It is so hard to believe that it is the end of September already. We had a very wet mabon day. Seemed perfect for the first day of fall. I have not seem any changing of color yet, but by the end of next month it should be starting. The monsoon just gave us one last storm. They even had a tornado in Wilcox, about 60 miles to the east on interstate 10. Thank goodness it didn’t kill anyone, just a lot of destruction. I must say that when they put out an alarm to stay in the middle of your home away fron windows and that hail will likely damage your car if left out, along with high winds, its a little intimidating. We had rain, lots of it, but no real wind at our house. I am so surprised at what a pack these monsoon cells that cross over us can carry. Thunder was deafening. The internet kept going out, so I gave up and turned out all the lights and enjoyed mother natures lightening show for a couple hours and went to bed. Not sure I like these powerful storm cells or not. I am thankful that we didn’t buy our house on the eastside at he bottom of the mountains. They always seem to get hit the hardest . Our hot weather is gone and we are in the mid 80’s and already dropped to the ‘s at night. Hope everyone else is enjoying the change of season.

Good news on the sinus front. Went to see a ENT doctor, no polyps, no tumors, ears are clear, but sinus are all swollen. I also have a deviated septum, like the rest of the millions of people. So he put me on Flonase and continue the allergy pill daily along with the antihistimane spray for weeks and I go back for another CT scan and hearing test. YAY I Feel way better knowing this. I am hoping that I can get my sinus happy again before going back, I do not want sinus surgery!!!

Heading to Californian on Saturday to spend the week with my kids. Can’t wait. Haven’t seen my daughter since last August. I really am in need of hugs from them both. Wish my husband was going with me, but he really doesn’t do well sitting around, and in someone else home. SO he and Chika will stay here and watch over the house. He will certainly be happier for it.

Nothing much else to say. Keep on smiling and enjoy fall.


Well another beautiful day in paradise

Weather has started to cool down some, monsoon season coming to an end in a couple weeks, we really didn’t have much of a season, rained very little. But winters coming, who knows, maybe we will get snow again. What succulents I have left from the summer months are breathing easier. All the plants my son brought me when he visited, are down to about half. Sum of my most favorite, hen and chicks, just kinda rot away in the heat. NO matter if you water, spritz or what. Its impossible to have them inside, we have so many gnats ! I am part of a succulent group her in Tucson and they have been posting succulents that seem to hold up to the heat. So I bought one of them and am going to give it a try. Otherwise back to the weather, its been only in the 90’s all week. So nice to be able to sit on the deck and feel a cool breeze in the morning. We were even able to get in the hot tub, we actually had to turn the heat up on it. YAY Pretty hard to get in a hot tub when the temperature outside is the same as the water.

Life is better, health wise. I haven’t had a vertigo spell in several days. I am really sure its all to do with my inner ear and allergies, I am going to see a ENT in a week, my CT scan came back with Chronic Sinusitis, how odd., LOL I have had bad sinuses for my entire life. I do believe that living in the dry desert isn’t for me. So I will get some advice on how to care for my sinuses in the desert and go from there. Peter and I laugh, we moved to the desert for his lung issues and he feels so much better and I am the one getting sick now. I told him must mean we need a shack by the sea so I have a respite to go to. LOL I have been reading up on desert allergies and Tucson has 4 allergy seasons. Summer, winter fall and spring!! LOL There is something blooming during each season. I can’t believe all the cactus and bushes that bloom in the middle of the summer heat.. So looks like I will be living on allergy pills and sinus rinses for awhile. So life gets complicated and then you fiqure it all out. LOL

I am on count down to head west to the cool weather and my kids. Notice I put the cool weather in front of seeing my kids. LOL Can’t wait to be in some foggy weather. I am thinking about driving home the coast route. Will take a couple extra days, but I really need to be on the ocean for awhile. I really miss it, and I can only hope its foggy the entire time. LOL

Weight is staying the same, still down 30#s from my first weight loss go around. I have been holding steady, I have bee watching my calorie intake and eating a much healthier but I have a feeling that when your fighting off an illness nothing works against weight loss more than that. Its not that I even want to eat when I can’t breath, its I am an emotional eater, so I don’t have to be hungry, I just have to want comfort.. I do make a lot of broth soups with veg and Chinese dumplings. SO that is my saving grace. I stay away from pastas and potatoes., my favorite comfort food. LOL

Well I am off to check the laundry and put the dirty dishes in the machine. Have a wonderful day and Welcome to September…

Welcome to Fall

I have been absent for over a month. Life got complicated. I had another really bad episode of vertigo again, went back to the doctor and he thinks its just related to allergies. The pressure in my head felt strange. Something I have never felt before, kind of scared me. SO I went back on an antibiotic and am taking an allergy pill everyday, 180mg of antihistamine daily to try to stay ahead of the allergies. Not sure what I am allergic to in this area, but it is reeking havoc on me!! My doctor thought maybe I might have a or many polyps in my sinus so I am have a CT scan on Monday. I am not a fan of spinning rooms. Feel way better now, but the room still spins every night when I lay down in bed. I spent most of the last 2-3 weeks doing nothing. Literally !! Otherwise life is good.

I have had everyone who lives on the east coast on my mind with the hurricane. My sister lives just north of Raleigh and the didn’t really see any significant wind or rainfall. I wish everyone well, and my heart goes out to the Bahama’s. Pretty sad.

I would like to say that the weather has cooled off some, but it hasn’t We did have a good monsoon last Sunday. The lightening was spectacular! It was right above out house, I sat with the drapes open and watched mother nature show her stuff till midnight. Rained like crazy for about 4 hours. But other than that its just hot, and sunny.

I am planning to visit my kids in California the first week of October. Looking forward to that. Be gone for a week. Looking forward to going back and seeing the ole stomping grounds. My daughter is taking a couple days off so that will be fun. My good friend from New York will also be visiting. So I get to see her too.

Not much else going on. Just enjoying life with my sweetheart.

Has it really been a month already!!

I am pretty sure that your all tired of my main line, “Where does time go” But really!!! Where does it go. It really seems like it was just the beginning of summer a week ago and here we are coming to the end already! Well can’t get here fast enough for me. I can’t complain about the heat, I do live in the effin Sonoran desert after all, LOL And it is sooooo much better than Yuma. We have the beautiful monsoon thunder heads every afternoon, whether they bring violent rain and wind or just float by making the air so heavy you can’t breath, its a nice change. At least its not just, heat, heat and more heat. LOL

Well since I have last been on here, we have gotten ridden of our pool. It was becoming evident that there really was no way, less building a house around it, to keep it clean and out of the suns view. Seems no matter how many times you cleaned it the next morning it was full of leaves, dead bugs and sand, let alone the doves pooping in as they all huddled around trying to get a drink. We ran the pump 2x a day for 2 hours at a time, it would look great, then after an hour it was already getting dirty. Then lets talk about how fast algae can grow in the hot sun, pretty quick in the desert. I hate chemicals, but I resorted to using them all, the previous owner just used chlorine to keep the water at ph balance, that works but to keep the algae at bay you have to use a different chemical, nothing to keep the carnages of dead bugs out besides vacuuming it daily. I feel I am getting started on a roll, so I will stop and say how nice it is not to have a pool!! I can go to the gym if I need to swim. It would of been great if we had a private building to house it. Now I know why you have pool boys! You ask how come we didn’t hire some one? Well in Tucson unless you have an inground pool no one will come help, talk or barely acknowledge you!! LOL Not part of high society I guess. LOL really it all boils down to $$ Not worth it for the companies to waste there time on above the ground pools. !! Greedy bastards. LOL

On to a new topic, I am sitting here waiting for a lady come to do a home check from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue. We are thinking about getting another BC so Chika can have some companionship. She really needs a friend to play with. So fingers crossed that all goes well. I also put in to volunteer for the organization and do home checks for them as well. Something to do. We shall see. Update, the visit went great and she gave us some idea on how to help Chika become more confident when meeting new people. So that was great. We passed with flying colors. So now we wait for the next call from the lady who sets you up with a dog.

Hope everyone was able to see the beautiful full black moon the other night. It was sure bright here. Even got in some dancing under the light.

Life is good. allergies under control, thank heavens. Hubby is doing well, been busy in the morning laying bricks where the pool was, LOL its about 20 done a day, pretty warm out there, and the air is heavy. But like he says its coming along.

So I will try to be back before a month passes. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the summer. School actually started here already.

Happy Fourth of July

Well its the middle of summer, hot, monsoon clouds every afternoon, but no rain. Up early to get chores done and then hide out in the house all day, and then as soon as the sun drops in the sky I am in the pool. Since its our first summer here we are not sure what to expect. Hot yes, beautiful sunsets, almost every night, and the beautiful clouds that come in to tease us with the thought of a cloud burst. LOL Its hot here, but I believe its not as hot as Yuma was. We have had 110 one or 2 days but mostly under that. I have been out to town in it and it is not bad. Leave the windows cracked a little and park close and in what little shade you can find if your lucky. So far its been great. Hope your enjoying your summer wherever you call home.

Made it to the doctor, I am on antibiotics and a wonderful new antihistamine nasal spray. Feeling way better and can breath. No more dizzy spells and can laydown to sleep. LOL He did make me promise not to wait so long before I came in to see him.

Well I am back on WW and tracking. I have started doing yoga, its a lady who has modified it for arthritis clients. Going okay so far. Swimming every night. As soon as my head clears up I will start doing more bending exercises, right now my head doesn’t like to be pointed at the earth. LOL I have kept the 30#’s off that I lost a few months ago so it really is time to get on with it. I am not getting any younger nor healthier sitting around wishing I was thinner and in great health. LOL so a swift kick in the arse and off I go.

Been tiling a bit more. I put a border on the back of my counter. and I am doing tiling above the doors on the deck. I bought a tiling board to use so we can take them down if we need to do something with the house. Plus I didn’t want to just tile onto the house boards. Pictures after they are done. Its a process for sue.

Have a great Monday and a safe 4th of July.


Welcome to summer—-

It has been beautiful here so far. Our first real summer in Tucson. Sure its hot during the day, but the late evenings and early mornings have a coolness to them that Yuma never did. Infact if your swimming in the late afternoon and the breeze hits you, your down right cold. Ahhh how refreshing!!

We have finished out fence, gates are up. We went out looking for something to put on the gates and came home with big metal stars and a coyote for the side gates. Someone will be here later this upcoming week to weld them on.

So we are on to the next project, well projects if I must be honest. I have got to finish the tile project so I can get the dining room table put back together. and I really need to finish painting the upper kitchen walls. I am going to tile above all the windows on the deck, but I am doing it on hardie tile board so we can remove them if we need to. Its a process for sure and I am just getting them cut and painted the wall color so it will all blend. I am also doing something else in the kitchen, but that’s still in the planning stage. LOL I sit down and every time I look at what I think is the end product, I start to change around again. lol

I have been dealing with my sinus for over a month now! I have made a doctor appointment to see if I can get some antibiotics that will help me get rid of this. I started getting vertigo really bad in the night and morning. I have been living on allergy pills for over a month and it was just getting worse. I am finally taking musinex to dry me up. At least I didn’t wake up with the room spinning this morning. YAY that can be a little scary for sure.

I am expecting my girlfriend from Yuma either Monday or the next week. That will be fun. I have a couple places I want to go check out and shes always on board for that.

Jenny’s doing really well at her new home. She is getting spoiled by everyone and is running the house. LOL

Life is good. Happy summer is here, hope everyone had a little twirl under the full moon last week, sure was a bright one. Next one is on the 16th of July. Hope everyone is getting whatever you wanted to get done this summer and having a wonderful time doing it.

I leave you with one of my favorite murials they are working on in the city.

Well I will always wonder where time has gone. Its already the 13th of June! WoW

I will start by saying that I must of lost my mind when I brought home a puppy! LOL But no seriously, lost my mind. She was fun to have, well lets be more clear, there’s nothing like puppy antics to keep you laughing. She was a clown for sure. However, there was quite a bit of Tasmanian-devil in her too. The more comfortable she got, the more in control she became with Chika. No one could love Chika without her trying to attack Chika in the face and growling at us for scolding her. Chika was not allowed to ever walk to the door, it was all a control issue over us and Chika. The more I tried to retrain her little, wild mind, the more set in she got. I just wasn’t up for a battle with a 4 month old puppy. So, I started having thoughts of where I could go to see if anyone was looking for a really, smart heeler. I would never just give her to anyone and the pound was out!! Even though she was a heeler/border mix, I am afraid the dominant heeler gene out numbered the docile border gene. But she got the smarts of both!! My husband was helping, she seemed to take better direction from him, perhaps the male part of it helped. But he was really exhausted from dealing with her. We had a fence contractor come out to the house to give us a bid on finishing the fence, (that’s another long story, it includes a big headache! LOL) he saw Chika on the deck and commented on how beautiful she was. Then he said I am looking for a heeler, we lost our last one to old age. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I said I have a 4 month old heeler in the house taking a nap. Last of the story is a short one, we delivered her to him a couple days later. Update. she couldn’t be happier being the single dog t that families house. He has horses in Bisbee, about 45 minutes east and can’t wait till she is old enough to ride along with them. He can’t believe how smart she is, he has always had heelers but he claims she the smartest, might be the border mix coming out there. She can jump up on the patio table and howls to be let in when shes done outside. LOL I am so happy Jenny found a loving home, not that we weren’t loving, we were just also exhausted and extremely confused to why we ever thought a puppy would be a good idea. LOL so it all ends well. And our fence will be done tomorrow. Yeah!!!

So that took up some of the time, the rest has been watering, swimming, enjoying the nice hot weather. We also had our 10th anniversary thrown in there. Been a busy 10 days.

I have been stock piling talavera tiles for another project, but after speaking with the tile guys I am not going to tile the step backs. Way to much work to possible loose it all to the weather. So I keep looking around my kitchen wondering what would like to be tiled. LOL

My husband has been up early so he can finish his last brick project until the weather cools down, we now have a wonderful walk way all the way out to the gazebos sidewalk and from the front gate to the deck. Sure beats walking in the rocks and twisting your joints. Our knees couldn’t be happier.

I have managed to keep the 30ish pounds I lost off. I am thinking its time to get back on that wagon and loose another 30#’s. Wrapping my head around it and off I go.

Not much else to talk about, I have the itch to go for a road trip, will probably head to Santa Rosa in August, Maybe I will go to Raleigh and see my sister. My husband has no desire to travel anymore so, I am pretty sure it will be a solo trip. Okay by me. LOL

hope everyone is having a great summer!