Happy Easter to All

Hope everyone got out and did a little jig under the big beautiful pink full moon.. sure was pretty. I certainly took full advantage of the night. LOL I also have a perfect viewing from one of my bedroom windows, nice to sleep in the moon light.

We woke up to a beautiful morning to hunt for eggs. LOL I didn’t even boil any to color. We are going to lay low at home today and just enjoy ourselves and go out tomorrow for a day away from the house.

Life is as good as it can get with what we have to enjoy it with. We are upright and walking, talking and breathing. LOL Enjoy the upcoming week, keep smiling!


Poof I am back and it has only been a couple days. LOL Just wanted to remind everyone to get out and spready good thoughts during Fridays full moon. Never hurts to do a twirl and send good thoughts out.

Deck is done, roof is done and the fence should be complete tomorrow. NO more contractors for a while. YAY were ready for a little slow and steady in our lives. I have been working on the gazebo area, painting it and cleaning the stools and repainting them. Will go look for a little table so we can sit and have dinner out there. Fun!!

Well I am off to make an early breakfast for dinner situation tonight.


Greetings, I bet you all thought I had packed it up! Nope, just really busy, new roof, working on the deck, we have revamped it and painting the entire deck over. On top of all that, we now have 3 pallets of bricks in the driveway, lol it seems like there is a never ending list of “to do’s”. We are having fun, well most of the time, LOL

Weather is beautiful, sunny, but now that we are painting the deck they are calling for rain, of course. Hopefully we will get it all done early in the morning tomorrow. I have been painting the ole brown kitchen a bright white. Sure brighter. I have been doing it in sections so its not all torn up at once. Makes it easier to use the kitchen at the same time. LOL I am pretty sure that my husband thinks I am nuts, but I am getting it done.

Still working on my weight loss, Seems good one week then the next week is all about eating!! But I am still at it, pretty sure I will be till the day I leave this earth!

Hope everyone is getting to enjoy spring, summer will be here in a blink of an eye.

Later gaters!!

Been a busy month, seems just yesterday March 1st had arrived and here it is already the 22nd!! Well lets see, our son and his girlfriend came for 3 days. They had never been here yet and were quite surprised at how beautiful it was. We drove to the top of Mt. Lemon and spent several hours at the desert museum in Saguaro National Park, laughed a lot and just had fun! They were on there way to Utah to see all the beauty it has to offer too!

Here are some pictures from the desert museum

The last picture above was taken on top of Mt. Lemon, it was a beautiful day, cool up there but gorgeous.

We have also hired someone to come put up a perimeter fence for us. We are only doing the back half of the property. The front is all cactus, sharp and pokey, I would never let the dog out there. They should be here on Monday, fingers crossed, to start the job. Also finally found a roofing company that is going to do our roof and the part on the deck that is covered. They will tear it out and put it up correctly so it won’t leak anymore, Yay !! That should start in a bout 3 weeks. We have been busy!

In the meantime my sweetheart tripped and twisted his ankle really bad, along with a bruised hip and knee. So we ended up at a foot MD and he gave him an injection of steroids and he is well on the mend. YAY Nothing like trying to keep not only a stubborn ole man down, but add his German stubbornness on top of that, well lets just say it was like talking to a donkey!! Can’t say I would be much better. LOL

We took a drive to Nogales today to check out the border town. Lets say it was your typical border town, we used to go to San Luis in Yuma, it was only 22 miles from the house and they had great grocery stores. I couldn’t even find a grocery story in Nogales. It was so spread out. We had lunch and watched the police stop people right and left. They were busy that was for sure. We drove down a road by the wall to check out all the razor wire that was added to the wall, there was no one on either side of the wall, it was extremely quiet. heres a couple pictures we took.

felt like a waste of time and energy to put up all that wire and for what?? Lets just say we disagree with the reasoning behind it and leave it at that. What I didn’t get in the picture was I was parked in someone’s driveway, all those cars in the picture are in front of there homes. Sure wouldn’t like that in my front yard.

I went had all my lab work done, most of my blood work came back great. I asked him to check on the inflammation marker in my body and it came back showing high levels of inflammation, and showed rheumatoid arthritis. So he is referring me to a specialist, maybe I can get better direction on what to do. So that has made me happy. I have been to several MD’s and he was the first to agree with me about doing some special labs to check on my inflammation levels. YAY I really like my new MD, well he is actually a NP, the MD I had picked out is still out with back surgery and may never return, so I think I will keep him as my new NP.

Life is good, weather is getting warmer and all the ducks are getting in a row!! Enjoy spring !

Hope you all had a chance to do a little twirl under the full moon the other night. I certainly did.


I am sitting here thinking about life. Its been very good to me. And we (husband and myself) are finding ourselves smiling more and just enjoying being here. We are so happy we moved to Tucson. Not only for the beauty of the town, but to see the clouds, big, white fluffy clouds blow slowly over. Almost in any direction we look there are huge rock formations and giant mountains, some still with snow on the peaks, something we didn’t even have in California, we had large hills, Sonoma mountains (2500′ feet high) but no mountains!! Over 9000′ tall. We have more than a few of them around us. Absolutely beautiful.

So just wanted to share that life is good! Getting a fence put up around the back perimeter of the property and a new roof and deck roof replaced in the near future. We are finally feeling like the house is becoming what we want and that it will should stand up for a few years without issue. Makes life better knowing all the little things are taken care of, probably need a new fridge and hot water heater in the next few years but that’s all doable.

Have a great weekend….

March already

Can’t believe that the first week of March has just slipped by!! Really does time speed up the older you get? Or is it because I can’t keep track of the days, Tuesdays are Saturdays and Thursdays are Mondays. WTF!!! I have even been moved to having a calendar by my computer with what is happening on the following day so I can review it before I go to bed to help me remember what the hell I am doing the next day, LOL it really is funny how the mind just loosens up as we age. Is doesn’t help that I have developed a full on “I don’t give a crap” attitude. I used to have to keep that in check when I was working, but now, really who cares. LOL I also keep a spiral note pad by my chair with whats expected of us for the month, birthdays, all that kind of stuff and then of course I keep a list of my Amazon orders, so I can check them off as they come in. And any other happenings going on. I have done this for years. I keep the notebooks, date the fronts from when I started to when I ended it and throw it in a box. It really has been life saving for me as I put everything down on the page that’s important at the moment.

Since I have been on here I have had a friend come visit from Yuma, we went out in search of the best thrift stores and bargain shops. Found several that were fun, including a huge antique store. I couldn’t believe how big it was and how much of there inventory I have scene or owned in my life time. Aged me for sure!! I walked out with a nice Italian leather hand bag for a great price. It was fun to have someone to go run around with, she stayed 3 nights and her brother lives about 10 miles away so he came over and we had a nice, easy dinner and played some cards. Fun had by all!!

Well we had the steps redone on the deck, I didn’t realize that they were taller than the ones that were removed and I biffed it the first time I went up them. I didn’t get hurt but it was certainly eye opening!! So my sweetheart went out and added a last step of brick pavers, 12X12, Well my honey has a way of shuffling about, and he biffed it big time, he is still recuperating from a sprained ankle ! He fixed the bottom paver so they were all level and then told me about his swollen ankle!! Stubborn ! He also slid off the sidewalk out front when we were painting and went down. Needless to say, we have had a talk about falls and being a little more aware of where your stepping. Life would be really hard if a broken bone happened.

We also had great news about our taxes. We hired a CPA to help us muddle through the sale of 2 homes in 2 different states and she finished them and were are actually getting a small, under 100$ back from the state of Arizona. I told Peter it was there way of thanking us for moving here!! LOL We were not sure what was going to happen with the IRS, but it all turned out for the best. YAY So we are moving forward to getting a fence put in the back half of the property. Not only will I feel more secure from mean dogs roaming around, our little border will be able to have free run of the back area. So this week is all about meeting 3 different outfits and getting some quotes. We are also looking at having the roof and deck area replaced and be done with the house needs for awhile. So dealing with contractors and a stubborn husband. LOL

Last but not least, I weighed in on Saturday and was down 1#, I will take it.

Hope there is signs of spring in your life. I have seen them here, but waiting for rain on Friday.

Well as I sit here listening to the wind and rain outside, I know that we need it, but I really miss the warmth of the sun. Been cool in the desert, way below normal temperatures. I am glad that its only rain and not snow piling up all around. I am not sure I could live in such coldness. Its sure pretty to look at but that’s about it. I am not a skier, or snowboarder, never have been, I was always the one that saved the table at the lodge by the fireplace while reading a book or people watching. Anyways, our big storm had finally arrived and its sounds ominous from in here. I did go out and pick up some of the furniture it blew over on the deck and tied some things down. Just have to wait till day light to see all the damage.

I can’t believe that February is almost over. Seems like we just finished Christmas and New Years and here we are already at the end of Feb! My husband meet his new MD, what a nice man. It was like being with his old MD from California. Very nice, suggested a few things, happy with all his labs and medications he’s on. So He is all set up. My appointment got rescheduled with my new MD, apparently she had back surgery and is still recuperating. So I will see her in the beginning of March. I am still and will always be working on weight loss. I am finally back down to where I was when I went off the rails!! SO feeling good about that. One day at a time.

My friend Kat is coming next week to stay for a few nights, that will be fun. I want to go and look for some good second hand stores, different than the Goodwill or Salvation Army places. So I will make a list for us to go check out. My son and his girlfriend will be here in the last part of March. Can’t wait to see them.

Not a lot going on here. We are at the good graces of the weather to finish painting the front of this house, LOL we had one good day and it seems like its either rained or to cold to paint since. We got the wood to repair the steps to the deck and that needs to be primed and painted by Monday. Its all laid out in the garage, LOL

Hope this finds everyone keeping warm and safe in all the crazy weather across the world.