Well I will always wonder where time has gone. Its already the 13th of June! WoW

I will start by saying that I must of lost my mind when I brought home a puppy! LOL But no seriously, lost my mind. She was fun to have, well lets be more clear, there’s nothing like puppy antics to keep you laughing. She was a clown for sure. However, there was quite a bit of Tasmanian-devil in her too. The more comfortable she got, the more in control she became with Chika. No one could love Chika without her trying to attack Chika in the face and growling at us for scolding her. Chika was not allowed to ever walk to the door, it was all a control issue over us and Chika. The more I tried to retrain her little, wild mind, the more set in she got. I just wasn’t up for a battle with a 4 month old puppy. So, I started having thoughts of where I could go to see if anyone was looking for a really, smart heeler. I would never just give her to anyone and the pound was out!! Even though she was a heeler/border mix, I am afraid the dominant heeler gene out numbered the docile border gene. But she got the smarts of both!! My husband was helping, she seemed to take better direction from him, perhaps the male part of it helped. But he was really exhausted from dealing with her. We had a fence contractor come out to the house to give us a bid on finishing the fence, (that’s another long story, it includes a big headache! LOL) he saw Chika on the deck and commented on how beautiful she was. Then he said I am looking for a heeler, we lost our last one to old age. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I said I have a 4 month old heeler in the house taking a nap. Last of the story is a short one, we delivered her to him a couple days later. Update. she couldn’t be happier being the single dog t that families house. He has horses in Bisbee, about 45 minutes east and can’t wait till she is old enough to ride along with them. He can’t believe how smart she is, he has always had heelers but he claims she the smartest, might be the border mix coming out there. She can jump up on the patio table and howls to be let in when shes done outside. LOL I am so happy Jenny found a loving home, not that we weren’t loving, we were just also exhausted and extremely confused to why we ever thought a puppy would be a good idea. LOL so it all ends well. And our fence will be done tomorrow. Yeah!!!

So that took up some of the time, the rest has been watering, swimming, enjoying the nice hot weather. We also had our 10th anniversary thrown in there. Been a busy 10 days.

I have been stock piling talavera tiles for another project, but after speaking with the tile guys I am not going to tile the step backs. Way to much work to possible loose it all to the weather. So I keep looking around my kitchen wondering what would like to be tiled. LOL

My husband has been up early so he can finish his last brick project until the weather cools down, we now have a wonderful walk way all the way out to the gazebos sidewalk and from the front gate to the deck. Sure beats walking in the rocks and twisting your joints. Our knees couldn’t be happier.

I have managed to keep the 30ish pounds I lost off. I am thinking its time to get back on that wagon and loose another 30#’s. Wrapping my head around it and off I go.

Not much else to talk about, I have the itch to go for a road trip, will probably head to Santa Rosa in August, Maybe I will go to Raleigh and see my sister. My husband has no desire to travel anymore so, I am pretty sure it will be a solo trip. Okay by me. LOL

hope everyone is having a great summer!


Wow its June already!! Where are the months going to?? Seem like we were just celebrating Christmas and bam! its Summer.

New moon today, always a good thing in my world. New this and New that! LOL Full moon on the 17th, that always means there will be some sort of dancing somewhere that night. LOL

Life is good here in Tucson. Puppy is getting a little more under control, well that is what I keep telling myself. LOL She really is a sweetheart, but man she has a bullheaded streak. Gonna take some work to make her understand its my way or the highway. LOL She is very sassy. I love it when she talks back, but I really need to nip that in the bud ASAP. She hates to be told no or redirected at all. LOL Oh well she’s only 4 months old and stubborn, it will start to sink in at some point. God willing! LOL

I am giving up on the guys that started our fence mess. We still need gates and a small portion of the fence done. I had all the faith in him for along, long time. But he has not come through on any of his promises in the last month, I am guessing he is done with us. Sad, as I am such a push over ( I call it a nice person) my husband says I am to trusting. Ahhh well, called a different company to come in and finish the job. I am sadden that he let us down. Oh well, I just won’t be as trusting to the next person I deal with, and that pisses me off!! I would like to be treated the way I treat others ! I feel a rant coming on so I will just leave it at that!!

I do believe that summer has finally reached us here in Tucson, nothing but 90’s and higher for daytime. Feels good. We have had some windy afternoons. I am hoping that those stop soon.

Well life is coming back to a more normal pace. Seemed like since I got the puppy life was quite hectic. Its finally calming down and we are working better together to get the puppy trained. Peter, bless his heart, has never has to train a dog, or child as far as that goes HE never had children so he has no clue to those wonderful young, sleepless out of control young years. And Hannah, his first wife stayed home dealt with the house and training the dogs and cats that were part of the family. He just got to come home and play with them. So it was a learning experience for him. We got over the rough patch and its been smooth sailing for awhile. I trained Chika after we got her, but she was not headstrong at all, she was all about pleasing us. LOL Jenny is all about it being her way. LOL I leave you with a picture of the girls on the deck.

Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is here!! And we are having extremely cool weather. I am not complaining, just sayin’. Hope everyone will have a wonderful long weekend and remember all those that lost there lives fighting for our freedom.

Well it has been a busy 2 weeks in Paradise. I have been painting some in the kitchen again, I will get it finished one day, I have a love for all talavera products, so I have been dabbling with the tiles, heres what I have done so far, still a work in progress, I also used 1′ tiles and went around the inside of the window in a double line, looks nice.

I have also had my dental issues solved and I made it through it. LOL I am such a baby when it comes to my teeth. I was sedated during the root canal, thank goodness and woke up and it was all over, yay. life is good again.

My son has been here for the last few days, I have 2 new light fixtures and the biggest and best mothers day present of all was a facet on my deck. I am in heaven. I have never had a facet on my deck before. I really didn’t know what I was missing. LOL He’s the best. He did a few other things and we also have had a great visit. He on his way to Santé Fe New Mexico to meet up with his girlfriend for a week long adventure going to National Monuments and Parks they haven’t visited.

My sweetheart woke up this morning and said out of the blue that we should have another dog for Chika to play with. Don’t have to say that twice to me, lol I was off at 9:30a to meet up with a nice family that needed to find a good home for there 4 month old ausie/border collie puppy. It only took one look and I was in love. SO off we went to meet her new family. Meet Jenny ! Shes adorable and a handful and Chika loves her.

With that I am going to say good night, Life is good in Tucson. As you can see life has become just a little happier and busier. LOL

I can’t seem to go outside without taking more pictures. LOL the first is the entrance to our driveway, #2 is the drive up our road, #3 is the end of our big Saguaro full of buds, she has 3 huge arms and all have buds. Can’t wait till they open.

Life in paradise has been busy. I have started to paint the back door, a beautiful blue. Its almost done. I haven’t decided for the front door, either gloss black or fire engine red. LOL My sweetheart just goes along with my craziness. I also bought some little 1″ Mexican tiles to go around the inside of the kitchen window. That will be my next project and perhaps I will finally get the walls done in the kitchen too!! LOL We have now completed the roof project, we had new gutters put up on Tuesday, so I can check that project off. We have been busy cleaning out and giving new dirt to some of the flower beds. They all seem happier for it. We still have to finish the gates on the new fence, our guy has been busy at his real job roofing, he has been up by Phoenix for the last 2 weeks, hopefully he will be back out here next week.

Meet my new eye specialist. Wow what an office. I felt like an animal being hustled here and there. I will definitely want to be the first one next time I go in. lol All’s well with the eyes, my macular has not gotten any worse and I go back in a year. Yay Next in line is my root canal aghhhh that will be loads of fun, LOL I am going to be sedated, that’s what a baby I am!!! Hopefully I will wake up and all will be good in the world. Peters doing well, we both are having some sinus issues, how strange with all the yellow trees in full bloom. LOL

My weight (30#) has stayed off and I am back at it. I took a break and just lived and watched what I ate, but its time to loose some more weight. So back at Weight Watchers and feeling full of energy.

My son will be here in 12 days! He is stopping by on his way to Sante Fe to help his girlfriend and her family deal with emptying a house out. So that will be fun. For mothers day he is going to put a water facet on the deck so I have water I can access instead of dragging hoses all round. Its a huge plus for me!!! I may even get a couple new light fixtures hung in the house.

Well our air conditioner guy is almost here to do his annual spring check so I am off of here.

Happy spring to summer everyone!!!

I went for a drive around the area…

I feel so blessed to be living among all these beautiful plants. My girlfriend came for a few days from Yuma and we spent most of it in the car driving around enjoying the beauty of a blooming desert.

Yellow beaver tail my yard
This giant saguaro is at least 40′ tall and has over 100 arms on her. I would guess she is close to 200 years old. She is amazing to say the least. She lives about 15 miles from my house.
The Saguaro’s are in bloom every where, so pretty.
This one is out on the same road as the other giant, I stopped counting at 80+ arms. She is also quiet lovely.
If you look closely in between the arms on the left, there is a beaver tale cactus growing in the crease of the arm, thanks to a bird or critter. This giant is just down the street from us.

Life is good in my world. Full of beauty, love and all things happy!!

Happy Easter to All

Hope everyone got out and did a little jig under the big beautiful pink full moon.. sure was pretty. I certainly took full advantage of the night. LOL I also have a perfect viewing from one of my bedroom windows, nice to sleep in the moon light.

We woke up to a beautiful morning to hunt for eggs. LOL I didn’t even boil any to color. We are going to lay low at home today and just enjoy ourselves and go out tomorrow for a day away from the house.

Life is as good as it can get with what we have to enjoy it with. We are upright and walking, talking and breathing. LOL Enjoy the upcoming week, keep smiling!

Poof I am back and it has only been a couple days. LOL Just wanted to remind everyone to get out and spready good thoughts during Fridays full moon. Never hurts to do a twirl and send good thoughts out.

Deck is done, roof is done and the fence should be complete tomorrow. NO more contractors for a while. YAY were ready for a little slow and steady in our lives. I have been working on the gazebo area, painting it and cleaning the stools and repainting them. Will go look for a little table so we can sit and have dinner out there. Fun!!

Well I am off to make an early breakfast for dinner situation tonight.