The Endless Diets

Lets see:

Weight Watchers (many different times) – Atkins –  Cabbage Soup – 10 Day – Banana – Detox – Diabetic – McDougall – Low Fat – No Fat – No Sugar – Liquid – Low Carb – No Carb – Low Calorie – Ketone Testing – Beverly Hills – High Fiber – Mediterranean, High Protein –  South Beach – eat no White Foods – then there is the old Crash Diet !-  Fad Diets – Overeaters Anonymous

I am sure I have left a few out and will add them as my mind will let me….

Just remembered: Sweating to the Oldies by Richard but very little help….

This list makes me know how crazy I have been for years !!  Since the early 70’s…To bad I hadn’t leaned what Crazy is until my 50’s….might of saved me a lot of stressing over weight issues….now to get the rebel in me under control…that’s another page….

4 thoughts on “The Endless Diets

    • that was the last one I tried….it helped me put to rest some of the guilt I was carrying and could not understand how to let it go…I was only part of the group for about 5 months….someone 10 years ago tried to talk me into going, I looked it up and thought it was a religious group, but I was mistaken…so ten years later I gave it a try…its the basic 12 step program and it helped me to work through there workbook and talk with a sponsor….but after I got through the 12 steps….I backed away as I am not good in group, for a better word, therapy….if you do try it, go to different meetings and I am sure that one of them will resonate with you…and it doesn’t have to be for a life time, as it is with some of them…I found I was already living most of the steps, just missing a few, apparently the important ones for me….but at this point I am able to get on with it on my own and really do feel lighter, not in weight but in spirit….so that’s a good thing….never hurts to look into it, you can always walk away….they are good people just trying to better themselves, I just don’t believe in redundancy in regards to the steps….


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