Weighed in this morning, I am down 40#’s. Yay, been a roller coaster for sure. But I am thrilled. I am starting to notice some differences finally. It has been 7 months since I started this journey. Seems like it has taken forever. Averages out to about 5#s a month. So its working, couldn’t be happier!

Onward and staying focused. only one way to go and that is down.

Thanks for all the engorgement and love..


Hello Everyone. Well is 2019, I did not make one single New Year resolution, why bother, I just fail miserable to keep them. So instead I will continue on trying to be a better person, in health, in society, to my neighbors, to my family and just keep, keeping on!

I am happy that the sun is staying up longer in the days. Sunsets are already past 5:38pm here for us. Seems like it was getting dark before 5p just yesterday. The sun is giving us warmth. That’s all good!

I am doing well on my weight journey. I am getting back into a good rhythm since the holidays snuck in and teased me with all the wonderful food goodies they bring. Some I ate, some I passed on. So all in all just pretty much stayed right around the same area, gain 5#’s, loose the same 5#’s, gain them again, loose them again. But seems the scale has started to drop, yay. Glad the holidays are behind us and on to the next season please! Spring, just around the corner !

Yesterday I had a scare, we were playing cards when 5 full grown bull dogs, I think they were part pit, but anyway, I went out on the deck and yelled for them to get out of the yard and to go home, well 2 took off away from the house, the other 3 made a mad dash up on the steps to the deck and were growling and biting at the metal gate trying to get it. If I had some kind of weapon I would of shot them! I was scared, I won’t lie, I backed up and into the house stood there for a minute and then got mad, how dare those dogs chase me on my property. I went out and grabbed a small4′ ladder and started slamming in on the deck, 2 off them turned around to come back, but thought better of it. I would of beat them to death over the fence. Well to make a long story short, the Sheriffs would do nothing, police the same, I kept getting redirected to the county humane. So I left word with them, I followed up today and they still hadn’t dispatched my call to anyone, nice! So we went driving around the neighborhood to find these animals, we not only found them, we found a man that had just had 2 of them on his deck today and he got pictures. He went to the human society to turn in a report and they would have to call him when they have time to take it. In the meantime he pointed out the house with the animals, so we just got back from going down to try to talk to him, a young man, in his 20’s with an attitude !! Couldn’t have been his dogs no way no how, I was wrong and why wouldn’t I try to pet them and make nice, his “children” would never bite anyone. I told him I was sorry I didn’t have my phone with me at that moment, I never thought in a million years they would charge me, nor did I have time to run get it, duh! Since I had no proof we needed to get off his property, otherwise he could shoot me since I was threating his children! I told Peter lets go so here we are. I will not get a gun, but I will carry a bat around outside with me. I know for certain that they would of ripped me to shreds. Well that felt good to get it out, and now its on paper so I just have to cut, copy and paste so I can give it to the humane society. I am so sorry that this young man couldn’t see reason, all we wanted was him to agree to check his fence line. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. LOL Man I hate to fight with anyone over anything. But the motion camera is on and looking at the yard ready to catch any creature large or small that comes onto our property. UPDATE The mans home we went to, well his wife came to find out just what happened. We explained everything to her and told her that we only were curious about the dogs, but he got so defensive and wouldn’t really speak with us, well to come find out, they have mad multiple complaints about there dogs. She showed me pictures of her 4 dogs and it couldn’t be them. 2 of them were the wrong color and the markings on the one of the white ones was totally wrong. We told her that’s all we wanted to know but his demeanor was not helping. So she did give us some great advise on what to do with aggressive pit/bull dogs so we will go get some maze and a baseball bat and have them with us outside. She thinks she knows where the dogs live that we were dealing with and advised us not to go knocking on there door! I am not going to anyone’s house ever again. There is something to be said about being “loners” !! At least I can sleep tonight and feel bad about trying to do the right thing!!


Happy New Year everyone. Its hard to believe its almost Jan 2nd! We have been have extremely cold weather here in the desert southwest, and then it rained last night. Woke up to pictures on Facebook of all the snow around us!! So we jumped in the car and off we went. We didn’t have to go far, about 15 miles north east of Tucson in Catalina, the Catalina Mountains were white and beautiful. We had a light dusting on some of the higher peaks just south of us. Here are a few pictures we took this morning.

It was wonderful to be able to witness the cactus covered in snow. What a special new years morning and birthday present for me.

We had a quiet new years eve, I made it past midnight, had a wonderful day, and splurged with Chicago style pizza ! It was a great start to the new year.

Welcome to 2019 everyone!

Well it has become Christmas past already. Hard to believe that is over so soon. Winter solstice, full moons and the threat of snow, poof all gone in a blink of the eye. The New Year is knocking at the door. Ready or not, its here. Are you ready? A new year. What will it bring, so much to wish for, want and hope for.

Its a brisk 36′ out here, cold for us. Sun is shining but someone has turned off the heat. Nice to have actual cold weather. Yuma got cold, for a short time but it never really felt like winter. Call me crazy, but here it feels like winter. Its cold all day, not just at night.

LOL I thought I would be part of the crazies and go to the day after Christmas sales. I was up at 5a, had my coffee, grabbed my coat, and out the door to be at Walmart, of all places, at 6a. LOL I think I had more enjoyment out of standing back and just watching. Really is it that important to run, out right run to the shelves holding all the holiday stuff that no one else wanted!! LOL I couldn’t believe some of the people. I just tried to stay out of there way. I did walk out with my cart full of past holiday stuff, but I certainly didn’t need to be there at 6a to get what I did. I realized that there is nothing gilded in gold that couldn’t wait until noon for me. LOL I left in the dark and came home in the dark. LOL I had another cup of coffee and then we all went back down the hill to Cost Plus to see what they had to offer. My husband loves the liquor filled chocolates and it was a good deal at 1/2 price. LOL so hes set up for the week, if they last that long. lol Road up to Mt. Lemmon was closed due to snow, but the clouds covered the top of it so we didn’t get to have a look.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, talk with you all next year.

Checking in..

Life is good, steady as she goes – we have been busy on the deck getting ready for the new hot tub, Monday night we will be stepping in for a warm dip. Can’t wait.  Since we took down the vine that had grown over the entire end of the deck, we have decided to put up some curtains, (shower Curtains to be exact) the cloth kind, we will be able to pull them when we use the hot tub and then open if we just want to hang out on the deck.  There was no air flow on the deck when we moved her, it was rather warm, so with all the vine gone we are hoping for air flow across the deck. We also took down the poor old palm tree, they said they put it under the deck and built the deck around it.  They never even took it out of the plastic container it came in pretty sad, it was just trying to stay alive! so we are going to put a round wooden top on the hole area, they built it up with bricks around the hole, looked nice, so we will have an entrance to get under the deck, and I will put plants on top of it.  So been busy getting all that done.  I stopped at a Christmas gift fair near our house and I was talking with the owner of the place, asked if she knew what was coming through the prior week, as every dog was not only barking, was having a complete fit. And it went on for over an hour all around us. She said she had friends that had a motion night camera, right down the street from us and they had gotten a picture of a mountain lion on there property. So I bought Peter a motion camera to put out and look at what walks through, it was so funny, he put it out yesterday, out behind the gazebo, and as he was walking away a javlina walked out and looked at him walking away. LOL Seems we are being watched all the time by something!!!  Makes us realize that when the dog is barking and growling and we can’t see anything, there is probably something there.  LOL  looking forward to seeing what else is hanging around.  

Chika did well at the groomers.  She only tried to jump out of the tub 3 times and she ended up completely wet.  But I was happy she didn’t have to be muzzled.  With the cameras in day care we were able to watch her get groomed and she did great on the table.  I think she was to busy trying not to fall off, LOL  We will defiantly do that again.

Did really well at my friends 1/2 off sale.  I am all out of space on the walls, so that makes buying shelves and pictures pretty much a no go!! 

Two weeks till Christmas, the count down has started.  Having my Brother and sister in law over next Tuesday for dinner and will be able to share our new home with them.  Hope they make it.  BBQ ham, yum…

HO HO HO   friends.  I am doing well on my health journey, had a hiccup last week, just enjoyed what I wanted, but back at.