So Up and at em’ early again….we were out hitting garage sails at 8a this morning….at the 6th one we hit gold…found a really nice 5 drawer upright dresser like new for my husbands room…already cleaned and filled with all his stuff!!!  We hit the hardware store and food store so got all that done…the leaky valve in the back of the toilet  got fixed and I bought a tension rod for the AZ room and that curtain is hung….there is a pork roast in the oven filling the house with aromas and the wet towels from the wet bathroom floor are in the wash….so I am doing well so far…..

It was weigh day…didn’t want to but knew I had to be accountable….slap me silly, I am still just 3#’s up from when I left home on Jan 1st….I had lost most of the Christmas weight I had gained by the first….and I am holding steady at 261#….so made my day…I was dreading the scale…I always still get on and mostly very surprised by the results… YAY!!!!  I will just keep on keeping on…..I am still journaling my food and being accountable for all I eat so I think that has helped me keep in line…and I am watching what I eat…no processed foods, just eating late at night and mostly popcorn or apples….so will try to stop that and get back to my 6p cut off…I made some popsicles and will start back on them…

The gym is still in the future…I can’t very well trek off to the gym and leave my hubby hear dealing with life alone…we don’t even have our furniture yet…they said by Tuesday and possible before….I have been chanting Sunday over and over again with fingers crossed….. I am a little tired of sleeping out in the RV….at least its not on the floor….LOL so I should be little more thankful, I have a full RV full to the hilt and its warm and comfortable…

We are getting a lot done in the meantime… I painted some old metal shelves that were left here and have them in the Arizona Room already filled with the treasures I brought down in the RV, getting the cupboards a little more organized…

IMG_20160116_113448918_HDRthe window is covered as it looks into my bedroom…LOL  lost the incentive to be an exhibitionist years ago….LOL

IMG_20160114_150039327_HDR    the kitchen is small and cozy with IMG_20160114_150027764all the comforts of home in a tiny package…that’s just the sink area (will replace with one large white one in near future, thinking about replacing all the shelves with new ones and getting a dishwasher…hummm what a great idea) but for now it will have to do…the other side of the fridge is a large pantry, lots of storage areas and the stove to the left….pretty standard mobile home kitchen…to the left of the stove area is the front window…a door leading out, another pantry and washer and dryer area….its all do-able….the rest of the house is bare with the exception of a couple kitchen chairs and lap top tables…

IMG_20160114_173723178Out my back door from the Arizona room at sunset the other night…don’t think I will get tired of that….as the sun sets the mountains turn beautiful colors…pictures don’t do it justice…

Arthritis is okay….my hand joints hurt after I got done spraying that metal shelf  it took 4 cans and I didn’t do the back or the very top shelf…LOL  the shelf is really old and worthless, but it will work for now and I love having my treasures out to see….

so until tomorrow or the next day….kat





Sunday brought another day of playing with my balls…LOL  I am almost  half way done, however I need to go get another ball as I have a friend who wants one…we are going to exchange a ball for home made salsa…she makes the best salsa…she wants a mosaic one  like my sisters….having a lot of fun. but its so much easier to do flat surfaces…

Another nice relaxing weekend day…didn’t do much but work outside on my yard art…Doing really well on the food front….way under my 1000 quota, not hungry at all, been sucking on popsicles….yum…fresh fruit for breakfast at 9am and lunch at 3p…exercise still eludes me….but I back on track in the food department….I did work in the yard a little, but mostly jumping up and down to go from ball to ball since you can only do a small area at a time….then it got hot and muggy, so I bagged the yard art and took a shower to cool down…at least with the warm weather my arthritis is under control and no aching joints…Yay

Were getting ready to go out RVing for another month….heading up the beautiful coast on 101 and then visiting my sister  and brother in Washington State…we haven’t decided if we will go over and go down the West side of Idaho, go back to Riggins on the Little Salmon River and then down to hwy 20 straight across to Crater Lake Oregon and then head home from there..or just head straight down the east side of Oregon….we kinda travel with the wind…whatever feels right, what’s the weather doing… and we are never in a hurry…my cousin is going to take care of the house…so its all a go….we aren’t leaving until August but the way the days are flying by it will be here before we know…they are already advertising on the tv for Back to School stuff…can’t believe that summer will be over before we know it….I have been following many of the National Park sites on Facebook and wow, the lines to get in are ridiculous….we are so lucky that we are able to go those places after school starts…I am glad that so many people are visiting them…any National Park or Monument in the USA generally are worth the drive or a stop by. If we are near any of them we will stop, just get up really early to visit, we have learned most people don’t get out and going until 10a….so I am getting both excited and a little anxious about the food control issue while traveling….I did fine last time out and I am not anticipating any problems this time out…I do use frozen meals more than I normally would at home…but it is still a little more stressful….no popsicles for example….the little tiny freezer in our very little RV doesn’t freeze ice cream or ice solidly. Oh well I can get by with out my daily fix…LOL we do lots of fresh fruit and lots of salads..the good thing is we are never very far from a grocery store…I also have a set of measuring cups, and teaspoon  tablespoons for measuring…I will bring my scale as well, it is a must to stay on tract…Well I am rambling as my mind is racing on ahead about what I need to do in the morning…MONDAY……..

So Until tomorrow

Long Weekends

For so many the long Fourth of July weekend has already started, lakes, rivers, BBQ’s, swimming pools, sunburns, and fireworks…..we were out for lunch today and the freeway was loaded with campers, rv’s, trucks loaded down with inner tubes and coolers….I can almost feel the excitement in the air….a couple years ago we were in Jackson Hole Wyoming, we ended up in the middle of a parade..LOL  soooo many people….that’s the year I thought that we needed signs on the road that said. “watch out for the tourist”…LOL  they were way more crazy than the animals….LOL  lucky for me we are staying home, going out for a BBQ with all the family and then home for the rest of the weekend…

I have been doing some thinking about my journey….I am going to stop stressing on the weekly weigh in and skip a week…I am on this journey to health and changing my life style of eating and I don’t want to be stressed out every week about weighing in…so onward and upward….watching my calories and back to enjoying life with no stress….

Great song….

until tomorrow


Going back to my old day to weigh in..Friday…I started weighing on Friday…then changed to Wednesdays, why I can’t going back to the end of the week….a little anxious about the number that will come up…I have been in my calorie range but there’s always a but….anyway…my exercise routine has not fit back in to my day.  its not like I am so busy I can’t exercise…hello I am retired…I have been gardening, and my energy level is back up…so dealing with house work and feeling like I need to do some spring cleaning…closets, my office the pantry in the garage.. the upstairs…really the list is endless…well I had another good day…nice to feel in control…still have the moments of how frigin crazy it is that I am struggling with food control…really I shouldn’t get started on this subject because it only leads to self derogation…so good mantras replacing bad…it is what it is…until tomorrow….