Time does fly by…

Wow, I looked up and saw its been almost 10 days since I posted, been busy I must say.  We have had a rainstorm, more furniture delivered, hung more pictures and quilts, had a sick puppy….the list goes on and on…LOL  but its a good list.

The rainstorm was wonderful, it rained for about 12 hours straight, some flooding around the house, but not bad, Peter said now he knows where to did a trench for run off. It did flood around the surrounding areas and some roads were closed, but I am thinking that’s pretty normal when it rains that hard.  After all there are signs everywhere that say “Do not enter when flooded”.  Kinda gives you the hint it happens a lot.  The rain left the desert happy, everyone got a good washing and the bushes and cacti are all standing up straight full of energy. Sure pretty.  I took some pictures of the yard when I was out checking it out,  I did a walk about and counted 22 Saguaros on our property.  This is the front area of our home.   Its funny because we live out back on our deck and rarely walk around here.  But we do get to drive by it all every we leave.  I am pretty happy with my new yard and I didn’t have to do any of the work!!!  Win Win for me.

Here’s a picture of the drive home, we went out and looked around after the rain stopped, it was so beautiful.  This is about 4 miles from home in the Saguaro National Park. Part of our drive home from town.  I pinch myself every time I drive through this !


The house finally feels like ours and I am actually cooking in my kitchen.  We still have the feeling the vacation is coming to an end and we need to leave, but getting the curtains up and pictures on the walls has helped.  But every time we are in the pool, we both just start laughing and shaking our heads, still surreal when were swimming.  LOL MY husband is a true skinny dipper, who knew!!  I am a little more modest only because I have a feeling the neighbor has seen us, I mentioned to him, I bet you hear us in the pool every afternoon don’t you?  He got all red and just smiled.  So I am using a tube top to cover the top half, LOL  But life is good at the Meyer’s !!!

Chika had a virus of some sort, made for long nights taking her out every couple hours, I felt so bad for her.  I changed her diet and added organic pumpkin puree and she is on the mend, Had a good nights sleep last night, only up once.  I wish animals could verbalize there pain or discomfort better than showing me. Glad she’s better.

This was sunset last night from the deck.  The sun is going down earlier and earlier…but sure pretty.


So last Saturday I was going to my new WW meeting near our home, its 11 miles but the closest one on a Sat. morning.  Much to my big disappointment, all WW meetings were closed in the entire state due to a annual conference  in Phoenix!! I was already dreading the weigh in as it had been a hard week, not excuse, just the truth and I was sure I had put a couple #s back on.  SO when I returned home, I told my husband I am going to find a place on Sunday and go weigh in, I have to, I need to!!!  So I looked it up on the computer and aghhhhh the nearest was 17 miles across town at the store front for WW.  Much to my surprise my husband mentioned to me when I was pouting at my computer, get dressed and lets go and you can weigh in.  Boom I was up and dressed and ready to go face the scale!   I got there and of course there was a long line, so I patiently waiting, well it looked like I was patiently waiting, LOL  My turn, I get on the scale, get off, standing at the counter I glance over, and say how much damage is done, I could see a 6 where she had written down a #,  She said no damage, you lost 6 more pounds!!  Tears of joy and relief immediately were running down my cheeks.  I thought for sure I had gained 6#’s, whew!!!  That makes my total loss 26.8#s, I will take the ounces!!  What a surprise to me, I had been counting and journaling even though I was over some days, being honest and truthful with myself, after all I am the only one I have to lie to, and really how stupid is that!   So I must say the new free style plan works.  I am a believer.  I had happy tears in the car with my husband!!  So I feel I am on my way to getting back down, I have quit asking myself why, and am asking why not! I still have regret that I didn’t do this 10 years ago, but am learning to let that go!  I will never be able to understand the why’s and why not’s of who I am and why I always over ate, I am sure I understand it to a point, but then I am just to tired and old to want to dig up old buried feelings, so I am just letting them go, and living life for me in the here and now.  What happened to me over the years is melting away.  I forgive, and am learning to forget those that hurt me.  I feel in control again, and empowered by the move to a more beautiful, positive place to live.  Further away from my kids, but they are just a days drive away if I need them, or they need me.  They really do have there own lives to live and both my kids are in a good place.  They have someone who loves them, and they love back and enjoy life with.  Isn’t that what its all about.  Enjoying life, each and everyday!!

Sorry for the long winded post, but been a while…I am making my self a promise to post at least twice a week.   See you all soon….Enjoy the fall weather…




September is coming to a close! Life is slowing down, finally.  Husbands birthday on Sunday, going to BBQ and take a day for us.  Sounds wonderful.  Its not like everyday is for us already, retired, doing what we want.  However most days have been filled with rearranging, and then rearranging some more, emptying boxes, hanging curtains.  So Sunday will just be a day to not think about what isn’t done, and what’s next!  However we are getting a lot more settled.  My office is taking shap, curtains up, desk in, new comfy chair to sit in. There is still a couple boxes in the corners but nothing that is bothering me.  LOL  Irony of life, we just sold 2 huge curio cabinets full of stuff, and low and behold we have bought 2 more and they are full of stuff.  LOL  I found a wonderful antique boutique, the owners name is Pauline, she has wonderful stuff and is a really nice gal.  I think I have met a new friend.  I told my husband I wouldn’t mind working there.  He said no way I would spend my paycheck there.  LOL So true.  Still in the pool every afternoon by 5p, so nice to step out back and take a dip.  I actually got some exercise in today, started jogging.

I did weigh in last Thursday, gained back a 1#, but not sweating it.  Its been difficult to focus on journaling, I have been eating healthy and clean, well mostly.  We did have strawberry short cake the other night, without the whip cream, it was yummy!!!   I will go to my first meeting Saturday morning and it will be where I will hang out every Saturday morning from now on!!  Its over the hill and down the road about 6 miles but it will be worth it.  The meeting closer to me is only at 6:30p and I will be just getting out of the pool at that time…LOL  so I will stick with the 8:30a meeting.  A few more miles away, but so much better for me.

Life is good, still can’t believe I live in Tucson, surrounded by Saguaros and get to witness what I believe is one of the most beautiful National Parks every time I have to leave my house.  Can’t wait to go driving around.  We keep pinching ourselves and smiling.  LOL

Until later


Wow, tomorrow will be one week since we started our new adventure.  I still feel like I am at someone else’s home cooking and sleeping over.  LOL  The kitchen is somewhat organized but I still open wrong cupboards and drawers. LOL  The rest of the house is coming along slowly.  We are having a ductless split air put in the master.  We know understand why they used a swamp cooler to help out the air conditioner.  It certainly is not able to cool this entire home at once.  I am afraid to see what our bill is going to be in a month!!  We went out and bought some floor fans to help out so its a little better, I am sleeping in one of the guest rooms until we get a unit put in the master.  Its on the opposite end of the house where it gets full sun till about 2p, so not only is it the hottest room, its the furthest from the ole air conditioner.  Oh well we are getting by.  We love our new home, its big, bright and comfortable. I finished planting all the cactus I brought with me this morning and was able to get some pots on the deck planted as well.

41983099_10212581242946067_1222595434745167872_n.jpgSo far the rabbits haven’t found my new flowers.  We have counted over 20 out in the grassy area in the afternoon.  They are not afraid of anything.  Cute little cotton tails, bastards, lol they eat everything !!  The previous owner has a wonderful bed of  aloe eaten to the ground!!  I have a pot of it on the deck too so I hope they keep there cute little tails off the deck.  We have been in the pool every night since we moved in.  I watch the sunset from the pool every night.  Pretty damn nice!!!

I found a good doggie day care just 7 miles from here and Chika had her first taste of reality last week.  LOL  She was a little shell shocked, she always barks a good game from behind the door or the safety of the car but when she is out and near another dog, she just becomes shy and scared.  We are going to leave her a couple days a week for a while till she gets a little more used to being around other dogs.  The lady who runs it is really nice and has patience with the animals.  It also gave us a day to ourselves to get some errands done, first doctor appointment behind us, new washer and dryer coming on Thursday and we had a cute little freezer delivered yesterday.  We still have a list of needs and wants but one item at a time.  NO hurry on the rest, I am going to hit some antique stores in town, see what they have to offer in shelving and old desks for my office area.

Other good news, on our day of freedom with no dog to have to worry about, I stopped in at the official Weight Watchers store front down town, thought I better get weighed in.  I had no idea where I would fall at on the scales but knew I needed to do it.  I lost 6.6#’s in a week.  Wow was all I could say.  I knew I had been sweating my arse off but really!!!  Down 22#’s so far, I am over the moon with happiness.  I will go to a meeting near me  this next week and stay for the meeting.  So that was positive.  One step at a time.  I have been journaling and counting everything that past my lips to my hips, so it must be working.

Just checking in, hopefully next time I get on here I will have a little more time to check in with everyone.  Until then, enjoy the upcoming fall weather.

Remember Mabon ( Autumnal Equinox ) is only a week away on September 23rd !!  XXXX

We’re Home

Feels so good to be in one spot, have all of our worldly possessions under one roof.  We couldn’t be more happy to be here.  Our first sunset from the deck:


Many more to come.  I have been in the pool every day, it is so refreshing after unpacking boxes.  We just got our WIFI on this afternoon and it is nice to be back in touch with the world.  LOL Well I am off to bed!!



Tomorrow the WIFI goes back to the store, so I will not have internet until Tuesday sometime.  I do have my phone, but trying to write, read or do anything on it is a challenge I am not up to at this time, LOL We will spend most of the day getting totally organized for the movers who will be here Sunday at a 7am.  Can’t believe we are just a few days away from moving.  Its like I am living in a dream.   Just wanted to say its been a busy week, if not one thing then another. Tomorrow last day to get it all together and packed, and car packed…getting excited.  I will do weight watchers in the morning, I have been tracking but really, its been difficult to stay focused.  No problem, I am still aware of what is going into my mouth.  SO until next week, Tuesday or Wednesday I will be back.


Whoooo HOOOOO!!!

Never underestimate power in  twirling under the moon and asking the Goddess, and all other deities to answer my call. I truly believe someone was watching over us!!Last Monday, our little tin palace in went on the market.  We settled on a price, pictures were taken, and poof we were live on the internet.  The first day, we had 3 showings, and the second, more, and the third, we had 3 offers, one was for less, and we didn’t accept, the second was going home to run #’s and put in an offer, and the third, well, he came in at full asking price.  He was here in the morning on the 2nd day, very nice guy, from Washington State. about a 100 miles from where I was born.  He said he was going to go look at other places so he wasn’t sure.   At 6p, he showed up knocking on our door asking if his mom could come in and see the place.  She loved it.  We had the offer the following morning, and we will close on Sept. 13th.  We are actually leaving a week from tomorrow to go to Tucson for our closing on Monday. We will sign with the Title Company this coming week.  We will all done with Yuma when we drive away.

I am actually exhausted!  Selling 2 houses within a couple months is a bit much for this kicked back old woman!! I can guarantee you that I will be in the pool the Monday night we sign, I might even be drinking LOL !!!  I have told everyone I know, I am not going anywhere for awhile.  Be hard to tear me aware from our new home!

I did not make it to WW this morning to weigh in.  I would like to think I am holding my own, but it was another rough week.  Went to Tucson with another car load of small yard stuff.  My friend when with me and I showed her around the area. That makes 5 weeks in a row I have done this drive.  I generally love to drive, LOL However I would like to try a different road.   We are going back on Monday, she will drive Peters new little car, and I will take the Subaru, both fully loaded.  The lovely people we are buying from have left us a set of keys in a lock box so we can come and go. They are all moved out.  I have this house packed to the point that we are living out of suitcases and boxes.  I am sure my husband is over whelmed, he asked me if I got the home insurance on our house in Germany.  I asked, What? He repeated the same sentence, I said I didn’t know we bought a home in Germany.  He couldn’t believe he said that.  I feel for him.  We have been getting up at the crack of dawn to deal with the outside  packing, he’s been working in his shed, its ready to go.  Our neighbor friend has been taking all the extras Peter doesn’t want, so easy peasy clean up!!  Its been way to hot to be outside after 10-11a in the morning.

So back to the WW, I am still on the program, will be more focused this week.  I absolutely lost it last week the day I went to Tucson.  It didn’t help I was exhausted before I ever left.  Got home and couldn’t sleep so I ate!!  It was only the one day I lost control, however, I need to get a grip on it.  I did journal everyday last week.  That’s a plus. I didn’t skip weigh in on purpose, just dealing with life!!

I feel like I been away from all your post forever.  I promise, soon, I will be chillin on the deck watching life go by….


A full moon is happening this weekend, I was up and outside with our puppy at 2:30a, it was so bright I thought the neighbors outside spot light was on.  It was a beautiful full moon, while the puppy was out doing her business, I did a few twirls and sent good thoughts out to everyone. Pretty sure I will be up and out there again tonight.

Well it was another trying week as far as eating goes.  We spent Tuesday in Tucson to be there when the inspections were happening, (passed all inspections with flying colors, yay) but eating out and dealing with a puppy, which as of a month ago, they changed all the laws in the city from pet friendly restaurants to only service dogs allowed.  So back to picking up food and eating at the hotel.  I do pretty good, but its easy to get off track. I track everything so I am being good about that, no matter what.  So I tried to talk myself out of going to get weighed, but I thought, What the hell!!  I am paying for this service to help me, go, weigh in, and own it.  So I went, and l was pleasantly surprised, I lost another 1.4#’s.  It really does work. I haven’t been logging in my activity points, but started today.  Surprising how many you can get for packing and sweating.  LOL I won’t use them but its nice to know and keep track.  I am heading back on Tuesday with a friend to drop off another load of items that I don’t want the movers to deal with, I will make better choices and be in control!!!

We are getting excited, the count down is on!  Two weeks  till we move.  I am so ready.  A bigger house, beautiful yard already done I can swim everyday if I want, and believe me I do!!  I have started to pick out curtains and carpets.  However we are waiting till we get over there to get them.  We do not need anything more I need to pack!

Life is good here in the desert southwest.  Monsoon season has let up and the weather is back to being dry and hot.