Some fun this morning…

Thank you to Elisabet for the nomination for this award




If you haven’t visited Elisabet’s blog, take a moment and check it out.  I can guarantee you will enjoy it.  Just click on the link above.

Here are my questions


1. I started my blog as a journey for myself to follow as I set out to get healthy, loose weight and become a better person.  Little did I know what a wonderful community of people I would be become a part of.  The say it takes a village, and you all are mine.  I thank you.

2.  Frustrates me, hummm probably myself, meaning I should be more present at the task of keeping up my blog.

3. When I do blog, it gives me deep pleasure to own who and what I am, not only to myself, but being honest with everyone who reads this.  Whether anyone cares or not, I care that I am making the effort to be real, honest and present.

4. I don’t define it.  I feel if you define it, give it boundaries then you can not do/or wat to do better. You have reached your goal?   I feel success is just a level of satisfaction in the area you are working in, am I successful because I have money? maybe, would I be more successful if I made more money, and more?  Or would that then make me greedy? Because I have a great job? again maybe, but then would that stop me from wanting to continue to strive for a higher position?  Because I once lost 100 pounds? maybe, but what happens when you put it back on, wouldn’t that make you a failure? For me, its better not to set yourself up for success, but to use it as a guide in whatever I am doing, leaving me not to think that I will fail? I did the dishes tonight, YAY I was successful!

5. This one makes me laugh, as when I started this blog, I really didn’t know what it was, I thought it was just a place for me to write my thoughts and kinda keep an ongoing journal, something for me to use in reflection.  My daughter checked in on me and asked if I had replied to any of these posts?  What’s a post?  LOL  I soon learned about the community of wonderful people who are out there supporting, encouraging me and wanting to be part of my journey.  All I want from you all is to be happy at where you are! and Thank you.

6. My support and to thank them for letting me be part of there blog world.

7.  Criticism, whether negative or positive is just that criticism, you can take it or leave it, everyone has the right to their opinion, whether positive or negative.  Depending on the subject, I either accept or reject.  I never take what someone says about me personally.  Its there thoughts, I don’t have to like them, but I can’t get mad that they have them. I am great at letting negativity roll off my back.  NO big deal really!

8. Again, its their right to post and say what they need to.  Not everyone is going to like what I like or say, again that’s my right to do so, as it is with them.  SO I respect someone for keeping it real, even if I don’t agree.  That’s what keeps the world going around, we don’t all agree with each other, but I would wish more people would only understand that its a personal opinion, neither right or wrong.

9. It started out as a journal of my last journey to getting healthy, being I am over 60 I thought it was time to finally it in gear!!  But it has become more than that now.  It has become an experience I am sharing with others.

10. Again, I have zero expectations as a blogger, I never check the stat page, I don’t care how many are following me, I am who I am.  If I was blogging to make money or for a company my thought process might be different.  But for me, its just a wonderful place to put my thoughts down and enjoy any feed back I get or not get…

11. Successful, so many areas one can use this.  Was I successful for raising my 2 children to be wonderful human beings, then yes I would say I was extremely successful in that instant,  Am I successful at keeping myself at the best health level I can be at, no I am not!  Was I successful at being the best daughter to my parents when they were alive, yes very! Again, being successful in ones life has many levels.  I try not to judge myself using the word success.  I believe we strive, we fail, we strive, we fail.  In its own way that’s a success.  Because I made it to 60, that’s a success.  Because I finished a book I didn’t particularly like, I classify that a success. Because I wake up every morning and able to stand and get through the day no matter what, is a success.  If your asking this question on merit, only one knows there own success. I truly have never used this word in describing myself.


Thank you Elisabet for letting be part of this award.  It was fun, you gave me reason to sit and use my mind this morning.  LOL I thank you for that.




Good Morning, thing are finally happening, fingers crossed, prayed to all the appropriate deities and then some, that the offer we accepted, at full price, goes all the way to the end!  We are looking at August 15th for closing, if not sooner,  He put in on his offer he would like to close ASAP, heck who wouldn’t.   So I am sticking around another 10 days to get through any inspections he requests and then I am off to the land of perpetual sunshine and heat!!  lol  I MISS my hubbie and new puppy!!  Plus I have never in my entire life made my bed this many days in a row!! ever, LOL  Peter and I sleep together but we have our own blankets, he stays in the same spot all night, barely moves and me, well I am back and forth, covers on, covers off, I drive him crazy…LOL  so his blankets in the morning barley need adjusting, LOL seriously!!  mine well they fall where ever they are when I get up and stay there till I go back to bed.  I call it the nest look, untidy, but very comfortable!!  He has given up on nagging me to adjust my blankets to look somewhat like a human sleeps in them.  LoL   When I was a little girl, my mother was wonderful, she let me sleep in the sleeping bags we owned unzipped of course, my feet must have cold air at night, LOL  so even at a very young age we never had to make our beds.  Pretty sure I born into a nest situation!!  LOL  Okay enough bitching about that!!  I just am ready to go home, that’s all!!!  So please think good thoughts for a simply, uncomplicated to our story!!


On another high note, Don’t be alarmed, but I started the new weight watchers “Free Style” program.  My daughter is on it and she has been singing praises for it.  She is down 13-#’s and looks great. She said its the easiest thing she has done in a long time, almost without thinking and hardly any exercise.  So I went with her to a meeting, got some material, and she shared her online site with me to look around, so I thought why not.  I need some help getting back at it, all I am doing here is eating and stressing!!  So much easier than what it used to, I am giving Oprah all the kudo’s for this, it has been simplified, and made more like a natural way of living.  To start with you are given 200 free points foods that you can have anytime.  What else is nice, that even though they recommend a 1/2 cup of strawberries at a time, who eats a 1/2 cup of red ripe strawberries at a time ?!? Really, Who!!  Even if you eat 1, 2 or 3 cups, its still zero points.  I understand potion control, but when it come to ripe strawberries, fresh cut cold watermelon and so on, who stops at 1/2 cup.  So it is so much more realistic.  They also put corn, beans, peas,, along with many others in the zero points category. Almost all the meat is also zero points. Chicken breast is zero points, and I love to pound and stuff my breast with vegies and bake them!!  So that was a big plus.   Of course some of the starchy vegies have some points, but I was pleasantly surprised to find almost all the food I eat is on the zero list.  LOL  given my weight, where I am at, I was given a high daily allotment of points I can eat, plus everyone gets, 42 extra weekly points, use them or not, that’s what they are there for. I heard in meetings a lot of women used them for there evening glass of wine, LOL  When I first started, last week, I thought I would never be able to get through all the points in one day I was allowed, plus all the zero point foods I could have.  Well I did use all my points and my extra in a week, going out to dinner they come in handy. I also love that they also have a list of all the most popular restaurants and how many points each item is so it makes it really easy to order, and track!!  They also have a scan on the phone app so you can scan any item in the store with a bar code and it  comes up with how many points per serving for you,  made shopping so much easier and really opened my eyes to the different foods points value. I have to give weight watchers a big ole thumbs up.  I tracked every morsel that went into my mouth including all the zero points as well, and lost a whopping  6.4# !  I realize that this is normal for the first week, water weight, blot, yada, yada, yada ! but really I didn’t expect to have lost any.  So I a on to my second week and a little more light on my feet!!!  LOL  So I will have to give the WW program a thumbs up at this time.  They are also cleaning up there food lines so they don’t sell anything that is made with fake sugars, like there candies, etc.  I really do think that Oprah had a lot to do with this huge change.

I am getting some PT for my right shoulder. Apparently I slump forward and rub my tendon on the bone and it is causing great pain.  LOL  The older we get the more we start to forget to stand tall and in line with your body.  So I am doing my exercises and remembering to hold my back and shoulders at an attention stance, that’s what I call it and stop slumping forward, I should be good to go.  I do have some degenerative changes starting to happen on the top part of the joint, but the therapist said most of the pain is coming from this one tendon who is getting irritated.

Well that is what is happening in my corner of the world.  My husband is busy looking at RV’s and ready to get on the road again.

Enjoy the month of July, what’s left of it.  Remember there is full moons worthy of a peak and a twirl coming up at the end of the month.

Happy Thoughts…


Well its been 2 months since we have arrived in Calif to get our new puppy, we should be somewhere across the USA enjoying life….didn’t quite work out that way!  I am sitting here at a Starbucks so I have internet, my love and our new puppy is in a different state !!  Qh Well, at least its not 116′ where I am.  Its been 1 week and 2 days since we hit the market and I am so ready to be done!!  LOL  At least we have people coming to see it, and the internet has had a massive viewing, over 3000 views.  My patience is wearing thin and it hasn’t even really begun.  LOL

All I want to do is eat!  So I need to get a handle on that!  Between being bored, yes that’s all  my fault, I could be at the gym, cleaning, going to the beach, doing a craft project I bought, or visiting some friends, I sit here and stress and let my anxiety get the bettor of me!!  You have seen how empty the house is with the exception of what I have hiding in the closets, lol  my chair, computer stand and clothes.  SO I am stating out loud that starting tomorrow the stress eating ends!!  I am going to go sign up at the gym, its my favorite gym and pool after all, why not hang out there and enjoy life a little.  Its obvious stressing is doing nothing for me but making me feel even worse.  Deep breaths and water will help!!  I have an appointment with my MD tomorrow for my shoulder that aches like a tooth ache at night and if I use it to much.  I am hoping for some physical therapy, maybe they can help me find a decent position to sleep.  I also have allergies really bad and my eyes are suffering so I am off to get a better drop that one from over the counter.  I know BOO HOO but when your hurting you really don’t want to do anything. From there I go straight to the gym.  I don’t think I will use the machines until after I see PT but I can swim, use the wet sauna and the hot tub with jets.  I a going to kick myself for not doing this earlier. There I have said it out loud so know I have to go do it!!

I went to a weight watchers meeting with my daughter.  I am thinking that I may join to get back on track, they have an entire different way of dealing with weight loss.  I signed in and looked around my daughters site.  I have to say since Oprah joined the group it has become more desirable.   Something I might actually be able to conform to.  My daughter never had any faith in WW either, but she and a girlfriend joined and have lost over 10 #’s each in just over 2 weeks,  they have an entire different eating system in place, one that you could live with for live   Humm  maybe Oprah was a good thing for them.  Even the meeting was run differently from before.  I think I will give it a try to get my mind and body back on track. I will keep you all updated on my journey.  Hell I need to do something other than sit here and feel sad!!

Fourth of July had come and went.  Lots of fireworks in town, I laid in bed listening and it sounded as if a war had broken out across town.  Summer will be over before we know it.

Well I just wanted to check in and say it out loud on paper that I am doing terrible with my eating!!! So I actually feel better about me know.  Owning it has a huge power over me.

Until I check in again….Happy Summer


Here is a link to our home, she is a lady, but needs some up-dating.  My husband and I decided we would rather travel than spend time updating the house.  Personal choice, however she had good bones and will make a loving family very happy.

We are on the market and have had some calls and the parade begins.


PS I didn’t leave the little teal towel in the bathroom.  I must of been blind when I hung it in there all wrinkled and askewed…LOL pretty sure it won’t stop a sale, but it does look bad…LOL

Happy Summer!!!

35838236_10212032238141290_3528063746716991488_nWell its been a busy week…the sign is hung, its really not crooked I took the picture from the front seat of my car…lazy!!  The pictures were taken yesterday, so I am hoping by Monday or Tuesday at the latest we are on the market and ready to sell this beast!!  The photographer is a young man and was the one who took the twilight shot and bought a whole bunch of succulent pots from my cousin, well anyway, when he was all done I asked how much he would charge me for a link to our house pictures, he said he would be happy just to send me a link, so I asked him if he wanted anymore succulents, needless to say he went home with about 40 more plants from around the yard.  LOL  Nice to see the younger generation of gardeners getting so excited of plants.

I took the new puppy and crabby husband back to Yuma on Thursday last week, we made it home on Friday to find all in order at that home.  YAY  I was going to stay until Monday, but the more I just sat around thinking about what I had here waiting for me the more stir crazy I became, so Sunday Morning after a little chat with hubby and a hug, I was back on my way to California.  For some reason I would of thought fathers day would mean an empty I-5, quite the opposite, I couldn’t believe how bust the roads were, oh well,, I found a buddy, another woman, who really wanted to stay in front of me so we spent 300 hundred miles trying to out do the other in long lines of cars on the interstate.   LOL  that always helps to pass the one point a cute man got in on the game until his wife noticed us laughing at each other, he was back stuck in the slow lane after that LOL Anyway I drove it straight through and got here before the sun went down…good to be back in the land of cool air…

I just got off the phone with my husband,, he was telling me how tired he was.  Why I asked??  He mentioned having to get up in the night to take a puppy out to relieve her bladder and have to play with her on demand, he really  didn’t realize just how much work a puppy was!  LOL  I love it, he had had many puppies before, however he was working then and his wife, Hannah raised them and took care of them. He was like the weekend father, he got to play and have fun with them, never feed or deal with the night time issues.   He says he has a whole new understanding of my exhaustion.  I mentioned now you know how come I looked so haggard LOL  I told him the first night back I slept like a baby all night, woke up refreshed and actually felt like I had slept.  I realized it was the first time since May 4th I slept through the night…I forgot what it was like to have a baby in the house,  LOL  But I wouldn’t give her up for anything.  Hate to say it but I miss both of them terribly.  LOL  But so much easier not to have them around.

The contractor just arrived and is working on something outside.  Be glad when they are all done, the list is getting smaller and smaller.

I have to say I am getting my food back on track, not eating out so much anymore, not as exhausted as I was.  More time to want to cook, rather than just find something to eat.  I have all these wonderful vegie stands at my liking and I am taking full advantage of them.

Summer solstice, I have to say I think I slept most of it away, I was up in the night once, looked out the bedroom window, saw the beautiful moon, did one twirl wishing us all a wonderful summer and back to bed.  LOL  Not much twirling lately, when I was getting up with Chika in the night I enjoyed a twirl or two nightly.  I need to remember to ask hubby if he is twirling under the stars and moon. LOL I know he won’t think that’s funny  !!   LOL

So at the time, we are dreaming of what may come from selling this home, a new RV to travel in,  our retirement in the bank,  life is good.  Hope all your summer dreams and wished come true…..

Checking in

Well its been 9 years since I married my sweetheart ! We are to tired to kiss let alone go out for dinner  LOL  however it was still a hug here and there kind a day.  The house repairs are continuing, hall bathroom was gutted and being put back together ground up. Gonna look real nice when its done.  I did touch up painting most of the day.  Will continue that tomorrow and work on the floor.  Its almost impossible to keep up with a puppy running in and out  LOL  but I am gaining on it.  We have almost everything out of the house, a couple chairs, our beds, the TV so life is looking good.  I am going to take Pete and Chika back to Yuma on Friday.  I will try to be back by Tuesday to be here when they take pictures.  My cousin found a cute little one bedroom apartment for under $1400 so that’s a good thing, most of them are going for 1700, crazy the prices of housing and apartments here, not sure how anyone can live here. So fingers crossed the house will be on the market in the next 7 to 1o days.  The pictures have to be taken and then it takes 3 days to get them.  So the first act of the circus is coming to a close and the second act is about to start.  Will I ever be happy when this is over.

Otherwise life is good…were uptight, I mean upright  LOL and moving.  Laughing and crying sometimes.  Change is healthy, and I keep looking to the end when were in our new RV sitting by a big body of water watching life pass us by.

Hope this finds everyone enjoying the beginning of summer….