid North of Reno, then to Virginia City. Found these critters on the road couldn’t resist a photo out of Reno..

Lake Almanorcritters in Reno

then to North Lake Tahoe, I had never been to the north shore, crazy me, I envisioned my husband and I having a lovely lunch overlooking the lake finishing off our trip with a little romance…much to my surprise the mansions on the lake were jaw dropping….I was thinking that the north shore would be bare of houses and humans….just the opposite….its obviously where all the rich people have summer homes….Oh well the Lake was sparkling with sunlight so enjoyed the drive…

Well home and to the grocery store…cupboards and fridge full of good food and I am looking forward to Saturdays weigh in…want to do it tomorrow just to see how I did on vacation, I counted every morsel that went into my mouth…I will practice my patience and wait until Saturday….

http://simplelivingover50.com/   had a great post on his blog about starting the “Whole 30 Diet”  I have downloaded the “rules” as they call them..   .http://whole30.com/downloads/official-whole30-program-rules.pdf                                                              this is very similar to the “10 Day Detox” by Dr. Mark Hyman….I did this for ten days and after ten days I continues for another 11 days…I lost 17 pounds and felt terrific…but I was feeling deprived and didn’t think I could live without my morning coffee so that was that….It took me a couple months to get back at it and that is why I am counting calories…deprivation can be tamed, all you have to do is count it…but the real deal is eating healthy, trying to keep my food to just 3 ingredients or less makes it so much healthier and no processed foods…I have a couple sisters and we always have referred to ourselves as yeast babies…breads, cakes and donuts acts like a drug to me…want more and more…so understanding the bad food is one of the hurdles to get over and will always be something I have to work at..

.the no coffee in the morning with sugar-in-the-raw and cream…..that is what is holding me back from the whole 30…sounds like a cop-out but I have learned it  is the little things in life that make life do able….So I am working slowly working  up to the 30 day cleanse again….well I am rambling…just nice to be home and centered again and feeling good…so until tomorrow


Another good day….

another good day…what can I say…enjoying life….getting ready to go for an adventure for a week or so….probably leaving Thursday, no real destination, just up the road toward Feather River…we never make reservations to stay anywhere unless its holiday weekends….so getting the RV packed and ready….worked on my food plan for the week…I think I have it under control…heading to bed…making it an early one…until tomorrow…

Home Sweet Home

It really is true…there is no place like home…I enjoyed being with my sister and her husband…love them both so much…but its their home not mine…I missed my husband, dog, bed, house, garden, kids being close, laptop…..everything really..

okay….so I got up this morning expecting to step on the ole scale and hang my head in shame….it was no where near as bad as I was expecting…I gained only one pound back….I did watch what I ate most of the time…no late night eating…I did consume more carbs than normal but I was on vacation…great excuse anyway….so back to calorie counting and trying to talk myself into some sort of exercise program….So I will dedicate myself to this blog daily for a week, it really does help..so until tomorrow….

Vaction is back in balance

Yeah !!!  we finally have internet again….makes me laugh at how much I depend on getting on the internet daily to check in with life….

It certainly helps to sit down and put all my feelings and emotions on paper and then read it again to put all the perspective back into life…since my last post I have been able to balance life once again….shopping is not a free for all and while a treat is all well and good, just not as many as I thought I should be entitled to…LOL….meals are back on track and a large salad daily has been on our RV table !!  Feels great to be back on the road again and enjoying nature….well back to it…

Vacation….automatic free for all….

Why is it that when you (rather me) is on vacation I feel it is an automatic pass for a free for all…no limits on anything, grocery store buys, trinkets, places to stay….money is no object…..all food is acceptable !!!  How bizarre that I have given myself a free pass at this time….I logically know that I am not going to get any healthier if I don’t eat better, and why is it so much harder to prepare healthy eating than high calorie food ?? And as my husband would remind me, we don’t have more money when we go traveling just because I think its a free for all, the money doesn’t duplicate itself just because I feel I have the right to spend willy nilly….?

well to stand up for myself…

it is easier to pop high calorie micro wave food in the ole zapper than to pull out all the pots and pans and then have to clean up behind yourself, I’d rather toss the plastic cooking vessels in the garbage than wash pots and pans in my littlie sink area….I do make salads and we always have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables (microwave containers to cook them in) and salad fixins…I find its hard to say its to hard to peel a cucumber in the RV or, cut up a tomato…lol

However, just being on vacation seems to be an automatic mind pass to: bags of unhealthy chips, cookies, and candy!!!

So while I was shopping at a really wonderful Safeway, I was fighting with my inner demon child at almost every choice, chips verses trisket crackers….bought both!!!  cake verses pie….neither very healthy but the berry pie (small one) won out….instead of a 6 pack of diet Pepsi, only bought 2 bottles…so I was finding myself at least trying to stay in the conscience state of mind and making better choices and if I couldn’t fight it I bought both and would fight out the evil demon later if I could….

Being able to put down in writing has helped and will make me think before eating……

On that note I am going to peel potatoes and make vegetable soup for dinner since it is going to rain…lets hope I left the big pot in the RV…LOL