I don’t know who wrote this,
but ❤️ It’s probably the most powerful words the world could ever hear!

We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,
Paris is no longer romantic,
New York doesn’t stand up anymore,
the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress, and Mecca is empty.

Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can’t get you the oxygen you’re fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. I think it’s sending us a message:

“You are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests. Not my masters.”


Here is a picture of my beauty blooming, I bought here from a man who sells cactus on the edge of the road on weekends for 5$, she sure adds color to our deck. Next picture was from this last winter, I was sitting at a light and this was out my window. Next picture is of our deck. I am getting it ready for summer . I have transplanted a few cactus into bigger pots this year, looking forward to watching them grow. Next was taken a few weeks ago, before the pandemic, this is the road we drive out every time we leave, we are so lucky to get to drive through Saguaro National Park every time we leave and come home, its really come to life with color. And last but not least, my beauty has blessed me with 2 buds opening at once. They only last a couple days but I sure enjoy them when I have them.

Not a lot going on in our neck of the world. Just staying home enjoying life. We have the hot tub and desert to enjoy while we wait out this virus. I only shop once a month, last time I was in the store it seemed to have a couple more items than before. But the shelves are still bare on several isles. Only handing out a 4 pack of TP per person and other items are only 2 per person. Can’t wait for normal, if that ever happens again, to come back. Its hard to imagine all the people who have lost there jobs, business and homes due to this virus. My heart aches for them. Keep smiling, no hugging, but we can all share a smile and kind words. Enjoy the pictures..

Greetings from Tucson. Sun is out, cactus are blooming and we are enjoying the peace and quiet of our back yard. We have hunkered down and are keeping our buts at home. With Peter have a couple major issues with his lungs we are avoiding everyone. I did go out to the store this morning, but I was there at 6a for the senior hour to shop. It was so much better than fighting the crazy crowds, they had a man at the door standing by a huge tower of toilet paper boxes, limiting everyone to just one. Either a 4 pack or 24 pack, the shelves were still empty of soup, bread ( they were putting some up when I arrived on that isle, but slim pickings) no rice or dry beans to be seen. There were 4 bottles of oil on the shelf and all the olive oil you could want. LOL crazy what is left. NO creamer for my coffee but I still have a couple in the fridge, I will call the little store near us and find out when they when they get there delivery. I hope everyone out there and there families are safe and doing okay. My daughter visited right as the crazyiness was setting in, She stayed a couple days and when they started talking about shutting airlines down, she high tailed it home. Still nice to see her, we did a lot of driving around and looking at places that were closed that we will visit the next time she is here.

2020 had started off with a pandemic, and it has brought many together and certainly has shown what an asshat we have for a president. I am afraid it is going to get way worse in the US before it gets better. I just read he is thinking about opening everything back up since the stock market keeps taking a dive. Economy over the safety and lives of the his citizens. I feel myself getting on a roll so I better stop before I put my foot in my mouth!!

Be safe, be kind and we will all get through this one way or another.

I went to the store to get a few item, non of which were TP or hand soap, always have that stocked at home. The feeling in the store was of mass hysteria, not only was the TP isle bare, but not one dry package of noodles, ramen or anything else resembling, the rice was down to a couple packages and not a dry bean in site. The bread isle was just as bad. I have never been around such panic before. IS it all from the fear or running low on the normal items you should keep stocked in your homes, like soap, TP, dry pantry products ?!? Crazy frenzy. There was one man standing in the self check out with a bottle, big bottle of whisky, bag of chips and something else, he said real loud he wasn’t worried about stalking up, and someone else yelled back, but the whiskey will certainly kill the virus, at least the entire end of the store was laughing about that. I had been seeing it all one Facebook and Instagram, the stores with empty shelves and peoples baskets filled to the top with TP and water, but i was skeptical. Guess I shouldn’t have been. Kinda scary!

Well back to normal life. I hope everyone out there are taking the normal precautions to stay healthy,. Were good here in the desert southwest. we will continue to wash our hands, and use TP as normal, may not get to make a pot of beans anytime soon.

My daughter arrived yesterday, first visit to Tucson. We are going to go our and see the town this weekend and show her all the beauty that Tucson has to offer.

Stay healthy, safe and virus free my blog friends. xx

Super Moon tonight

There will be dancing and I a guessing some will be howling at the super moon aka worm moon, tonight. We have clouds here so I am hoping that I will get to see it at some point. Rain predicted all week off and on. Spring is in the air.

The desert floor is covered in green grass, rabbits everywhere getting there fill. The yellow brittle bush has started to bloom along the road with the little purple flowers, some soft pink and white ones too! The Mexican poppies are dotting the landscape. Sure makes a pretty drive to town and back. It will just keep getting more colorful for the next month or so. However the blooms bring pollen and I am all loaded up with allergy pills and staying out of the wind. So far so good. Fingers crossed.

We are expecting company this month and next. My daughter will be here Friday for a few days, then we have a nephew and his kids flying over from Germany. We are holding on to hope that everyone stays healthy and can come. Sure a nasty little virus that is attacking the world. Hope you are all safe and well.

Not much else for news, I have yet to get out of my pajamas for the last 2 days. LOL Feels good to just hide away and stay home.

I will give the universe a nod while I dance in the moon rays. Thinking good thoughts for all.


Well on January 11th, I noticed I said, I will see you all tomorrow. I am most of gotten lost! LOL seems like life is just passing us by one day at a time, some faster than others, some blurred and for sure some unnoticed!

I did make a short trip to California to see my kids. It was a great week, well for me at least, my son in law was caught up in a crisis with the county, creating a small village, to move the 260 homeless camped out on a walking trail. It was no small feat, and between trying to fight off the scared neighbors that made it known they were very unhappy, getting everything all put together and the weather, It was freezing cold!! He did it. But he worked literally 16 hour days and stressed at night, poor guy! On top of it all it was his birthday weekend. Not a lot of fun for him!!! But I made the best of the week, I stay at my daughters and son in laws house, they have a nice spare room with a bathroom attached so I have my own space to call home. We call it the air BNB LOL It was a great trip over and back, I ended up with a chest cold before I got home. But no worse for the wear. I really wish that all my favorite restaurants were here in Tucson. I miss them all. I have a favorite Chinese/Thai restaurant there, Goji’s, its so good, all fresh, no microwave! My other is Indian food, there are 2 in Sebastopol that I can’t get enough of, a Himalayan rest. and one called Namaste, both equal flavors and goodness, but Namaste has a better offer of samosas, my favorite, LOL but the other has a pumpkin curry that will call your name in the night. LOL and lets not get started on Mexican food. There are 2 of those in town that I have to hit while I am there. LOL As you can see its mostly an eating vacation. LOL my daughter said next time we have to eat at home a little more, she was having trouble buttoning up her tight pants. LOL

We are expecting some company in the upcoming months! My best friend from New York is arriving on Tuesday to meet up with all the woman in her family for a fun week in Tucson. She is coming a couple days early to see us. Can’t wait to see here next Tuesday. My daughter is coming for a long weekend next month, that will be fun, we have a taco hunting afternoon planned already, lol and she loves to see the old churches and areas, so that will be fun. Then the following week my husbands nephew and his 2 grown kids are flying into California and will be driving over via Las Vegas to see us and back through LA, they are here for, I think 2 or 3 weeks. I think my son will join them on there road trip so that will be fun. So we have a full plate for the upcoming months. Fun, I love it when were busy!

I hope everyone was out dancing in the full moon last night. It was so bright, big and beautiful. The snow moon, or as I like to refer to it as the spiritual moon. It brought new meaning to dancing in the moon light.

Well I will try not to get lost again. till then

2020 The New Year

Seems like just yesterday I was on here, where does time go!! WordPress sent me a reminder that I am starting my 5th year with them. Really where does time go.

I am no closer to my weight loss goal now as I was when I started in 2015.

It has left me to really think about what I am doing, and why its not working. I can pretty much answer that right now. Because I haven’t really tried. I did loos 70 pounds, but have gained back 50!!

I am going to spend some time in my head these next few weeks trying to make a decision that I can stick to. I have started weight watchers again, !! and will continue with that. I am down 4 pounds so that is something. I have to quit self sabotaging and figure it out. I am 63, overweight by at least 100 pound and I really am on my last journey in this life. I am not looking for sympathy, pity or any other kind of help. I am just being honest here. That’s why I started this blog, if not only to myself, but however I have meet a lot of wonderful people on here and thank you all for being my blog friend. I am not sure what I am going to do next.

I am thinking that I will post on my site everyday to help me remain focused going ahead.

I never believed I would be 63 years old or see 2020 roll around, but yet here I am. SO I really want to make the best of it. I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year and are starting the year off on a positive note.

I am heading back to California next week to spend a long weekend with my kids and see the new Starwars movie. My son and I have seen them all together as they came out. So we can’t muck up that tradition.

I will be back tomorrow.