I give up on the day…LOL

Sooooo…..we have been to San Diego, I needed an ocean fix….what a beautiful place….however the 1.3+ million people who live there were a little overwhelming….last time I was in San Diego was years ago…I was expecting  a quaint little city….my head was in the past for sure…however, it is a beautiful city…clean, what plants and trees they have and then lest talk about the ocean….blue, white waves, flat as a pancake…smell of the sea….ahhhhhh   I was in my zen place…LOL  we took the RV and stayed at the Del Mar fairgrounds….it was only 1/2 mile from the beach, plus it was quiet and off the beaten path…yay…..we had lunch at an old Italian restaurant in Little Italy, in old town, down town the city….we were lucky to find a place to park…sooooo many cars, and people…it was a little  claustrophobic for my husband..but he was a good sport…. we were going to stay for a few days, but we woke up this morning to heavy fog and change of rain…we all know how the damp weather affects the lungs…so we hightailed it back to the sun….only to find a wind storm and some rain…LOL  but much warmer weather…. I am happy to know that the ocean is just 3 hours away…I may have to go alone…LOL  but its close…I have been working at keeping my calories at 1500 to 2000…..life is good in Paradise…were starting to plan our summer trips, getting excited about visiting some of our favorite spots….finger crossed there are no fires this summer….

I leave you with some photos…love these rocks on the beginning of the pass going West…


This is the ocean we were near….


we visited Cabrillo Monument – National Park….beauty and sadness all in a very small patch of land on the ocean….

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was an explorer and conquistador; first explorer from Europe to set foot on the West Coast of America


Loma Lighthouse on Point Loma, built in 1855 right after  admitting California to the Union…it is #355 of the all the lighthouses built in the USA. what a view from here….(this picture if from the internet, mine didn’t turn out)  and here’s a view of San Diego from there, sorry about the picture, cell camera…and some of the other side of the island…



And of Course….our fallen soldiers….this is just a small amount of sites at Fort Rosecran National Cemetery,  ( http://www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/ftrosecrans.asp)   this is on the way to Point Loma lighthouse and Cabrillo Monument, a very sobering drive, I added the website if your interested to read about who lies here…..there are over 5000 crosses and they are still accepting request…it took my breath away…..


And then there was Little Italy…I felt I was in Little Italy in San Francisco’s North Beach…


Glad to be home……


Drove to San Luis on the border of Mexico today, the Rabbit Bush brightens up the side of the road…we have a favorite Mexican grocery store there we like to shop at once a month or so….nice drive, its only about 20 miles from our house….


Seems like a picked up a virus…just feel off…so heading to bed…..happy Sunday night…

Day Three….

Oh my….yesterday simple was spent reading a book I couldn’t put down….just a simple love story but it was so good, I read most of the day….out for a St. Patrick’s Day lunch and we had game night with my brother and another couple…played a new game to us, Hand & Foot…it was fun…but really all I cold think about was getting home to finish my book…LOL  simple things for simple minds……calories were at 1500 yesterday….today I am ending the day at 950 cal and I even got all my water in today…

Weather has been warm, near 100′ today and its early in the season…..be back down in the 80’s by Tuesday…so that will be a nice welcome….my flowers are having hear stroke…LOL

My friend Tia, over at  https://fithotbod.wordpress.com/  has suggested in her blog to use an app My Fitness Pal, I have been using Fat Secret and its working well….but MFP has more to it, so I am using both until I decide which one…so changing up  my routine, can’t hurt….I won’t pay for the premium on MFP, but I like the format of the basic just fine….call me frugal, but 10$  a month can be used elsewhere…got a good work out in this morning, 40 minutes of full out sweating….felt great…I did it at home…life is good in Paradise….fighting knee pain, but the weather is changing and I really need to get some weight off….so for now chemical pain relief is where I am at…feels better since I worked out and then I went for a good walk around Walmart for over an hour this afternoon….the pocket book is missing a few bucks but the fridge is full again…LOL and I got a couple pars of work out paints…so all’ good….

Sunday is quickly approaching…..happy weekend to all……

Day one all over again…LOL

Since I am not good at blogging every day, lets see if I can get this right this time…..been a good day after a long night…up every 2 hours, why I am not sure…I think I went to bed to early….so not doing that again… calories a little high today…1800, need to get it back down…my battery is out on my scale so I did not weigh in this week…need to get back to the gym…so my mantra is   ‘get up and go” hopefully better sleep tonight and up and out the door to the gym first thing in morning….

Not much else happening here….until tomorrow

Can’t remember which day I’m on…LOL

So I will start over again tomorrow morning with day one again…doing well…eating 1500 to 1700 calories a day while my cousin was here….no binging, no cinnamon rolls even though they were mentioned that I hadn’t made a pan for her…but I passed on that…no special restaurants, just a lot of salads and a dinner out at Mexican place, last time to that one, it wasn’t very good, we did go to the local breakfast place to start the day…but just my usual, cheese omelet and on Sunday we had a great BBQ, we baked a pork roast and BBQ’d  fresh vegies in lemon oil and lemon zest  yummm  I just finished a big bowl of vegies with some coleslaw on top…one of my favorite standbys……..we just had a lot of fun…played cards and laughed a lot….took her to see the Mexican wall and search out garden pots for all her new cactus from my brothers and my yard…LOL she took off on Monday morning and is in Florence having a fun time with some friends, she went out 3 wheeling in the desert today….it was over 90′ hope she put on sun screen…

We left early this morning before the sun came up for Anza Borrego State Park in Borrego Springs Calif….its only 94 miles away…a little resort town tucked in at the base of the mountains with beautiful cactus and flowers, they are having a giant blooming season due to all the rain so we and the other hundreds of fools are all heading there….they have 3 gold course resorts full to the gill, several RV parks including the state RV campground full for the entire month of March….plus all the people who live and work there…we arrived at 8a…as we drove into town there was a train of cars on a driving tour heading out with a leader in front…I read about them on the interent….but we beat the big crowd by about an hour….we were able to drive around and found parking easily that early but as we were driving out of the campground area there was a line of traffic  (100+ cars) trying to get into the visiting center to park and walk the pathways we had just been on….silly people, we waited patiently till there was a wide place in the road and flipped a U-turn and bye bye we were gone…LOL  heres a few pictures


Day 11

Well skipping a few days I see….just been busy livin life..LOL

So I will start by saying I have lost 13#’s….feeling better…I can actually feel the weight loss this time…when I first started this journey I didn’t notice the weight loss for several weeks….I was pretty heavy..but now, I am noticing the difference….not sure why it always has to show up in the breast area…LOL  guess that’s where the water lays….LOL,  with the 13# weight loss that brings me back to a total of 40# all together from my highest weight…so I am happy with my progress….I have been eating between 1500 and 2000 calories and I am know getting that down to 1200 to 1500 this week…not feeling so deprived, not that I am hungry…just the rebel in me feeling like I should be able to eat whatever I want no matter…LOL  getting that bitch wrangled back in has been difficult…LOL

The pool still evades me, but the weather is starting to warm up so I am thinking I might give it a try this weekend…suppose to be in the 90’s….been to Planet Fitness a couple times so that is working out and I am glad to be back there with the familiar machines..

untitled  I keep hearing this voice in my head….we are getting excited to go see the desert blooming…we are heading over to Anza Borrego State Park next week….first our cousin will be here tomorrow….so looking forward a fun weekend with her….hope life’s treatin all of you well….xxx

Day 7

Good calorie day….ended at 1200cal….tomorrow is weigh day, not feeling any weigh lost but we will go with what the scale says….did a lot of walking today….my knee is not real happy with me, but hey it was exercise…I will take it…..

Fun day…up early and out into the desert. a place called Crystal Hill…we had lots of fun…we went out to look for hag stones (stones with holes through them) found one, but many the had the starting of wholes,  maybe in a few thousand years and they will be ready….we collect some large stones for the yard, green, purples all different colors…we thought we were on land that you could collect a few rocks, apparently not, we were stopped but the fish and game guys and they made me throw all the rocks back…and took pictures of them, our license and license plates….he said he would not issue a ticket today (whew) as we thought it was BLM land and no doing anything wrong….apparently we were on US Fish and Wildlife area…Kofa….but we had fun and went on roads we had never traveled before…







These are similar to the rocks I was looking for….could resist the

little purple flower in the middle of the patch I was searching in…LOL


until tomorrow…..