WW….The oranization of weight loss…

This is strictly my opinion…

NO matter where you turn,  there is always someone out there who wants to tell you how to loose weight…and their way is always the best way, oh yes and it will cost you…not always in cash, but in sanity, your time and weight gain….

After many years of  trying many different weight loss plans, some multiple times, has me thinking that all these so called experts should not be able to do this to the public…suck us in, take our money, make us feel like we can trust them with our secrets, only to find out…they are not a  God and have no divine intervention.. its like playing the odds at a race…maybe 1 out of every 5 who go on this program really make it to then end ..the reward after getting to your “Goal Weight” is you now get to come for free….how exciting free worship weekly..and if you don’t continue, because they have not addressed the real reason why you are overeating to begin with, you will gain weight.. So with if you don’t continue to show up to have someone micro manage your emotions,  you go back to your old ways…So you are now a life long member…..Yeah how much fun is that..

Lets start with Weight Watchers: The Weight Watchers instructor’s were once in the chairs I sat in…,I am sure they receive some sort instruction on how to deliver the “Way of the Program”, after all they are all set up the same, the only difference is the personalities of the leader…does the program work? Yes as long as you follow it…can you cheat, of course you can cheat at anything, but don’t expect the same results as if you followed the program point for point…they have good results on many people, but for people like me, with a rebel who runs the show most of the time, it just doesn’t work…they don’t help address any specific issues someone may have…group meetings always end up being the same, there is always a group of people who have aligned themselves together, always sit in the same place each time, the same one raises there hands to answer the questions, I have purposely gotten to the meeting early and then sat in there area just to mess with them…then the drama for the ones who didn’t loose enough at the big  weigh in….or the ones who lost a lot and are jumping up and down as if they won the lottery…yes, yes, I know don’t rain on their parade…but really….it was obvious that this program was not going to work for me.I just wish I had all the money I have given them over the years…it was really demoralizing having to weigh in each week and feel like a failure…when your an emotional eater to begin with and you walk in the door knowing you didn’t follow the program and are hoping for a little magic at the scale…well its enough to make you leave there and drive to Starbucks for a venti-coffee and yummy breads to sooth your rebel….after all her feelings are the most important thing…

I am still using their scale, measuring spoons and just recently threw out a packet of noodles I bought a couple years ago…I can say I have purged myself of all their “Program Literature”…never to cross there path again….no hard feelings but  thanks for trying!!

2 thoughts on “WW….The oranization of weight loss…

  1. I have never tried Weight Watchers and I don’t think I would. Not all programs work for everyone.

    My trick has been to keep busy doing other stuff, so I do not think about eating. Work out 3-4 times a week. Walk instead of taking the car. Go hiking. Eat smaller meals. Cheat day on Friday or Saturday.

    Don’t starve yourself and don’t be hard on yourself. It’s a work in progress.

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    • that’s the crazy thing I am never hungry I love to eat never had to be hungry to eat….and yes it is a work in progress…I am splurging a little on vacation….back to my 1500 calorie limit…if I don’t keep track I would just keep eating…LOL its like this…Hello my name is Kathy and I am a food-a-holic….

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