Yo Yo

I will start to put in no specific order all the different ways I have tried or wasted time to loose weight or stay thin….

Lets start with being born in 1957 and growing up through the 60’s, through the beatnik era, the flower child era, the beginning of the hippies, flower children, drugs….this was a very interesting time to be young…seeing things from  child’s view… two older sisters obsessing over being thin, wearing the perfect tight Levi jean..not really understanding any of it…I can’t say I asked any questions or remembering asking…no one offered any advise or the whys or why not about life…I just learned as I went…either through my experience or my friends….don’t think ill of my parents, they were from a different era, only repeating raising us as they were raised, where children ask no questions, seen not heard. just don’t do it…clean your plate…there it is the first time I was given permission to willy-nilly!!  I could load up on all my favorite foods, potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese (home made) bread (home made), butter (sometimes home-made) and gravy and my favorite my mothers breakfast for dinner, it could be yummy milk toast with sugar and cinnamon or egg pancakes with thick syrup and butter…and always back then we had a yummy home made desert,,,cakes-fruit and ice cream, then there was always a snack in front of the t.v., whether it was popcorn or saltines with peanut butter and syrup or just another helping of desert….and hot chockolate and not the package kind, the home made kind, real cocoa and sugar…should I say more about not being taught the correct way to eat…that’s what the women knew back then…care for the house kids, cook and clean makes you a good wife…dinner on the table when the husband comes home…family dinners, family fun…those were great memories…I had a wonderful childhood, a very loving family and relatives..

next memories of overeating would be (lets make this easy we will start in January)  My birthday….we always got the cake we asked for mine was either angel food cake with icing or burnt sugar cake, my mother made the best, then there was Valentines day…need I say more about that holiday..then  Easter…forget the eggs…but the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies…always enough for everyone plus…then came the summer months, strawberry short cakes, unlimited watermelon and fruits, corn on the cob covered in butter,  bar-b-queues, potato or macaroni salad, chips, cold root beers and root beer floats…the summer was full of endless food…also the big Fourth of July. Halloween what a great holiday for a kid o out and fill a huge bag full of candy go home and lay it out on your bed and  we were allowed to keep our stash in our bedrooms…eat all night the first night…Thanksgiving…..eat till you thought you were going to burst…I love pumpkin pie with whip cream..my mother knew this and always let me have a piece hot out of the oven…Christmas, candy canes, pies, big dinners, holiday candy…what was not to love about Christmas then back to my birthday…don’t forget everyone else in the family had birthdays and all the relatives that lived close had to have cakes on their birthdays…endless eating out of control in my youth…

I was spoiled and my parents never made me as the baby eat anything I didn’t like…I didn’t even have to take a bite to see if I liked it…I was very lucky….I lived on scrambled eggs with a slab of butter on top, then put the eggs between toast slathered in butter…yummm…I was never a big meat eater but give me bread and butter,,,I would purr like a cat..

14 thoughts on “Yo Yo

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the follow. Glad we found each other! Check out Rawtill4 on Youtube. High carb low fat vegan. If you like to eat, you’ll love this lifestyle. And you can adapt it to however suits you. Don’t be afraid of carbs. We’re all in this together!! ❤


      • FOuind it an interesting concept….but my biggest problem I have is I don’t stop eating even if I am full…there is no stop/off button me….and to eat raw food until 4, that’s okay but to be given permission to heat cooked food after 4 is very dangerous for me as I am a night eater and have been trying to have my last morsel of food by 6pm….soooo hard for me as I am a night owl….any suggestions…???


      • Once you start eating fruit in abundance, and then cooked starches like rice, pasta or potatoes at night, your body begins to rediscover its’ natural rhythms and signals (hungry/satisfied). I believe eating processed, chemical-induced foods blind or mask our body’s ability to know what it wants and needs anymore. Because eating that stuff is like taking drugs! Trust me, the more you eat clean, you will be aMAZed at the changes in your brain and body that naturally follow~


      • I don’t eat any processed foods and haven’t in quite sometime…I try to eat food with 2 or less ingredients….I only eat brown rice and healthy grains…haven’t eaten white sugar for over a year….my problem is I don’t have to be hungry to eat…being a food-aholic is terrible…I love to eat…I enjoy eating…there is no “am I full” I am never hungry…LOL


      • Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from! Now ask yourself: what am I truly hungry for? The odds are, it isn’t to fill yourself with food until you’re uncomfortable! As Neil Anderson said in his book “Victory Over the Darkness”… ‘Eating disorders have little to do with food [and often times we are the] victim of negative thought patterns about [ourselves] that have been burned into [our] mind over time’

        Keep following me for more inspirational posts sista! “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2.

        You are strong. You are important. You are free from condemnation. “For as he thinks within himself, so he is” Prov. 23:7

        There is a way out of what you’re going through, I’m living proof! I’ll be praying for you!! ~*~


      • I drink a bottle of water before I eat to make sure I am not thirsty instead of hungry….I am rarely hungry…..thanks for all the encouragement…nice to know another sister has my back…lol

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  2. I am a yo-yo too. I remember first being told that I was putting on weight at age 10- ever since I have been on a journey of eating less and then eating more until in college, something snapped and it was a journey of just eating more and more and more. After my marriage, I reached the weight of 95 kgs for the first time in my life and was laughed at behind my back- I would not fit into bus seats with another person( two seater) or preferred to sit down rather than walk- then I decided to lose because at 34, my cholesterols were way too high and I had xanthelessma on my face- I came down to 68 kgs and maintained it for a while ( about 2 years), when work stress, started me on my journey of food dependence once more. Now I am touching at 88 kgs and think I am on the way to 95 again. Life is full of ups and downs- we need to decide to control it and especially the foods we eat, particularly sugar.
    I wish you the best on your journey.


      • I wish I was taught at a young age to worship my body..and how to eat…oh well, at 50 the light bulb finally went off….I really have to keep my trigger foods out of the house as I really have no control….kat

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      • Oh Kat, with kids in the house, who are constantly hungry, even if I don’t bring trigger foods, they are at the age at which they make things on their own and all of them are unhealthy- its bad for them too. It is stress that causes most of my desire to lose myself in food. Fool that I am !


      • Oh yes, the kids….I am past that stage in my life, I am the kid now, LOL I try not to stress and generally have a stress free life…however when my husband is not feeling well and crabby, and cranky it brings out the worry and stress in me…LOL he is old enough to deal with his COPD himself since he won’t take any advice from me…LOL so next time I will just walk away…not try to nurse maid him…I say that but I won’t…LOL plus my inner rebel is such a driving force in my mind….no one can tell me what to do, what to eat, where to go….I fall over myself most the time…I feel for you…I remember having the kids, foods from every shelf if the store….hang in there…your not a fool!!!!


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