What time is it really???? I am lost…..

Okay am I going crazy or what….first I can’t figure out what day I am living in and now I can’t figure out what the real time is….aghhhhhhh

I set my alarm on my cell last night for 7:45a, I needed to be at the gym at 9a so wanted to have enough time to have breakfast and all the other morning BS that comes with it…my alarm went off….I couldn’t believe how dark it was out….checking the window, my mind said wow, must really be cloudy out, its so dark…so I literally dragged it out of my nice warm bed…did the bathroom gig, brushed my teeth, hair, ect….threw on my gym clothes….did my morning chores, I made the bed and opened the shades, hummm the sun was just coming up…my mind still wondering why??  I go get my coffee, I have about 30 minutes, of course in my mind, before I had to leave for the gym….husband up watching the morning news…so nothing wrong there…then I open my computer and glance down at the time..7:15am ???  I look at my cell 8:15a…I am starting to feel a little crazy coming on…I check both the settings, they are correct…I recheck the alarm I set, it was correct…I look to my husband for answers, he’s sound asleep by know…the grandfathers clock is to far away in the darkness of the room to really see clearly is it 7:15 or 8:15a  so I finally get up and start checking all the clocks in the house…they are all saying its 7:15..is it daylight savings time and no one mentioned it on the news, radio, papers….so how on earth did my cell phones time get changed…hummmm  no answer to that, as you actually have to go into it at 3 different windows just to get into the time, then 2 more times to adjust the times, so very unlikely it was an accident, like butt dialing*****scratching head???!!!??….not sure how that happened, but I have now adjusted my time and have an entire hour more before I have to leave…why and how do these things keep happening to me….????  makes me understand why I was dressing in the dark and why I was still so sleepy…If my son was still young it would of been one of his pranks…but for the life of me I have no idea how that happened….so I see I can add what time is it, to the what day is it game my life has become….can’t wait to see what goes next in my little mind…LOL

Good Day…will be under 1000 calories today again…yay…feeling on track and extremely focused…made it to the gym by 8:45am after my morning time issue you would think I would of been there really early…LOL   and had my last session with my trainer…she was very informative and a very good teacher, I feel like I have a better idea for the machines in the gym and with lots of help from Paul @  https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ , I feel I can go in and get a really good work out all on my own…YAY….then I went on to the pool and got in on the last 30 minutes of the pool aerobics….good class, I walked my 20 minutes after that and did another 10 minutes of pool exercises…then into the hot tub….I love the heat on my joints and use the jets on my knee and shoulder…and I also sit in the sauna for 5 minutes or a little longer…so that was a good morning….really becoming a gym person…LOL who would of thunk it!!!

Off to the city with my daughter for a fun night, and I get to visit with her all the way there and back…that’s golden in my book….

so until tomorrow….


Ahhhhhhhh Its all good….anyway today it is…..

Well thanks to sonofabeach96   https://sonofabeach96.wordpress.com/ and his wonderful blog about music and many other wonderful things…He has made me start to think about my youth, Jr High, High School years right onto my early 20’s….the song above is one of my favorites and I was able to actually meet Norman and get to watch him perform this song on a Petaluma stage back in the early 70’s and I was lucky enough to be back stage…he was of course soooo cute!!!!  I was swooning…LOL  he was my kind of man…  He actually lives in our county and was in a bad auto accident in April 2015 and was in critical condition at the local hospital…I just searched everywhere and can not find any current updates on him…I hope he is well…

It was a good Monday…the fear over going to hear gloom and doom from the eye specialist today was for nothing…I didn’t get a clean bill of eye health, but over all doing fantastic….I do have early macular degeneration, its heredity but in the very early stages, no treatment at this time,  he gave me lots of tips and suggestions to help slow down the growth and with some luck in the next decade they should be coming out with a new method of treatment that does not use needles in the eye…YAY….so continue on he says and see me in 2-3 years….YAY again….so all that frigin stress eating was for nothing…my wonderful son is hooking me up with a acupuncturist who treats for macular, he will be calling me so we can have a conversation about it….excited about hearing a holistic approach to this particular diagnosis….I will keep you up dated on this topic…

Back at it today…my calorie quota is at 874 calories…feeling good about where I am in my head….almost feeling silly about the anxiety attack last night….my next thought went to what about the popsicles in the fridge….they never crossed my mind at all last night…I am going to put a sticky on the fridge door that says eat popsicles…can’t hurt…I actually fasted this morning…I did have my coffee, and thought it would be good to let digestive tract have a rest….my stomach was growling by the time I got home (3 hours later)  so I had a wonderful high protein lunch…I am thinking that I need to leave the yeast products alone for awhile…LOL and definitely no more ice cream….why set myself for failure….so way better today…thanks everyone for all your kind words of support…

Off to the gym in the morning….I will start in the pool, and also get in an hour of pool aerobics and then meet with my trainer at 11a….I am actually excited to get back at it…I am enjoying the results of the exercise and feeling so much better and so much less pain in the knee….yay….

Well my arthritis and my dogs arthritis is acting up, with the cold, damp, foggy mornings my ole bones are screaming at me…but after moving around and running my hands under the hot water…it gets better….

so until tomorrow….

Doc Matin rerun Wednesdays…

I can’t seem to get enough of this show..it comes on every Wednesday at 9p and I  am on my third time around…perhaps its an obsession at this point…LOL  anyway its great British humor, my favorite kind…

Well I am paying for the little tiny taste of maple fudge yesterday at the fair…my brain has lit up and is begging for more sugar, I have had nothing but cravings all day…but I have not given in…yay….I did have a big bowl of sweet juicy watermelon and a nectarine this evening, so that has helped satisfy some of the sugar cravings…I do love maple flavor….I have stayed under my 1000 calorie quota..so its all good….exercise is done….so I didn’t give in and I feel pretty good about that…something is happening in my mind and its all for the better….

Weather is cooling down…the wonderful natural air conditioner has returned –  the fog so it will be a nice night…my hands and joints have already felt the change in weather..it really is a bitch to get old…

So until tomorrow

Just another Monday….

Sorry – no ball pictures as I took the day off from yard art and ran errands and picked up a couple more bowling balls…call me crazy…LOL

Good day calorie wise…stayed within my 1500 calorie range…ate a lot of fresh fruit…we are getting the best watermelons this year..and the plums are sooo juicy too….so I spent a lot of my calories on fruit…

My arthritis is acting up, I think the weather, even though it is warm, its muggy and sleep was difficult, and my joints are aching…not sure why, but taking some Advil and using creams..the weather is suppose to be changing back to our norm, fog at night and cooler days, yay, I am hoping the high or low moves on….

so until tomorrow….

We’re off…

Heading out to a new adventure….excited to go check out the Feather River area…wished our RV did everything in the video…LOL…all packed with good food, no junk food to snack on, so it should be easy….taking a good book and some needle work I am working on to keep idle hands busy….been a difficult day as I went to see an arthritis Dr. and didn’t especially like to hear what they had to say, it had to do with a joint replacement, but will work on a plan to better my joint without surgery…weight loss being # 1…and add some joint lubricating medication…glucosamine…some natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric, cinnamon and be extremely careful of the way I walk and go up and down stairs….I am not going to win any marathon awards in the future…just really need to keep dropping the weight and keep positive…so until I am able to get internet connections…not sure what the camping situations will be until we get there….

keep smiling so they will all wonder whats up….