Good Morning,   I was in bed early last night, didn’t even hardly turn my computer on all day.  Been busy getting it together, I made my husband a couple casserole types of meals to pop into the oven and the pantry is full!!  So that can be checked off my list.

I am doing okay, my arthritis has reared its ugly little head with the drop in the weather.  Really makes one a believer in the hot, dry weather can make such a difference in ones bones and joints.  Next week I will really be crying as its freezing in Santa Rosa, I know boo hoo, I am sorry for all of you with snow and ice.  I used to love the cold weather until I got old  LOL  my bones and joints have proven to me that they prefer hot, dry, heat!!  Who would of thought!!!  As the ocean calls to me all the time.  I have all my warm clothes packed and several coats LOL been looking for my umbrella   LOL

Doing pretty good on the diet front, I use the word diet loosely, as I am not on a “diet” I am watching what I eat, and trying to cut back.  I probably should be on some type of diet plan, calorie cutting and cutting certain food out of my eating, I am not going to pretend I am not going to go out to my favorite places to eat.  We have no Indian food or good Italian here and it may sound crazy, but we really don’t even have a good Mexican restaurant in my opinion, and of course that it the only one that counts  LOL  I also have a good Thai rest we used to frequent.  I will be more diligent on what I choose to eat, but I will be visiting some of my favorite haunts.  I will skip the rich deserts and leave the chips and naan alone, but I am going to enjoy some of my favorite places.

I am really excited that I am going to get back to my favorite gym.  They are open 24 hours a day so I can be there late or early if I choose.  My daughters kitty is used to being alone in the morning so I will do all my errands, I know, what errands ?, but all my shopping and playing early and hit the gym and get in a work out and swim and they have the best Jacuzzi, if your alone you can actually float on your back and enjoy the warmth of the water.  I will have nothing to do but enjoy !!  I am going to cook Christmas dinner for my son and his girlfriend, my cousin will come over and help. I am looking forward to that.   Really going to miss my sweetheart, thank goodness for Skype !!

Well we are off to the doctors this morning, my husband to have a follow up with the ear MD and me with my chiro, slowly I am noticing some change in my back, my hip is all better, but we have moved up to my upper back.  My hands go to sleep and I know that’s from my neck being out.  SO slowly we are gaining.

I just heard, 2 weeks until Christmas…wow, its going to be here before I blink an eye…

Enjoy the day, week and rest of the year as far as that goes…


Week two, couple days late…just busy….getting things organized around the house today, started my pile to take with me out in the Arizona room.  Then we went for a drive and enjoyed the afternoon together.  I am going to miss my partner in crime this trip.  I spent the last couple hours filling out cards for him, I like to hide them around the house so he finds them like a game.  Keep him looking for awhile at least.  LOL

Everything is going along just fine.  life is good…. Happy Holidays…

Week two

Another windy day in the desert, however we did venture out.  Pretty sad day in Ventura, the wind was really bad for the fires.  My heart goes out to all of them, the Santa Ana winds are something to be feared.

I did not get up and do my exercises, however I did get up and do housework, almost as good.  Worked on a good sweat, things look a little shinier and cleaner, well at least to me and really that’s all that matters.  Sweetheart is good with whatever !!  LOL  went out to the local vegie stand and then by Martha’s Gardens Date farm and picked up some dates to take back for gifts.  I am leaving a day earlier, since I am seeing my chiro that morning and he doesn’t like me to do anything, lift, push, pull, bend, twist, so the best place is in my car, with the lumbar roll and heated seat  LOL  so off I go on Wednesday morning !

Hope this finds everyone getting into the Holiday spirit, HO HO HO

until tomorrow


Week 2

Good morning, got in a very brief work out before I had to leave for the chiro…will get a good one in tomorrow. Life is good in the desert southwest, I keep forgetting to mention the snow, I love the snow WordPress puts on for the holidays, probably only snow I will get to see   LOL

until tomorrow

Week two

Still windy here in the desert southwest, and for us, cold, it barely got to 60’…I realize that its in the 20’s in many areas of the US, but for us, that is cold.   Yesterday and today were the first 2 days since last May that we have not had the air conditioner on.  LOL

Not a lot happing here.  Staying out of the wind, and just hanging out.  Getting my exercise in this afternoon.  Going back to the chiro tomorrow, he does not like me to do anything after a treatment so I will try to get up early and get it in.   A little more organized for my trip.  Getting my MD appointments set up, I want to go see my specialist for macular degeneration, he wanted to see me in 2 years to compare how I am doing, September was the 3 year mark, so I am anxious to see how I am doing.  I take AREDS with saffron for my eyes along with, fish oil.  Well, fish oil has many purposes, but that is one of them.

I am rambling,  so until tomorrow…..

Second week started

Been a long day, my hubby’s COPD is rearing its ugly head, so that means he is on prednisone, which means he doesn’t sleep and has the energy of many….so he was up at 3a, I was up at 4a, the day started, a couple naps later and here we are at 7p.  He is feeling better, prednisone is a magical drug for sure.  If he is up early tomorrow, I will just close the door tighter.  LOL  Plus the wind has blown all night and day, calmed down for the evening but it is suppose to blow until some time Thursday, off and on.  I did venture out this afternoon to pick up a few items needed.   Can’t believe its December again.  Christmas almost up on us, the New Year just a heart beat away…is it me or does the time just march on faster and faster?

We shared a baked potato for lunch with all the trimmings, and I had a cesar salad for dinner. I didn’t exercise today, no excuses, just didn’t do it. Nothing more on that.

I am leaving you with a picture from Hurricane Ridge, my father used to work for the National Park Service, this is just above Port Angeles Washington.  It is a beautiful place, depending on weather in the winter  getting to the top may not be possible. Elevation 5242′


until tomorrow…

Day 7

Week one, goal met

First the important part, I hope you all have been out twirling under the big beautiful moon !!  Nothing like a little romp and send good thoughts out into the universe…

Been a fantastic week, feeling more focused and settling in for the long haul…

So setting another goal of one more week…no pressure, just stay focused and take it one day at a time…

Until tomorrow…heading back out to look up at the moon a little more….