Weigh Day

Well…woke up from a good week…got on the scale first thing…face the music early…and I lost 7 pounds…..I got off and on three times…LOL  even turned on the light to make sure it was a 3 and not an 8….LOL  so I am thinking I had a lot of water weight on board and that is gone…makes me know that I am doing the right thing….someone asked me how I could loose weight because I had a soft ice cream cone one day….I said its all about moderation, calories in and exertion of calories out…  been eating between 1000 to 1200 all week and no eating after 6pm with the exception of popsicles…so back at it…I have been exercising at home and doing yard work….and sometimes that’s way more strenuous than an actual work out at the gym…..I can’t go swimming until my hand heals, well anyway the doctor mentioned it would be beneficial to keep it dry and clean till it heals over…so no gym for a couple weeks….I got another piece of cactus needle out of my wound…I took a picture and put it next to a pencil to show its size…hopefully that’s the last piece…its healing nicely!


Yard is coming together, we need more bricks to lay and my husband is having an issue with paying for delivery charges…not sure how he thinks they will get here, but until he decides I am okay not having to deal with them…LOL  I painted my milk cans for color in the yard….I need something bright and cheerful when I am outside….I love the look of the Mexican bricks and love cactus…however green and orange-ish bricks can only go so far…so here is a before and after of my yard art…lol


and the birdbath….it will add color for sure and water for our feathered friends…

12654523_10205512625795056_924713192864699506_nFinished area…YAY12717860_10205512625515049_5424524769351189257_n Birdbath surrounded by some of our never ending rocks the ladies who lived here before collected….most are petrified wood from the Flagstaff area….I have the birdbath sitting on some of the round painted pavers the concrete guy made…we know the Mexican bricks are not very level…LOL  oh well…they will settle…..really windy here today so we are hanging out in the house… life is good….

saw these on Facebook….loved them….


Later Gators…

Monday, just another day….

Good day, hot day, busy day….I was  up again before 7a…full of energy and ready to go….I have been forcing myself to eat breakfast, something I never did before…and it seems to be holding me until after 3p…not sure if that’s a good thing or not….I don’t want to eat if I don’t feel hungry, I am drinking plenty of vitamin zero water, and plain water, I have cut my caffeine intake to 2 cups in the morning from drinking coffee all day and then the cold as ice coffee… I am not having any afternoon napping urges..  before I was waiting 4 hours in between meals and was watching the clock like a hawk after a mouse…but now I have to remind myself I need to eat by 5p so I can be done by 6p since I have quit eating late…crazy compared to how I used to be…I guess you can teach on ole dog new tricks…LOL

so if anyone has any input, I am open to suggestions…???

I am getting my exercise in during the day….I do some at noon, then again a couple hours later and then finish it up before I go to bed…works for me…when we are out on the road in the RV, I will do the same thing at the rest stops…a little here and then a little more at the next stop…so I have that worked out….the food is under control while we are on the road…

With the warm weather my arthritis is in check, no aches, no pains today….

Today we went and  picked up a couple more bowling balls…call me crazy…but the ones with the rocks are my favorite and I want a few for the front yard…seems I may have a new addiction…frigin yard art…LOL

Until tomorrow…..


Well I weighed in this morning and was down 4#’s…yay…..Finally I have shaken the 1# per week….I am sure it all had to so with dropping down to 100 Cal per week and adding exercises faithfully ever day all week….my persistence paid off…thanks everyone for all the encouragement. I do believe it was part of my change…I am down 37 #’s and looking forward to the next 37….

My bowling ball yard art has started the second phase, another Yay!!  I have 2 out of 7 grouted and all done but 2!!  Baby steps…

Really it was just a boring Friday…up early dealing with gluing little pieces of glass on round balls that have a great gravity pull, I id make it to the grocery store, and now I am sitting here yawning…I am going to keep this short and sweet….

So until Tomorrow…

Tuesday…all day long….

As I sit here I am working in getting some exercise in…knee lifts, and I am working on getting back to being able to touch the floor with the palms of my hands again…I am easily past the fingers….so I have incorporated that into my exercise…and I am working on my flabby arms…I am not sure they will ever be the muscular tanned extremities I once had but I am trying….so feels good to get the exercise started back again….maybe I will see more than 1# loss, not that I am complaining, well it sounds like I am, but I’m not…big sigh at this point….food day was tough…went out for lunch….had a turkey burger,,,,I found a weird string like tendon, vein thing holding another piece to it so that ruined it for me, made me remember why I gave up meat for 9 years, thinking about doing it again… I didn’t eat the bread, but ate the vegies that came with it and I had sweet potato fries…and I have only been drinking water with lemon when we go out..so there’s that…I counted all the calories for an entire turkey burger and all the catsup I used but man was it a bad choice….the rest of the day went smoothly…I am under 1000 calories so that’s all good and I have been doing well making 6p my cut off for eating…I am sleeping better for that…I still allow myself popsicles in the evening if I feel the need, rather the urge to put something in my mouth…lite lemonade just 10cal each….yummmm  I am going to make some coffee ones tomorrow….probably not the best for late night but yummy still the same…lol

so now for the fun stuff….

blue sampler

The blue glass ball is covered, I just need to go back and add smaller glass beads to fill the spots…the sampler ball is coming along, I added a row of glass marbles to the edge of the tiles and found a bag of broken blue glass so finished this side and there is still the other side to fill in….I am thinking about it…I have been to the good will and picked up a couple more plates for the next moisac ball, got it all broken up into pieces today, I will start it tomorrow and I bought some looking glass paint to paint the other one with it, but I don’t like the way its coming out so I am going to do another blue glass one like above on the left…so I am getting closer to getting grout on them but I would like to finish them all before I start the next step….

As far as my arthritis goes…hands swollen, shoulders stiff….not sure why…probably my diet….so I am back to creams and tyl arthritis…so it goes…..what can I say…at least I am upright and moving forward…

So until tomorrow…

Monday… Monday…

Monday…first day of the week….first day after the long, lazy, over indulgent weekend….we all made our personal, private vows to ourselves…I’ll do better, I’ll be better, I’ll stop doing that or this, I can, I will, I am…Because its Monday, the first day of the week…its a new beginning after all….it happens every 7 days – its always easy to restart…right?  Why does Monday have to symbolize so much, why has society made Mondays like the Grand Pooopa of all the week days…what happens by Wednesday if you, fall off the wagon so to speak…do you just throw in the towel until the infamous Monday, after all its coming in in several days…free for all till Monday!!  I know ! –   I will wait until Monday….it holds special powers…must only begin all new life changing events on Mondays…any other day will not work…Thursdays…can’t do it then its just 2 days away from the free for all weekend…Fridays – are out as your just getting in gear for the weekend….Tuesdays out…to close to Monday…you screwed up if you waited till Wednesday…so you might as well wait until Monday…its aright to wait…right????

Crazy…I got started on this little rant from a question I was asked about when I started my journey to better health….I am sure the person who asked me if I started my weight loss on a Monday had no idea what she really was saying…or how insane it sounded….We were talking about my journey so far and out of her mouth came the question, you started on a Monday, right…like any other day would of been cause for disaster….I was stymied…I said I don’t know what day of the week it was, does it make a difference??  She kind a mumbled a little and went on to another subject….I thought – let it go….she didn’t even realize what she was insinuating…

.however I obviously couldn’t let it go….LOL   I thought about it for several hours..hummmmm  deep breath I feel better now!!!

Well having a wonderful day…started a new yard art project…that always makes me happy to be crafty…LOL

bowling balls 2 Bowling balls getting prepped by filling wholes with aluminum foil and then epoxying over the wholes…now 36 hours for dry time, then sand and start the fun part..

Under my 1200 cal quota…exercise in….weather has warmed up so my joints are feeling better, slept well…still had a weird dream but I was able to shake it off and get some good sleep… feeling good about my journey…

until tomorrow….